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Drew Tieman, a professional @ mugshot posing & drug dealing, is the Broker accusing NCAA Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel of charging for autographs

I’m on ESPN reading these articles about “THE BROKER” who is now accusing NCAA Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of charging $7,500 for signing hundreds of autographs for him in January & this became no longer a day off. You see it all the time in the mass media: “unidentified” suspect, victim, juror, employee, etc OVER & OVER again throughout

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Why the FBI, DOJ, & authorities can’t touch us – & dissecting the lives & minds of “haters” & “trolls” with a case study

This is coming next week – unless the FBI breaks down our doors & arrests us by then. According to haters, that should have happened every day of the past year. In the meantime, consider reading our Skylar Neese article series & the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin article series because this upcoming in-depth blog is inspired from the minority (yet

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES of the white family that hero George Zimmerman “SAVED” from a car in flames – or was it STAGED? UPDATED 7/31 with a Zimmerman SIGHTING in Forney, TX – near Dallas

In this article: The 911 calls The police report The “saved” families pictures The responding officer’s pictures & racist confessionsUPDATE 7/24/2013: Officer Patrick Rehder phone records show he tipped off George Zimmerman + source says Zimmerman “has a police scanner to listen in to any nasty accidents near him in need of a super hero”.. Accident was real. The rest was

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