Jodi Arias is following us on twitter – along with 13 high profile celebrities…..


Oprah, Trump, Ellen …..and Cole Bartiromo? Yep, I am honored to be one of 14 now followed by Jodi Arias. I have no fear about publicly supporting someone just because it goes against the mainstream. Most of society are idiots, & those that are full of blood lust for her head are the mindless sheep digesting HLN tv. How does one watch those buffoons & not want to punch the screen every hour? Anyways, I will not submit to peer pressure, & just because HLN has brainwashed you with their one sided propaganda does not mean I’m going to cower away from what I know is right.

& no, I don’t have a thing for sociopaths. I wanted Casey Anthony to fry – & the same with Skylar Neese’s 2 killers…. Jodi Arias is simply innocent of first degree murder. It was a mistake & an accident, period. She should have received manslaughter, & would have, had the jury been sequestered like it should have been to protect against the HLN garbage, & had witnesses been called that her lawyers incompetently failed to call.

Mario Lopez informs Kathy Griffin that she is 1 of 12 being followed by Jodi Arias on Twitter at 1:51 mark:

Donald Trump responds to Jodi following her on Twitter……………….


At least Geraldo Rivera spoke up for Jodi Arias. The first public figure I’ve seen to do so….


& that’s a STRONG statement, coming from an always sensational & at times exaggerating reporter such as Rivera, so much so that even SNL has done skits on Geraldo:

So HLN, I rest my case!