Oprah, Trump, Ellen …..and Cole Bartiromo? Yep, I am honored to be one of 14 now followed by Jodi Arias. I have no fear about publicly supporting someone just because it goes against the mainstream. Most of society are idiots, & those that are full of blood lust for her head are the mindless sheep digesting HLN tv. How does one watch those buffoons & not want to punch the screen every hour? Anyways, I will not submit to peer pressure, & just because HLN has brainwashed you with their one sided propaganda does not mean I’m going to cower away from what I know is right.

& no, I don’t have a thing for sociopaths. I wanted Casey Anthony to fry – & the same with Skylar Neese’s 2 killers…. Jodi Arias is simply innocent of first degree murder. It was a mistake & an accident, period. She should have received manslaughter, & would have, had the jury been sequestered like it should have been to protect against the HLN garbage, & had witnesses been called that her lawyers incompetently failed to call.

Mario Lopez informs Kathy Griffin that she is 1 of 12 being followed by Jodi Arias on Twitter at 1:51 mark:

Donald Trump responds to Jodi following her on Twitter……………….


At least Geraldo Rivera spoke up for Jodi Arias. The first public figure I’ve seen to do so….


& that’s a STRONG statement, coming from an always sensational & at times exaggerating reporter such as Rivera, so much so that even SNL has done skits on Geraldo:

So HLN, I rest my case!

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  1. I’m honestly surprised that Arias has your support. I found myself really interested in the case and I have absolutely no doubt that she committed first degree murder. It’s certainly obnoxious that there’s this ridiculously biased view on Alexander. He certainly wasn’t a saint. Dude seemed pretty piggish(towards her, at least), disrespectful and disregarding. However, that doesn’t mean I feel she was abused. Physically or sexually. I could see emotional. At best, he was ignorant to how obsessed she was. At worst, he exploited it and fully realized she is a very mentally I’ll woman. I don’t think it was an accident, that alexander deserved it, or that it was self defense. Or believe anything she’s claimed occurred. Any who, just found your site and couldn’t resist replying.
    I don’t follow or care about HLN myself, just FYI.

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