…..Holly Lahti !

January 13, 2011: The media told you as much, but here is what she looks like:

Holly Lahti

& it’s a exclusive! Reporters & media outlets must be incompetent not to be able to dig up a picture of the in-hiding winner from the Jan 4th Mega Millions lottery drawing which exploded to the 2nd largest jackpot in history at $380 million when it was all said & done – but we have! She said no to the traditional press conference that lotto winners typically agree to, & must have spent the last 9 days deleting hers & family members facebook pages before coming forward to lottery officials because there isn’t a trace of “Lahti” or her mother’s “Alford” name anywhere. Lottery officials only gave her name & said she requested privacy, but my guaranteed reliable sources are backing that this is 29 year old, single mother of 2 Holly Lahti of Rathdrum, Idaho! One source confirmed this picture was her & said: “ya thats her in the pic. she is the reason i joined the bank shes a hottie probably living in italy by now or something.” Did a bunch of cross referencing, cache archives & same id code numbered url’s to prove that this was a picture she once uploaded only to be deleted off some time ago. You saw it here first! Ah we feel like we just beat out TMZ! A Dollar Scholar Exclusive! We are officially on the map! UPDATE Thursday 1/13/2011 : The NY Post has paid a “researcher’s fee” for providing them the beauty shot of Holly without a watermark, & will give credit as the source of the photo! UPDATE Thursday Night 1/13/2011 Oh say it ain’t so Holly! Another side has emerged against the seemingly can-do-no-wrong responsible & educated beauty. The media has outdone me by digging deeper & uncovered a mugshot of Holly, which I didn’t think to look for! So then we dug up the criminal record for Holly, & an extensive one that involves 15 arrests for her no wonder estranged husband. We have those mugshots, & to 1 up the media again, got a few exclusive pictures of her 2 daughter’s HERE.

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