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I feel uncomfortable tooting our own horn, & getting any sort of satisfaction from being so damn right when it comes as a result of a tragedy because I already know the critics are lining up to pounce on such reporting, but it must be done just like when I cringe at the thought anytime our next subject has to be named & pictured when the mass media won’t do it.

Lets first recap. A few days into her abduction last week, we chose to publish the other side of Hannah Anderson because the mass media wouldn’t & we were tired of them portraying her as this naive little virgin when she simply wasn’t. We got a lot of flack for showcasing her ask.fm account in that article while she was missing & on the run with her captor, James DiMaggio.

Hannah Anderson returning home this week.
Hannah Anderson returning home this week.

Hannah's mother & 8 year old brother were killed by James DiMaggio prior to the pair running away to Idaho, before FBI killed DiMaggio & brought Hannah back to California.
Hannah’s mother & 8 year old brother were killed by James DiMaggio prior to the pair running away to Idaho, before FBI killed DiMaggio & brought Hannah back to California.

Well Saturday brought the closure of the manhunt & the rescue to the girl, as the FBI spotted the jamesdimaggiopair in the Idaho Wilderness & sent agents to hike hours towards them – ultimately resulting in the fugitive’s death after being shot 5 times. We boldly & without hesitation tweeted & published on NewsBall our update to the story, with a prediction that by Monday Hannah Anderson would resume her social media activities because teens nowadays, specifically teens like her, just can’t stay off of it. TRUST ME, we have seen it time & time again, most notably with killer’s Shelia Eddy (as of August 16, 2013 is still not being named by any media outlet because she is an underage killer) & Rachel Shoaf who couldn’t help themselves even though they knew the FBI was watching them & closing in as they continued to tweet incriminating confessions months after murdering their best friend Skylar Neese. We just KNEW Hannah Anderson would be back online as soon as her rape kit was done in the hospital.

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In short, I collected $500 from those friends & acquaintances. Yeah yeah, go crazy now critics. If they threw a fit at our fake Facebook page of killer James DiMaggio which brought the police to our front door looking for him & Hannah (meant to bring attention & awareness to our $10,000 reward for information to us leading to his capture, & documenting messages of those seeking to contact a killer whether for support or to wish him torture in hell), then there is no doubt they will be outraged for a tragedy profiting event such as a wager between friends. Scream bloody murder about how I profited off a tragedy, & can’t even bet my own friends whatever the hell I choose to do in the privacy of my own home!

But here you go, the mass media finally reporting on her ask.FM page a week after we started it, now that it is politically acceptable to show it because she used it as a platform to answer questions, rather then us using it while she was missing to show her not so innocent side. We don’t care what is popular or mainstream – we will sift through the watered down generic mass media BS & bring you the raw uncensored angle to a story!

HANNAH ANDERSON’S FULL “INTERVIEW” 48 HOURS AFTER BEING “RESCUED” (STILL TO BE DETERMINED IF SHE HAD ANY INVOLVEMENT AS THE FBI HAS GOTTEN WARRANTS & FOUND LETTERS BETWEEN THEM – SEE BELOW THIS INTERVIEW)hannahanderson00hannahinterview0Picture 27.jpghannahinterview2hannahinterview3Picture 25.jpgPicture 28.jpgPicture 29.jpghannahinterview7hannahinterview8hannah9hannahinterview10

I would like to keep using “likely abducted” & “likely kidnapped” because I still have doubt that Hannah Anderson wasn’t involved. We can be confident that the FBI will find out if Hannah had an involvement in her mom & brother’s death through retrieving recent text message conversations between DiMaggio & herself. So until they have 100% ruled her out as having any part of this tragedy, the skepticism remains.

Why have letters just been found from Hannah to DiMaggio in his home? Are they love letters? Also there were 13 calls between DiMaggio & Hannah in the hours before Hannah’s mom & brother were burned to their death in a fire & the pair fled all the way to Idaho for the next 5+ days. There are over 500 calls between DiMaggio & Hannah since the beginning of the year. Now why is a girl who is supposedly afraid or uncomfortable around him fielding so many calls from him? Friend of her Dad’s or not, a girl just does not put up with this if she did not want to, right? A lot of her above answers on her ask.fm just do not make sense like she can answer every single topic about the ordeal except she isn’t allowed to answer whether or not she was raped? All of a sudden cat got her tongue from embarrassment? Nah, she talks about her love of black **** specifically weeks before this happened! So there she goes lying again saying she is not allowed to answer that, as our profile of her from our original article a week ago pointed out what her enemies were saying about her, It is what it is, & up to you the viewer to make your own determination with the contradictions & strange aspects to this case. With James DiMaggio dead, what Hannah Anderson says, goes. While her ask.fm has now suddenly been disabled, like so many teens today you can be sure that she won’t be able to resist the need for attention & validation through her online accounts soon enough. We have just seen it too many times with teens that we are investigating: We round up collages of their tweets & statuses & pics for publication in an article, & only as an absolute last resort after threats by them & their parents to remove our articles to no avail, does the teen finally take their social media page private! It’s quite intriguing really to see the fight they put up to remain public even though it goes against all logic & their best interests when sometimes it isn’t even just us scrutinizing them & publishing their social media, but a whole community such as the killer’s & suspects of the Skylar Neese story.

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DATE 8/8/2013 $10,000 reward for info that captures hunted killer fugitive James DiMaggio + the unreported side to potentially kidnapped 16 year old Hannah Anderson

DATE 8/9/2013 EXCLUSIVE: Our FAKE Facebook Page of Fugitive James DiMaggio has the cops showing up at door looking for him!

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  1. In AMERICA people are NOT Innocent Until Proven Guilty. They lock your ass up and make you prove your innocence. People are WRONGFULLY convicted daily. You want to sit here and protect a girl you think is a victim without FACTS proving she did not conspire or know before hand the events that were about to transpire. You too KNOW as much as WE know. So before talking out of your loose arse make sure you don’t end up eating the shit coming out of it! All we want are ANSWERS! There is a page on Facebook called Hannah Anderson Is Guilty. If she weren’t there wouldn’t be so many people demanding answers.

  2. Anyone looking into this from the background will see behavior shows a level of guilty. The dad and daughter both lost 2 people and neither seem upset. Hannah-is not effected no matter what act she puts on. You don’t lose your mother AND brother in a horrible way then go posting pics of huge wide smiles. Who would smile after that? Cold. All suspicious. She went willingly, she liked the male attention, $ spent on her. She didn’t try harder to save her mom and brother because she didn’t want too. The truth will come out. She’s NOT a survivor. She’s playing the innocent role. The dad-what dad would let his teenager go with a 40 yr old male overnight. Believe he knew about the sick love thing but didn’t care. Both dad and daughter seem off.

  3. info@NewsBall.com

    Had to carry 50lb backpacks to the RIVER….2 months ago said goodbye to California and hello to the river.

    2 months ago
    ••••When you got the world in your hands nobody can stop you.•••• H0££¥w00d #bye #hollywood #bye #malibu #hello #river

    Dimaggio took this pic during Hollywood vacation to Ripleys and around town.

  4. I really enjoy your website 🙂 I love how your the only ones who gives out real details. Iv’e been looking back to see anything on the Skylar Neese case. Do you know what happen? I search everywhere and nothing comes up. I also believe that these girl is acting way to calm and think they both agreed upon the kidnapping but didn’t think it will turn out the way it did but again thats my opinion and could be wrong.

  5. Isn’t it odd that all the questions that Hannah refused to answer relate to whether she was complicit in everything? And now she is refusing to give a DNA sample. Why would she refuse to give a DNA sample unless there was something she wanted to keep secret?

  6. The suspects family requested DNA. They are saying Hannah was His Daughter. When are you going to post an article about it? Love your un filtered news.

  7. I reside in San Diego County & they just said on the news that DiMaggio’s family is requesting a paternity test for Hannah because they think DiMaggio may be Hannah’s & her late little brother’s biological father. I also thought it was odd how Hannah’s “father” appeared so calm on TV, since he just lost his wife & son. He didn’t seem upset or heartbroken at all. Lakeside is considered East County of San Diego County (I reside in East County, but closer to San Diego; Lakeside is way out east county though). I’m wondering if the paternity test has something to do with the money DiMaggio left to Hannah & her little brother. Good story.

  8. I happened to stumble on your blog last night as I was looking for updated info on HA.

    First off I will say, I don’t believe in posting personal info if that person is a minor, has been through a tragedy and asks for privacy. That does not apply in this case/with this girl. So I thank you for GIVING US ALL THE FACTS, not spoon feeding us an agenda…allowing us to come to our own conclusions.

    I am beyond disgusted with this girl and more so with her so called father. WITHIN 48. HOURS this girl is posting Selfies, btw each pic she looks bright eyed and not a care in the world. Where are the red puffy eyes from crying at the loss of your family, your mother was brutally murdered yet you look like you haunt lost one min of sleep over it. And her fat ass father who from the beginning has NOT ONCE SHED A TEAR has remained fully calm while knowing his wife and most likely son was murdered and his teenager daughter was tAken by the same man…. Maybe because he knee the real HA maybe because as friends brag DiM joked how he banged HA and the father thought it was ok Idk but this family is screwed up all kinds. Thanks for GIVING us the actual facts and not some cookie cutter version.

  9. Something isn’t right about this girl. I didn’t feel this way about her at first. I had her back before the FBI rescued her. But the more I read – her words, the media & the search warrants – the more questions I have………

    Q.) While Jim was home killing most of her family, Hannah was supposedly at cheerleading practice. I could be wrong, but I bet she wore daisy duke” shorts to practice and not sweat pants. Fast forward several days later to her encounter with the four horseback riders in the Idaho wilderness who said she was wearing pajama bottoms or sweats and Jim was petting her gray cat. Makes me wonder, after picking her up from practice or before leaving for Idaho, did Hannah make Jim stop by her family’s apartment so she can pack some clothes for the trip? Oh and get her kitty since no one else was alive to feed it?
    Q.) Remember the comment that the horseback riders heard her say, “We’re in trouble now”? I think that’s an odd comment for a victim to make; but not an odd comment if she thought of herself as a co-conspirator at the time; or felt guilty. Why did she feel compelled to say that?
    If she was already asked these questions, does anyone have a link to her answers?

    1. You can use the link of the page you are reading this on. We confirmed the phone records. It is 482 calls between them. We rounded up to 500.

      1. Had to carry 50lb backpacks to the RIVER….2 months ago said goodbye to California and hello to the river.

        2 months ago
        ••••When you got the world in your hands nobody can stop you.•••• H0££¥w00d #bye #hollywood #bye #malibu #hello #river

        Dimaggio took this pic during Hollywood vacation to Ripleys and around town.

  10. I am sensing some underling sexism here…but any who we don’t know for sure what really happen. You are so quick to judge…we live in America right? Innocent until proven guilty…let things run it’s course. Btw what does her being a virgin have to do with anything…if this were a teenage boy would you be saying the samething? Smh

    1. Hi, Annesha, I agree w/ you (somewhat) re the sexism stment. But “NEWS BALL” explained that they’re showing her own words. And doing it to contrast the news slant of what an innocent child she is compared to how she actually conducts herself. And pointing out that her st. smarts may be the very thing that saves her. Probably would have been the same if it was a “gangsta” boy being portrayed as a straight-up kid (kinda like early pics. of young Trayvon Martin thing). Innocent until proven guilty is only pertaining to court, not peoples opinions.The public was totally supportive of her…till she got home. Then, it was her own demeanor that was shocking, regardless of generation! Her seeming nonchalance of the full tragedy. That, combined w/ all the other info. coming out, made the hairs on the back of MY neck neck stand out. Same w/ thousands of others. IF Hannah is guilty of any part, it needs to be addressed! An absolute horror…tortured, burned to death!!!!!

  11. It is kind of odd that she is so calm about everything… no crying , etc.
    I wonder if she went with him on her own free will ? and had something to do with what happened ?

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