Drew Tieman, a professional @ mugshot posing & drug dealing, is the Broker accusing NCAA Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel of charging for autographs

Drew Tieman, the shady sports dealer, or as ESPN anonymously calls him every paragraph & every other sentence on air, “The Broker”.
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I’m on ESPN reading these articles about “THE BROKER” who is now accusing NCAA Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of charging $7,500 for signing hundreds of autographs for him in January & this became no longer a day off. You see it all the time in the mass media: “unidentified” suspect, victim, juror, employee, etc OVER & OVER again throughout the coverage of the story you are following! By now you know, we expose anyone.

How many times can you put up with the generic watered down repetition of “{Insert Mass Media Outlet Name Here} policy does not name underage suspects/victims of” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well here we have ESPN boring us with “THE BROKER” censorship over & over & over again. Just name the damn broker already. No? OK, NewsBall will!

There are 3 brokers now that have been involved with getting Johnny Manziel to sign autographs for them, but the main one who is accusing Johnny of accepting cash & videotaping him giving questionable answers is Drew Tieman. Go ahead & search for him on Facebook. You won’t find him. He has deleted his page, but we saved it before he did:


He lists former Miami Hurricane football players Sinorice Moss & Kenny Phillips as two of his favorite athletes. Some of his “likes” include “NBA on TNT,” the Miami Dolphins, Shaq, Drake, & “Tebow crying.” He also likes “SportsCenter,”  As you will see further in this article, his favorite TV shows & movies are all mob/drug dealer related, as he mimics the likes of “The Sopranos,” “The Wire,” “Scarface,” & “Goodfellas.” We got a true cliche poser on our hands here….

A photo that Drew Tieman shared on January 3, few days before the National BCS Bowl game between Notre Dame vs Alabama. Tieman is seen pictured with former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o in Fort Lauderdale.

Aside from his current role of trying to derail young Johnny Manziel’s college career by making him ineligible to defend his Heisman title, he has a knack for marijuana arrests. Not your normal little bit of weed type of arrest, rather, not only possession of over 20 grams, but distribution too making Mr Tieman a weed dealer to go along with his sports memorabilia dealing:

TiemanCriminal  mugshot2tieman  mugshot1tieman


& at least 3 car crashes involving $40,000 of damage:


So look, NewsBall hasn’t concluded if Johnny Manziel was accepting money for his autographs orManziel-money not, & personally, we all agree that when Texas A&M makes $36 million last year largely contributed to Johnny’s stardom, he should be able to make money too like everyone else is making off of him, but rules are rules, & if he broke them, then he can’t play college football anymore & needs to enter the next NFL draft. This article was published simply to point out that this drug dealing, car crashing, backstabbing snitch of a “friend” is definitely not trustworthy & is not being given the benefit of the doubt. He supposedly has 2 cell phone videos of Johnny implying that he wasn’t interested in taking “additional cash” because he had “done it before” but he wanted to charge ESPN to use the video & ESPN declined so the video is still being shopped. Mr. Tieman clearly is confused as the most important theme of all of the media he looks up to is loyalty. Not being a rat otherwise you first get a horse’s head in your bed, & then…. Anyways, if his accusation is true, the guy is a wannabee mobster & an actual snitch by serving up Johnny on a silver platter. If his accusation is false, he’s doing it the way he does everything like the larger then life dealer/mob personas he loves  – big like the 20 grams of marijuana he was distributing, the $40,000 of vehicle damages, & now after exploiting Johnny having “secured so many autographs from Manziel that not all of them had been listed for sale” yet he is banking on selling his 9 minutes of undercover videos that he even admits were recorded without Johnny Manziel’s knowledge. Let’s add probable peeping tom pervert to the list of what this broker is capable of. Why not, mass amount of drugs, reckless driving, endangering others, snitching out a young friend’s secret OR fabricating the whole accusation to further profit from the young friend – doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

We attempted to contact Mr. Tieman for a interview or comment, but his phone which was earlier ringing (being screened), now is disconnected entirely as a result of this publication. Give it a try later.


Johnny Manziel's mugshot, from June 2012, after a
Johnny Manziel’s mugshot, from June 2012, after a “mutual combat” fight outside a bar.

This story doesn’t go without saying Johnny hasn’t been the perfect innocent angel lately. Let’s hope this mugshot from June 2012 of Johnny Manziel after a “mutual combat” fight outside a bar & lying to cops about his identity with a false id – is his first & last. Cutting off ties to people like Drew Tieman is a start.

What do you think, is Drew Tieman a fraud along with everything else, or a snitch? He’s either making up these accusations & Johnny will play his sophomore year at Texas A&M trying to defend his Heisman title, or he is snitching him out & that would mean Johnny’s NCAA Football career is over.

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