…YET. Let’s explain the snafu, talk about the killer’s gang, & mail.


We made a mistake & trusted one of our otherwise reliable sources of the past 3 weeks with the newest information sent to us. We received this:


& after further back & forth, we went forward with the story. We gave the above source a few hours to confirm it, but in the meantime only received negative reaction from those that are judgmental hypocrites in nature & those close to Shania Ammons, including Shania Ammons herself:


So we deleted it. When a mistake is made, false information we were fed will be removed, & we make the correction like we have done in writing over this story, but no apology is forthcoming. Especially since that source suggests a suspicion that Shania started the rumor herself. Here are the rest of their responses

source1                &               source2.pg

& weeks ago, Shania was aware of the reports on her, & sent us this:


So an attempt to undermine this website seems likely, corroborated by our otherwise solid source for a month now. Regardless, Shania Ammons has still received widespread negative publicity since prior to 2013, is still a suspect for valid reasons, & we stand behind our original articles’ position that Shania Ammons is the most likely to be charged 3rd individual. Shelia Eddy’s father, Greg, is right behind her, & then cousins Alexis Eddy & Crissy Swanson right behind that. & as much as we do not like Raven Lester & want to say she’s next at the bottom of the totem pole of likelihood to be arrested, she only came into the picture of being Shelia Eddy’s friend for the entire month of April 2013 (her last month of freedom), so we can’t imagine any charges forthcoming for her. All she is guilty of is –  in a way worse then Shania Ammons’ continued support – befriending & supporting a killer out of the blue – a killer who was publicly known throughout the towns, & who continued to support the killer who she JUST MET even after her arrest:


At least Shania Ammons can claim her long-time friendship/love interest in Shelia kept her in denial for a period of time (which is why she would obstruct justice, hinder an investigation by lying, or covering up the murder after the fact), unable to come to gripes about reality, but with Raven Lester – there is no evidence to suggest that Raven ever hung out with Shelia prior to April 2013, but then suddenly did for the entire final month of Shelia’s freedom. Did she really have a fascination with a peer because she was a killer? Seemingly so….Why else suddenly become Shelia Eddy’s friend just for the final month of her freedom leading up to her May 1 arrest?

aprilfriendship      soattractive

& those similar traits & tendencies surfaced from Raven Lester & Alexis Eddy – explains why Alexis introducing Raven to Shelia in April 2013 had them all gravitating toward each other:

killeveryone      alexis

Keep the mail coming readers. If you want it censored, just let me know. Let’s show the haters that their weird overly possessive jealousy over an intangible object such as a news story is pathetic, & can stop with their minority negative criticism of our reports.





In closing, Shania Ammons & cousin’s of the killer Shelia Eddy – Alexis Eddy & Crissy Swanson – are all foul mouthed vulgar disrespectful brazen intimidating underage bullies (except Crissy, 21) that threaten the world daily as we have presented from their own words drawn over their entire online history. Raven Lester gets a pass on 1 thing & that is she rarely cusses, but she does enjoy thoughts of death & is a supporter of an accused killer whom she had just met, & then laments about her going away. The gang of these like minded killers & associates are being rounded up. It’s not a coincidence that they are all from broken homes with 0 or 1 parents, & that they all publicly go around with a chip on their shoulder threatening death to anyone & everyone in their path. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck – it’s a duck. Skylar Neese was the only good one of the bunch – an honors student from a good home with both of her parents still married. She got caught up in the wrong crowd.

RIP Skylar Neese.

Let me end with this. I dare anyone to provide a handful of pictures of Shelia Eddy with other girls besides Rachel Shoaf, Shania Ammons, Alexis Eddy, Crissy Swanson or Raven Lester. & vice versa. You can’t. There is a reason that these girls all found one another. They gravitated towards each other. Why is it every time I find pictures of one of them, the rest of them are also always in the picture? It is a very reasonable & likely conclusion that with already 2 killers in this group, the rest of them could fall by the end of summer as well – either as accomplices to murder or in the cover up with the knowledge they knew or the lying they did. Time will tell, but they are all guilty of continuing to befriend & support known & accused killers. Some locals in WV are in denial supporters of the remaining girls that can’t see common sense – that if 2 girls in a group are killers, you really think the rest are 100% innocent? It remains to be seen. Our sources still confirm a 3rd arrest is imminent, & we will bet more follow.

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*June 1, 2013 UPDATE* ORIGINAL STORY The Murder of Skylar Neese & her 2 BFF Killer’s Rachel Shoaf & Shelia Eddy

*June 8, 2013 UPDATE* The Globe & Dateline NBC have both contacted us with interest to also report on the Skylar Neese murder. 

*June 14, 2013 UPDATE* Police Chief of Morgantown hears about this report. The heat is on the authorities now to bring justice to Skylar & life in prison to Shelia!!!

*June 20, 2013 UPDATE* Shania Ammons goes private, while we go more public!

*June 25, 2013 UPDATE* Coroner refuses to give up the body of Skylar Neese to her parents – CALL & EMAIL HIM!

*June 25, 2013 UPDATE* Skylar Neese Murder – Details emerge about another suspect being investigated

*June 28, 2013 UPDATEExclusive Interview with the surviving victim that killer Shelia Eddy tried to destroy

*June 29, 2013 UPDATE* Radar Online credits NewsBall for the Skylar Neese Murder story in their article

*June 30, 2013 UPDATE(VIDEO) Mass media outlets are protecting a killer – SO Shelia Eddy Shelia Eddy SHELIA EDDY SHELIA EDDY!!!!!!

*July 1, 2013 UPDATE* LANDMARK MOMENT: Examiner gives NewsBall credit & identifies Shelia Eddy

*July 9, 2013 UPDATE* (VIDEO) EXCLUSIVE Footage of Killer Shelia Eddy with victim Skylar, text convos, family pictures, & case updates

*July 19, 2013 UPDATE* (AUDIO) EXCLUSIVE – Close family member of Shelia Eddy reveals more details that the authorities won’t share

*January 24. 2014 UPDATE* UPDATE: Skylar Neese’s Killer GUILTY & SENTENCED! Defiant & brazen Shelia Eddy pleads GUILTY to killing Skylar Neese & is QUIETLY sentenced the same day!

*February 20, 2014 UPDATE* JAM PACKED FINALE on the Skylar Neese Murder Case: lesbian sex tape confirmed, Shelia’s mugshot & her prison mailing address, new pictures, interviews & more

*February 26, 2014 UPDATE* Rachel Shoaf sentenced to 30 years in prison to close the saga on Skylar Neese murder story – Dramatic Sentencing Hearing Sheds Light on Confession

*March 5, 2014 UPDATE* The Skylar Neese Epilogue – Everything from Shelia Eddy PRISON LETTERS to Skylar’s Story on NATIONAL TV SHOWS

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    The term judgment proof is most commonly used in tort and contract law contexts to refer to defendants or potential defendants who are financially insolvent. Even if a plaintiff were to secure a legal judgment against an insolvent defendant, the defendant’s lack of funds would make the satisfaction of that judgment difficult, if not impossible, to secure.[1] In such cases plaintiffs might move for wage garnishment based on the judgment. However, if the debtor is living on income from social security benefits, a retirement pension, or other social welfare, then this may not be possible, as such income is often subject to legal protections against garnishment by creditors.[2]

    Being “judgment proof” is not a defense. If sued, the defendant cannot claim being “judgment proof” as an affirmative defense. The term “judgment proof” instead refers to the inability of the judgment holder to obtain satisfaction of the judgment.

    An individual who is unidentifiable or has left the jurisdiction is often considered to be judgment proof.[3]

    There are other judgments that can be made that don’t have to involve money Cole. Learn about what you are throwing out there as a defense.

      1. As I said: There are other judgments that can be made that don’t have to involve money Cole. Learn about what you are throwing out there as a defense.

        1. Know who you are attacking before you attack. You think I give a fuck about a judgement???? You think I respect the justice system? You think I am intimidated by anyone???? I scoff at corrupt & egotistical judges that ruin young individuals lives for no fucking reason. A judge fined me $1.3 MILLION in 2005 & that fine has snowballed to $5MILLION & soon it will be $20MIL – so maybe now you can see why I laugh at such nonsense, & my audiences I speak to gasp in shock at such nonsense when I show the collection agencies sending their stupid ass threats. People kill themselves over a collection agency calling & “harassing” them over a $2,000 debt LOL I fucking LAUGH (because it is the only option not to let it drive me crazy) at the corruption of my $5,000,000 & rapidly rising FINE & I IGNORE it & will ignore it until I die so take your legal shit & fuck off because I could argue you in circles & school you with my life experience inside & outside the court room.

          1. Doesn’t anyone who threatens Cole with lawsuits realize that they will never collect a penny from him as long as the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) is sitting on his doorstep waiting to get its 5 mil?

            Sorry folks, but the SEC will never let you cut in line ahead of them. Cole would have to win a huge lottery jackpot if anyone is going to collect.

  2. Anonymous is on to you now so get ready to have all your skeletons exposed and there are a lot of them so it should be amusing for the rest of us!

  3. love reading this site about our schools sluts! keep it coming bro!

    Have you seen all of Raven’s piercings??? tongue too!? http://instagram.com/p/T_xygEwQUV/

    ya know what that means lol.


    “Basically, when a girl gets a tongue ring it lets everyone know ‘I enjoy being penetrated by multiple men many times in one night LOL!’. You’ll f*ck them, sure, but they’re tantamount to disposable sex toys. Worthless”

    ” i would say 85% of tongue ring girls are whores.”

    “The whore tongue ring tells us that they like cum in their mouth. This is good. They are probably more open to anal as well. I love whores”

    “ANY girl that I have met with her tongue pierced & began to flirt with etc has always ended up gobblin down on my dick later that same night”

    “I agree with op. Girls with tongue rings are cum dumpsters and we all know it and they know it.”

  4. LOL! She’s not lying to me idiot – I know this for a fact – but I guess facts are not important to you – just any gossip you can get your hands on. She did nothing – you are bullying a young girl who is suffering a tremendous deal of pain. Shame on you. But guess what?! Not for much longer. I will give you a hint:


    1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander, which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie.

    1. Your disgusting filth like Shania!

      Just because others have not been arrested yet doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. It took 5 months after Rachel confessed & told authorities about Shelia for Shelia to then be arrested, so you can count on them both squealing the rest of the names like Shania Ammons & Alexis Eddy. Maybe not even until the end of the year, but all of the lesser evils will fall with the 2 king pins already arrested!

  5. Mary is an absolute idiot if she believes that Shania considered Skylar her BFF after the hateful things she said about Dave and Mary as parents. I want to throw up when I see Shania pretending to cry. Even the comments by Ms. Lucas make my stomach roll considering they are relatives and she has said publicly that she wouldn’t allow her children to be around Shania. Shania’s act the other day tends to bring flashbacks of Shelia pretending to help look for Skylar and being so supportive at the beginning of all this, (and we all know how that turned out). I agree with Cole, how can Mary trust anyone anymore? Wake the F*** up people!

  6. What’s up with some of the Twitter users incessantly trashing you (Cole). For one (@regretfulasshat), is off his rails when he can’t even keep his own side of the street clean.

    Perhaps all of his Twitter Followers would like to know his true identity and see that all his trash talk is staring right back at him in the mirror.

    1. I know right! It’s especially hypocritical of (@regretfulasshat) & (@KillerGirlProbz) because they both harassed the girls for months, including Shania. Now, just because an “outsider” has come in & compiled the millions of little aspects to this story & compiled it in easy to read presentable articles, they scream bloody murder out of possessive jealousy. I haven’t thought about exposing them yet, but it would probably be worth the jackpot I would find hiding behind those aliases since they have to talk shit behind aliases. If anyone wants to save me some time & effort & reveal either of their identities, with names & visuals, I will gladly write an article about the biggest hypocrites involved in this case! Email Cole@DollarScholar.com with their identity/pics/dirt

  7. Is there more info/screen caps/proof that Shania was arrested?

    Or was she just taken in for questioning because maybe Shelia is trying to “rat out” other people even if they weren’t involved?

    What was she charged with?

    So was Shania really at the beach? How far away is it? Could she have returned after the murder and help hide Sky’s body better?

  8. You truly are the scum of the earth aren’t you?! SHANIA AMMONS ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT ARRESTED – So there’s your breaking news jackass. You may want to verify what your ‘sources’ are saying before you make yourself look more like an idiot. LOL! Stop harassing an innocent minor asshole. Myrtle Beach is like 9 hours away from here – oh wait- you probably were in jail for that part of geography! WV 20 mins from the beach – SMH! AND LAUGHING SO HARD!

    1. I never said Myrtle Beach was anywhere. I was simply bragging that our beaches are 20 minutes away. & my point is that being at a beach is no alibi when you can be arrested for murder – without actually being there. Not my fault your unable to connect the dots to what I am clearly saying.

  9. I guess Shania wouldn’t give you that handjob you keep asking 17 year old girls to give you. Your cellmates say that no underage girl can give head as good as you do, so don’t throw a jealous hissy.

  10. Shania just liked a comment left on your post of the breaking news on the teamskylar Facebook page….is she out already?

  11. This isn’t true and being at the beach is an alibi especially when the beach is more than 20 minutes away from WV. Your just a jackass and I spoke with Skylars mom about this and she said that Shania cared a lot for Skylar and that she is completely innocent and that she had just spoken with Shania earlier this evening.

    1. She is now out on bail, & wow, I gave Skylar’s mom too much credit. She is trusting Shania after the absolute backstabbing from Skylar’s BF Shelia, especially as described in this article!? No one is that trusting. Mary does not trust anyone at this point. Your just making things up.

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