1 hour Manifesto Video Compilation + 146 page book + postings from bodybuilding & hate websites from The Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger

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Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7
This is Elliot Rodger’s, the son of Peter Rodgers who is the Assistant Director for The Hunger Games trilogy. Elliot Rodgers killed 7 people last night before killing himself
My Twisted Life by Elliot Rodger - Complete 140 141 146 page Manifesto from Hunger Games Killer Santa Barbara
Complete 146 page manifesto of Elliot Rodger. Print it out, snuggle into bed, & shake your head at the insanity of one of Hollywood’s former spoiled rich brats.

The 22 year old son of The Hunger Games Assistant Director, posted this manifesto entitled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” just a day before going on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara. In all, 6 were killed & least 7 injured, before killing himself after getting in a shootout with police using multiple firearms. 

His father is famous for helping to make The Hunger Games, the futuristic Hollywood blockbuster about teenagers pitted against each other in a fight to the death.

On late Friday / early Saturday morning though, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger created his own dystopian drama when he embarked on a gun deadly rampage upon the college town – just hours after posting SIX videos online of various intensities. The final one entitled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” declares war on the comfortable Californian world he had grown up in. Here is the final video:

Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7article-2638049-1E2A9A7200000578-943_634x397Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7

Besides for the overwhelming fact that he killed 6 & hurt a bunch more, that aside, it is hard to feel sorry for someone that sounds so full of himself, clearly having been saturated with a life of spoiled pampering. There is usually some empathy for a killer & we can usually relate to one of their sane thoughts or two, or understand their plight of destruction (Christopher Dorner, who had many supporters on his side), but this wacko didn’t have one legitimate grip with the world. He comes off as delusional & extremely conceded, full of self pity, hate & jealousy, but why? He has the world at his finger tips with a privileged life & famous family. He tells the world he is a beautiful perfect guy & doesn’t understand why girls don’t want him. With all that said about his words making it hard to have any sympathy at all for him – his mannerisms, his speech, his attitude are all complimentary creations of a monster that Hollywood created. We should pity the spoiled rich lives of those trying to grow up under the shadow of their famous celebrity parents.

Below is Elliot’s entire video collection of vlogs that he started 3 months ago. In all, there are 20 of Elliot Rodgers youtube video list killed manifestothem, with the first half mainly being videos of him driving in the car, saying nothing, but playing 1980’s songs that seem like the lyrics could be saying something.

The videos become extremely relevant to his state of mind, depression, despair, hatred & retribution in the last 6 videos – ALL of which were uploaded on May 23, 2014 – the day of the massacre. Clearly he video taped them on different days at different places, but he published all 6 online just hours before he would go on the shooting rampage……Mysteriously, the final video entitled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” has been deleted from his YouTube page here. Perhaps the authorities got it removed as they investigate, but as you can see from the screenshot above, it was there long enough for us to grab it. Maybe more will be removed next – if his rich Hollywood Daddy has any power they will be – but we have the entire 20 video list in this compilation below, from oldest leading up to the final 6 he posted on May 23, 2014.

Here is his facebook: Elliot Rodger & his father’s: Peter Rodger & step mom: Soumaya Akaaboune

Below is a 6 page discussion he started on a body building website on 5/18/2014, & a 8 page discussion about him started by others on 5/19/2014. In other words, hundreds if not thousands of meat heads saw the warning signs 5 days in advance that Elliot was a ticking time bomb. They question his earlier videos, & point out how disturbing they are, but nothing was done. He wasn’t stopped. Well, I’m pretty sure a lot of guys are stopping dead in their tracks for a minute today when they recognize the killer as the one they talked shit to 5 days ago.The entire discussion threads were deleted from the website, but we have been able to retrieve most of the messages from the threads. Here you go, click each picture to open up the entire thread of posts for each page. Be warned – our killer says the words fabulous & magnificent more then you have read, let alone said, in your entire life!

Thread started by the killer on 5/18/2014 (5 days before massacre):


Thread started by others on 5/19/2014 (4 days before massacre):

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8

He also posted on a psycho website, PuaHate, all of which have now been deleted, but we managed to scrape up a few from the website that is trying to cover it’s tracks as it has gone offline:


This post by Elliot was on May 1, 2014 – just 23 days before the massacre. Click it for the whole thread:

Elliot Rodger PuaHate racist posts Santa Barbara Hunger Games killer massacre shooting

The pond scum that remained on PuaHate in the aftermath of the massacre talked about how this exposure was not good for their well-being. Like the site itself, these cockroaches of society have gone into hiding: (Click for the whole page of guilt admitting posts)

PuaHate on the run

& click for Page 5 of the posts from the PuaHate members

 This was Elliot on the red carpet of The Hunger Games premiere in 2012:

This is all of the visuals from his Facebook:


As is our new tradition, we end articles on a happy note. Or at least amusing. We had an idiotic citizen tax paying city sponsored water slide record attempt to share, but we will save it for the next, because we just stumbled across these loons & it was quite entertaining, & fitting to end this story. Also quite eye opening that there are so many nut jobs out there. Now, in the first hours after the shooting massacre, as is the case with any complex crime especially involving multiple crime scenes, tidbits of information trickled in. Some of it is always wrong, all of it is always revised & clarified & corrected until the dust settles & the facts are known sometimes days later. Well all of the conspiracy theorists (who never seem to believe a crime ever exists without it being a government set up) latched on to one of the earliest reports that suggested there may be 2 people in the BMW. From keyt.com, below is what got the paranoid wack jobs buzzing:


Apparently there is a king nut job out there named Babu Bhatt who is inciting government uprising & riots.

err LOL just kidding, that’s the hilarious Pakistani Babu that appears in a few Seinfeld episodes….OK so the nut job we just discovered is named Dahboo7, & he apparently has a following of 80,000 mindless, gullible, paranoid, conspiracy theorist sheep that are eating up the absolute garbage he is yelling. It’s quite eye-opening to see there are that many wackos out there with that kind of thinking. They have to be feared as much as Elliot Rodger should have been feared.

Decided to give him his pennies per the thousands of views we generate him, because it should be the first & last time anyone ever wants to watch a Dahboo video again. & if you are a fan of conspiracy shit this extreme, then see ya, you aren’t welcome at NewsBall. Go try & say hi to the dead victims, & instead you will find their graves.


We are all for some government conspiracies, but they have to make sense, & you can’t just scream conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy on every damn crime that takes place. Babu  er Dahboo calls these videos PROOF that there were 2 passengers in the car & therefore it is all a government script.

Really? We let the videos speak for themselves. That was pure entertainment. Comical & amusing nonsense.

Crisis actor, right?

Expected to see a lot of sane comments laughing at the vids, but sadly, he has a 80K following of nutty space cadets all convinced this massacre didn’t really happen. Damn, who knew there were so many retards like this. His followers are posting comments that everyone is involved, from the crying victims on camera to the cops are all “crisis actors”. & that a drug compound called “Devils Breath”, which makes a person do as they are ordered is at play in this tragedy. One says “what young person has a twitter account with only 2 tweets ever?” LOL crisis actors,  OK, & um maybe because Elliot forgot the password to it & abandoned it? Who knows why, millions of young people don’t have twitters. These people grasp at straws!

Best of all is the majority of their hidden computer gang all believe that no one actually died in this massacre: As soon as the father came out talking about changing gun laws I knew what time it is.. My gut feeling tells me the Illuminati are throwing this second accomplice story out there to make everyone believe that people were actually killed. – Reverse psychology. You know,If they put the story out of a second person being in the car,that will make people think “Hey there were real witnesses to this shooting then,now that we know a 2nd person was involved that could of been a handler,if it was acted there would not be anyone stating they saw a 2nd person as no crisis actor would utter anything like that.” Their big secret is that no one dies at these shootings,And they can NEVER let that secret out of the bag. And will go to great lengths to cover their hoax up

This was scripted all the way. The more you look at this rich kids life, he had everything he could want and then some. All these thirsty girls out here for guys with money, they would have thrown themselves at him. I’m not buying the lies, this was a script that he was apart of, not knowing real people were going to die. This is horrible that people have to die to push their political agendas. Satan is very busy..!!! – one of Dahboo’s looney followers.

Loony Toon Dahboo77 from YouTube
Loony Toon Dahboo77 from YouTube

All we are going to point out to debunk this conspiracy is the mainstream knowledge that eyewitness testimony is NOT reliable for a slew of proven, studied reasons, coupled with the fact that it was a college town on a Friday night. Based on 2 buzzed-to-drunk college kids saying they saw 2 people in Elliot’s BMW, in one of the first media reports – that’s enough to put this Babu nut on his ranting tirade about it all being a government set up to bring down the NRA & outlaw firearms!? I think majority of society is smart enough to know that the media is wrong a lot of the time, at least early on when facts are still coming in, & initial reports are ALWAYS edited & revised, but these loons hang on every damn word of every outdated piece of information! Want to bet that if you put this Czech & “Sierra” student on the stand under oath & asked if they are sure of what they saw – they will surely say no, but even then, the mind convinces one that they saw what they didn’t. It’s really quite an interesting phenomenon, & thanks to Babu Dahboo’s widespread nonsense, we brushed up on why eyewitness testimony is so unreliable. We encourage you to check this stuff out – it’s likely that at some point in your life you will be an eye witness to something, & in referring to this, you can try extra hard not to let your mind play tricks on you.


“Every year, more than 75,000 eyewitnesses identify criminal suspects in the U.S., and studies suggest that as many as a third of them are wrong. Mistaken eyewitnesses helped convict three quarters of the 273 people who have been freed from U.S. prisons on DNA evidence presented by the Innocence Project”


“Memory is “blurred”. Memory Fills In The Gaps – Memory is a reconstruction, not a record. Memory systematically distorts perception.  Memory is personal.  Memory is biased by question retrieval method. Memory Changes over time and with retelling.”


“Aside from eyesight, researchers have found that stress can also affect an eyewitness account, as well as the ability to pick someone out of a police lineup. Also, when the alleged perpetrator is not in the picture set, the eyewitness will often pick the person who looks most like the perpetrator he or she remembers, instead of stating that nobody in the lineup fits the bill.”

Now stay safe, watch your backs for the Dahboo’s of the world out there. It is likely there are a few of them in your neighborhood.



THE GIRLS of the 146 page manifesto written by Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger – Blonde he bathed with before hating, the blonde bully, & listening to his sister have sex