The Skylar Neese Epilogue – Everything from Shelia Eddy PRISON LETTERS to Skylar’s Story on NATIONAL TV SHOWS

In this Epilogue

  • An interview / letters from Shelia Eddy
  • How & why Alexis Eddy reached out to us, but was silenced in the 11th hour by her blood money seeking family
  • Raven Lester proving us right about the profile we did on her a year ago
  • A VLOG of insight from behind the scenes after the Dr Phil Show filmed the Skylar Neese story
  • Both Skylar Neese specials from Dateline NBC & The Dr Phil Show CBS to close this series are near the bottom, both of which partnered with NewsBall to produce their specials.

Without further ado, you antsy eager loyal readers who flooded us from around the world wondering how to see this article, here you go! For future reference, if there is a lock on it, we are working on it & it will unlock when it is ready to go live to the world!

What we have all been waiting for – letters from Shelia Eddy from behind bars. Well, most of them were from the Summer of 2013 when she was getting to chill as an underage killer at a kid’s camp aka Lorrie Eager Juvenile Detention Center where the counselor’s play Matchbox 20 at your request & you get a nice selection of sheliamugshotrainbow markers to make your letters look all nice & pretty. Then one day the calendar tears off its sheet of yesterday & you are shipped off to the cold harsh reality of the fate that mirrors your murderous act: Lakin State Prison. From her mugshot it looks like the realization was setting in that there would be no rainbow markers at her final destination. Nothing, but plain grey & tan colors. No brightness in this place. She went to sleep in a playground, but woke up & traveled in handcuffs & shackles to hell.


These are the first words (written or otherwise) that we have seen or heard from Shelia Eddy since her twitter days, besides saying “Guilty” & “Yes Sir”, but nothing else before being sentenced in January 2014.

Shelia Eddy has never mentioned Skylar Neese in any letter sent. Not one. At one point though, you think it’s coming, but alas, she says the terrible mistake was moving to Morgantown – not killing Skylar. She wishes she had never met Rachel – not killing Skylar. & She misses Pandora – not Skylar.


No explosive shocking confession, but still as good as it’s going to get for a killer who won’t even mention the best friend that she killed. She is cognizant that her life is derailed & that life in general is crazy. She comes across as completely sane, aware of what her life has become & her complaints & discomforts are reasonable – until you remember she killed her best friend in cold blood – so who is she to complain about being miserable? In our interview with Alexis Eddy, her best friend & cousin, she thinks the letters the letters are void of a confession or mention of Skylar both to “protect her” from the truth & because she is in denial about what she has done. There are numerous references to seemingly putting the blame on a random set of circumstances & meeting the wrong person which led to Skylar’s death. She describes Rachel as throwing up over being scared to death of facing 20+ years since she lied (doesn’t elaborate on the lie), & she even diagrams her cell.

photo 32 photo 2 photo 1 IMG958868_12 IMG950392_00 CombinedSheliaLetter image_2 image_1 image_1 (2) image SheliaEddyLetterFace1 IMG_03581 IMG9582371 IMG953716 IMG_8218 SheliaLetters

She is still getting used to the mailing address of her final destination, screwing up the 6 in the address on the envelope. The penciled letter is from the February 27, 2014 mailing from Lakin State Prison. The zoomed in picture of tape on the envelope is showing that prison officials are still opening & inspecting Shelia’s OUTGOING mail to either look for contraband or see what she is writing before it’s sent out.


To the mind-boggling surprise of our closest sources, Alexis Eddy broke her silence for us. She had rejected Dateline NBC & the Dr Phil Show, but reached out to us. Some will question the merits of her motive for doing so, but cut her some slack, this is a 17 year old girl we are talking about & this is the phenomenon of NewsBall. It seems one way or another, sooner or later, whether we negatively profiled you earlier in our coverage or not, we get you as a source. Sometimes you want a picture of someone removed in exchange for cooperation & content (continued unnamed source close to Shelia Eddy), or you hear we are doing a story on you next & you want to be proactive & control it (Dylan Conaway as he spoke out about Shelia Eddy), or you sincerely have so much fondness & loving memories of your former friend Rachel Shoaf that you want to reach out to let everyone know how she used to be (Natasha Weyrich’s Interview). Now it seems we can add “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” as another type of situation bringing us more sources. In this instance, Alexis had an axe to grind with her former BFF ScandalousRaven Lester, who has been sleeping with Alexis’s boyfriend & as a result, the 2 have had a falling out, thus making Alexis friends with the enemy – us. We suggested we throw her ex boyfriend under the bus too, & she temporarily agreed before changing her mind, but without her Q & A, hey, got to fill up this space with something, & so, that punk’s name is Tristan Riggs. Below is a little video we put together on how it all came about – from Alexis reaching out to us to the mission impossible operation by the Eddy clan in the final hour to stop her interview from being finalized with us.

We had full intentions of absolutely giving this article the platform for Alexis Eddy to speak her mind, set the record straight, & publish her answers word for word, but due to her blood money seeking family, we were left with no choice, but to proceed with this alternate reporting. Which is, show our readers the initial communication & what led to the dirt on Raven Lester, & the letters ravenfrom Shelia Eddy for that matter. We were going to shield Alexis Eddy by smearing Raven Lester through an anonymous source, not show the original contact Alexis made with us, & focus on showcasing her Q & A with us. However, her voice has basically been kidnapped & held ransom by those who do not have her best interests in mind, & we can only honor half of her requests – to hide her mailing address from the envelopes & to hide her cell phone number in the text messages.

Whenever it is that Alexis Eddy is freed from her informal prison, we want her to know that we vouch for you, & the haters that are speaking ill of you are unreasonable & wrong. Family members share a bond that cannot be broken sometimes, it is an unconditional love no matter what one of them may have done. We recognize that, & we now understand Alexis Eddy’s loyalty to her cousin & best friend Shelia Eddy, & how powerful that relationship is magnified & important to someone in their short 17 years alive. Alexis wanted no money, no promotion, nothing at all except to clear her name on Yes, she knew Dateline NBC & Dr Phil’s Show on CBS BOTH had NewsBall as guests, & those audiences will be coming here for the full story after the 40 minute shows leave them wanting more, but Alexis wanted nothing, but an interview. She came at us in the best way she figured we would bite: offering up the footage of Raven Lester drinking & getting high, & the dirt that she is a disloyal backstabbing scummy friend. We believe her sincerity, & appreciate her determination to follow through with an interview over the span of 2 days, even in the midst of these revelations from Mary Neese:

Mary Neese Post

U+219F.svgAnother source close to one of the Killer’s had this to say about Skylar’s parents reaction U+219F.svg

Alexis assured us she knows nothing about Mary’s revelation of an Eddy payday attempt, & then said her parents did not want her to do this interview with NewsBall & was backing out from wanting to expose Raven & Tristan, or a live skype session for the interview, but she still was going to follow through with a written Q & A. She ended up recording audio as her answers, & was about to send it to us when members of the Eddy clan STORMED her room & “confiscated” her phone &alexis28 computer, silencing her indefinitely. Whether it’s Todd Eddy (her father), or Greg Eddy (her Uncle & Shelia’s Dad), or Leanna Freeland Efaw (who we have determined is actually Alexis’s mother) &/or Denny Efaw (her Step Dad), it is clear that all of the Eddy’s in Alexis’ immediate family are the blood money seeking evil scumbags that Mary Neese has lashed out against & promised a fight until her dying days to see to it that not a cent is made against the name of her daughter Skylar. The Eddy’s hired a lawyer last year to sue NewsBall, but in the end, they couldn’t. Now they want blood money for Shelia Eddy killing Skylar Neese, but in the end they can’t. The Neese’s should counter by filing a wrongful death suit to prevent any gain from their daughter’s murder. After calming down from the Eddy clan burying Alexis’s voice, it was decided that contrary to our heat of the moment texts back to the Eddy scum that interrupted a girl from having her voice KillerFamilyheard like her cousin Crissy Swanson smartly did on Dateline, SINCERELY CRYING & CLEARING HER NAME, NewsBall would not take it out on Alexis. Instead of going with the backup alternate angle of suggesting a conspiracy to profit as to the reason why the cold feet, flip flopping, & ultimately backing out from the interview, triggered by what appeared to be a direct correlation by Mary Neese’s posts exposing her thus making her back pedal, we are taking her side & making due with what we DO have by outlining how we obtained Shelia Eddy’s letters. Alexis did provide us Raven’s dirt & pictures of the trio as she wanted them exposed, but then changed her mind. We simply can’t ignore content like that with nothing else to swap it out with, so without her Q & A, what can we say? Don’t reach out to us, provide us stuff, then change your mind wasting our time. We don’t know exactly what happened in Operation: Silence Alexis, but we know her elders are to blame & they are only looking out for themselves, not her name & future. It should not be negatively affected any further beyond the tarnished reputation of sharing the name of her best friend & cousin Shelia Eddy. Therefore our wrath is on the Eddy clan, minus Alexis, in this article.

Oh so many interesting mysteries to wonder about! Will the Eddy clan wield some pitch forks & torches & come marching to the West Coast in search of NewsBall’s team? Will Raven Lester’s mother threaten us some more like she did last year, now that we were provided much better smear material? Let the fun begin! That’s her mom & step dad pictured below. Her Dad is here (1)(2)(3)

raven1 raven2 raven3 ravenmom


Well, it’s about that time to put THE END on our commentary of this series, & turn it over to the TV specials that have partnered with us to bring you the Skylar Neese murder story. When Skylar’s FULL book comes out, someone be sure to send us the file.  Don’t think anyone has the current ebook version in a format available for email, but if so, send it our way. We have requests coming in:

Requests For Book


But then we have the suppressors of uncensored media telling us the opposite!


Don’t know what they are all up in a tizzy for – you can basically read anything they could possibly put in the book,+ all of the uncensored, mud smearing, unapologetic shockers of this saga right here in this series we have published for free. If you insist on reading it, which we might as well for the sake of maintaining the OCD thoroughness which will remain a staple of NewsBall’s signature, then a nice compromise to all interested parties involved may be to email us, & “someone” may anonymously send you the book in the form of a PDF file. Definitely not NewsBall! No no no. Here’s a free plug for that team of threatening bullies in the Daleen Berry camp, who have spent 1%, maybe 2% – OK 3% of the time NewsBall has on this tragedy:

Pretty Little Killers – The Truth Behind The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese drops July 8, 2014 – well, judging by how she stalks our sources & these articles, the book size may double again to 600 pages & another release at the end of the year. Currently you can buy a 160 page ebook version. If this saga warrants so many books, perhaps NewsBall should publish their version of this story as well. Hmmm. What is a fact is that last year haters that we will get to below didn’t like our way of gathering information & centralizing it all in these nice organized visual displays. What is also a fact is that this year, now Daleen Berry’s camp is profiting off of information from a fraction of sources that we have met & built relationships with. Who is better suited to write a story about teens? Someone still in his 20’s & is able to relate & gain sources because of it, or Daleen Berry, who is like the standard reporter, & as a result, people clam up not wanting to talk. Hilarious that they are going to sit there & try to claim a monopoly on rights to information that we give out for free, & at 10 fold levels.


Skylar’s story will be featured on NBC with Dateline on Friday, March 7, 2014 & on CBS with the Dr Phil Show on Monday, March 10, 2014. You can find them both right below this shortly after airing.

From Dylan Conaway getting arrested hours before he was scheduled to skype into the Dr Phil Show to the interruptions by Shania Ammons that were cut out, insight from NewsBall Owner Cole Bartiromo on what went down at the live taping. What was not discussed in the vlog below is how Shania Ammons begged producers for her pre-filmed “Me & Skylar hung out & smoked weed everyday” statement edited out of her segment which was played to the audience as everyone sat on stage, while producers didn’t want to remove it, they realized they had to or she’d seem even less credible as one of their guests. (You got it posted all over your social media, Shania be proud! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Daleen Berry was upset that she didn’t get to say the rest of her message because Dr Phil stopped talking to her after 1 question & went back to the Neese’s to close out the show, & Crissy Swanson regrets going on the show to see what insight Dr. Phil had, because she feels they edited her words around to make her look like the villain by justifying her cousin’s actions, but she was simply explaining there were no warning signs. There were no animal killings, she does not believe Shelia was born to be destined to do this, etc, but you probably won’t hear the second halves of what she had to say each time she elaborated on clarifying what she meant. I mean damn, 500 eyeballs are on them all, with Dave Neese’s cold unforgiving stare of death for his dead child penetrating into Crissy especially, & the knowledge that the cameras are recording for the masses – so it takes a few seconds, & sentences – to warm up & get flowing with what you mean to say. The editing room won’t show any mercy though, but the reaction we have received shows Crissy was believable, while Shania was NOT (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

IMG_00004874 IMG_00004870IMG_00004871IMG951416

& here is the Dr Phil Show from the Monday 3/10/14 airing:

(NewsBall appears at the 29 minute mark)

Now that the final cut has been seen, let’s elaborate on what the VLOG describes about Kelly Kerns & Shania Ammons. Basically from 29:30 to 33:30 was a complete hot mess. After that first audio clip was played of our source, Kelly Kerns went nuts. She was super defensive, hostile, not letting Dr Phil start to talk to NewsBall’s owner, & kept interrupting. She had never heard that audio before, & was taken by surprise. We had no clue who this woman was, none of our sources knew, & was never mentioned by anyone so the audio had nothing to do with her – it was talking about Rachel on a boat the day after the murder, but Kelly Kerns got scared, paranoid, you could see this & started denying that Rachel brought a knife on the boat, saying things like “Rachel was with ME on the boat, this is bullshit, there was no knife on the boat.” Like what, you really eye stalked her the whole time on the boat? Rachel couldn’t take a knife out of her purse or bag & dump it over? Or maybe the three of them were all in on the cover up to dispose of the knife…. Shania Ammons got her jabs in too for the negative coverage we did on her. After Kelly had been subdued, in the same segment Dr Phil was directing questions at NewsBall, she said “NewsBall is wrong about everything.” Funny though that she took the position that NewsBall has maintained since for a year about a lesbian relationship being the motive to kill Skylar, to the criticism of many haters, & now made it her own for national TV, & yet she sat there & disrespectfully interrupted until Dr Phil told her to stop. So in the end, that 4 minute segment was incredibly chopped down, & the editors did a great job of piecing together answers to different questions to give NewsBall any live words at all, because Kelly Kerns & Shania Ammons were interrupting throughout the conversation.

Interesting to note that Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown plays favorites & would NOT give the Dr PhilSurveillanceofSkylar Show a copy of the surveillance footage showing Skylar Neese sneaking out of her window & getting into Shelia Eddy’s car, but did give Dateline NBC a copy. Ms. Ashdown also ignored our multiple requests for months for a copy of the footage.

We want to personally thank Mary Ann Rontondi, the executive producer of NBC Dateline. Given the legal restraints that the bureaucracies & politics that mass media outlets must abide by with their lawyers, while appeasing all parties agreements involved, it was a well made, well balanced, anger-free neutral production for everyone – given a 40 minute restriction.

Here is the Dateline Special on the Skylar Neese story:

(NewsBall appears at the 31 minute mark)


To get an idea of how mass media outlets are having to jump through hoops & causing us headaches when dealing with their lawyers, listen to these series of voice mails to us regarding Skylar, Shelia & Rachel’s photos & videos we shared with one of the TV specials! We told them we will tell ya whatever you want to hear to appease your corporate suits, even that “we took all of the footage, we were the photographer *wink wink*, we were besties with Skylar! No? Prove it. Thought so, can’t be proven.” What stupid games & formalities mass media has to play & excuses to waste millions on lawyers. That is the difference between NewsBall & mainstream media. We don’t care from where & we do not get scared! We will publish anything relevant, & we are not phased by threats or intimidation of any size or action. We embrace frivolous lawsuits from transparently greedy individuals. Not a dime will ever be collected. Loving the rogue loose canyon freedom & restraint free luxury we enjoy, so don’t worry readers, NewsBall will not sell out!

After 100’s of hours spent on this series, it’s nice to get some vindication & recognition of being a valuable part of this story to have made it into these shows. People hiding behind aliases like KillerGirlProbz & RegretfulAsshat who did nothing, but try to silence NewsBall & smear us last year for the passionate, aggressive, thorough approach to uncovering everything in this case got to be in denial right now. Go sit next to Shelia Eddy you scumbags. Let’s remind everyone of a sample of the hatred spewed in our direction by you two a year ago when you underestimated NewsBall’s infancy & tried to wipe us out before we began: (0) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21). Hindsight is 20/20 ain’t that a bitch! Shelia didn’t see the big picture of life, & you small minded haters didn’t see the potential that was brewing up on here. This is only the beginning of NewsBall becoming a household name.


Our next story on the murder of Audrie Pott will cause tidal waves & eye openers everywhere. Tell your friends & family to subscribe to our notifications so you are alerted when our next publication is published. Stay tuned!


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