I was in bed ready to crash for the night after a street fair & Twilight Zone marathon filled 4th of July, when I watched a video on a friend’s facebook account. I thought it was just of themselves filming some uneventful police incident just for the number of cop cars on their street & the casual conversation of the crowd about the dog so I watched it with heavy eyes closing & unprepared for the sickening & shocking ending that got me so outraged I worked hours into the night to compile & create a video of footage from different scenes & sources to show our readers what is quite possibly going to remain the saddest & most cringe inducing caught on tape video you will see for a long time. Now I have watched beheading’s of the Taliban killing our soldiers & citizens like that of Nick Berg, & the slew of drug cartels in Mexico capturing & sawing off the heads of their rival members, but this one got to me more the most. Something so innocent & defenseless as a dog being shot dead ruthlessly tugs at your heart strings in a way unlike anything else.

Max the Rotweiller was killed by police who provoked the entire incident hawthorne cops shoot shot dog
Max the Rotweiller was killed by police who provoked the entire incident

This will become NewsBall’s top story now as we seek to uncover the identities of all cops involved. From their names to their addresses, pictures & any dirt on them by way of gossip or rumors – send it all to info@NewsBall.com Soon enough, it will all be showcased on here, in the spotlight like they deserve, for the whole world to see like the egotistical, abuse of power-tripping, authority exploited career that mostly only sick control freaks seek. The incompetence of these police officers reminds me of the authorities in the Skylar Neese Murder story.

No need to describe what happens. Watch the scenes we have gathered & come to your own conclusions. I am confident that you will hate these police offers for what they did & anything that comes their way from the enraged public is what they deserve. It is just the latest in a never ending list of events that show their blood thirsty need to do what they do. That dog was NOT attacking, that dog could have been tazed, & that dog did not have to be shot over & over & over & OVER again. 

Cops have released their own video in an attempt to calm the public & stop the death threats. However, their video shows nothing new whatsoever & you hear the arrested man Leon Rosby shout “Don’t shoot my dog man, don’t shoot my dog, he’s not fighting” well before any shooting takes place. There was so much time in between the dog standing next to them NOT attacking from  the moment of the shots, & considering that Mr. Rosby was being arrested for nothing at all & they knew it, they could have easily removed Mr. Rosby’s handcuffs to put the dog back in the car.

The dog’s owner, Leon Rosby, spent a night in jail on suspicion of obstruction and was released Monday morning.  Rosby, who filed a lawsuit against the department last July after police beat him according to Rosby’s lawyer, says the police have been after him ever since.

This is a developing story & over the upcoming days & weeks a comprehensive & massive investigation will be continuing as we follow tips you send in & expose the Hawthorne police officers for the dog killing & so much worse (that we just don’t know about) scum bag Michael Vick supporters that they are. Once we have our names, addresses, pictures – we will publish the article so check back soon.

I bet the dog killer does not have a dog of his own. In fact, if your seeing this Jeffrey Salmon (click for his info so far), you can avoid the wrath of NewsBall.com’s continued public exposure of everything about you if you send in proof that you have owned a dog prior to killing Max last Sunday. Go ahead, this is an offer to be exempt from our obsession of destroying you. Why is it that you love killing defenseless things? We know you killed a man with down syndrome as a rookie & we know that your Hawthorne Police Department paid $1,000,000 To Settle a Police Brutality & Corruption Lawsuit in part, because of your involvement!

If you killed my dog Koda then you could expect my fury to know no bounds……

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  1. Oh my goodness! Beautiful beautiful Max….if he was goin to cause any damage he would have done so in those first initial seconds he had. He went to jump up at whatever they were holding Not for their throats. Just as my Rotti would have reacted…he was upset to see his dad being manhandled like that even Max could understand whatever they are doing to my dad it doesnt look right! Before he was hanging out the window wonderful happy face then outside on the verge all he was interested in was taking in all the interesting smells on the ground. Being from England I cannot understand why that whole handcuffing incident occurred? Was he wanted for a previous offense…surely it wasnt because he was there…i know he was shouting something but you cant get arrested for words over there can you?
    Why didnt anyone go to the car and calm Max down? Did no one know him….I heard them mention the windows being open someone amongst them must have knew max enough to just go to him try and calm him down or at least close the windows a little bit.
    During the whole video of the young boy being murdered….I was so distraught I came out with grieving wailing I had never done before in fact I’m quite reserved but I cried out like a hired wailing and mourning woman. My poor Rotti (Im not sure if she could hear darling Max that the human ear couldnt…but nigh on at the same time..I cried out No! No! she stood up turned and looked at the tv and started barking but a strange howl type bark…I’d not heard it before! I’d only just said no no before I broke down into she stomach and hearendering wailing That was a totally, totally, cowardly act to keep firing when the gorgeous sweetheart was already helpless and in pain….it makes me think Carma! He wasnt a dog lover or ever an owner of one (unless his parents got one and I just have a feeling there wouldnt have been much bonding like normal average and healthy little boys would….looking at his physique (if one must) its quite geeky…so I expect he’d find dogs and ball games a little bit too rough and mucky. I’m so sorry for the chap!!! What pain and suffering that he couldnt even get to his boy because he was being held back and to have to what beautiful Max struggling in pain like that…poor poor sweetheart Max…my stomache’s in a huge knot with my heart mangled amongst it somewhere…..bloody hell what a fucking bastard knob head of a geek. At least real geeks usually have intelligence he hasnt even got that…just has the figure of one. Max was such a beautiful, handsome boy..what a lovely smooth shiny coat…..dam if only those windows were closed a little more…..I know theres always someone coming up with annoying stuff like that after the event. Ive got to go now…I’ve got my rotti resting her head on my lap (she knew I was sooo upset I couldnt stop hugging her!) I’m going to take her for a nice walk in the woods now maybe the beach….no woods…I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone now too many folk around the beach…..sorry to go on…my deepest sincerest thoughts go to Max’s family.

  2. I would like an update on this story. How is the guys first lawsuit going and has he filed one in this case? I’d like to be on that jury!

  3. That is one NOT so violent looking dog. Cops disgust me. Hope he gets justice served upon him by the people.

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