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Watching the news coverage of the triple killer in Fort Hood is making us sick.

They won’t show Ivan Lopez, the 34 year old psychopath killer. He just killed 3 people. So NewsBall will step in & show what mass media hasn’t as of 4/3 at 7am pacific.

How can he be allowed on a military base with his weapon when he was being treated for anxiety, depression, & other illnesses?

Xanderia Morris did just give an interview saying how his wife is her neighbor, & she seemed shocked & in denial hearing that her husband was the killer. Apparently he had a child as well, and according to Xanderia, they were a normal family, always saying hi.

The wife of the unhinged soldier who killed three people and left 16 wounded after opening fire at Fort Hood was “hysterical” the moment she saw on TV that her husband was the gunman, her neighbor said.

The unidentified wife of Ivan Lopez, 34 — a U.S. Army specialist who had just moved to the Killeen area with his family in February, after transferring from another Texas military base — came out of her home in tears once news broke of the shooting, said neighbor Xanderia Morris.

“She was worried and she was crying. I tried to console her and comfort her, let her know everything was okay.”

The woman was with the daughter, believed to be about 3 years old, that she shared with Lopez, Morris recalled.

But the mother was more concerned that her husband might be a victim, not the shooter.

Suddenly, news reports identified the suspected gunman after he fatally turned the gun on himself and the wife turned “hysterical,” Morris said.

We reached out to Xanderia for pictures of the killer’s wife, but so far no response back.

Xanderia Morris works at Cracker Barrel. Completely digressing, never heard of the place until our Skylar Neese series contained the arrest of young killer Shelia Eddy at a Cracker Barrel. Funny how we never hear of something, then once it’s on our radar we see a lot of it, huh! Cracker Barrel is apparently in 40+ states – California needs to get with it!

Again, we want the name & photo of the wife, as well as more photos (or correct ones) of Ivan Lopez. Let’s beat the mass media to the punch. So far their incompetence is glaring. They aren’t even showing the guy. It’s been 24 hours, how much more time do they need? The story just doesn’t work, & doesn’t sit right with viewers, when you are showing images of chaos & victims running, shot, & not showing who is responsible for all of it. They are about to drop the story & go right back to their pointless 24/7 over-saturated coverage of the long gone Malaysia Airlines any hour now, so we need to put this guy & his wife on blast while it’s all fresh. Did she know what she was getting into with this unhinged, psychologically damaged soldier? Did she ignore the signs or was she oblivious to them? Did she know he was capable of this? On the surface  we should say yes. Anyone trained to kill & who may or may not have witnessed unimaginable bloodshed & horrors in barbaric lands is capable of anything now (apparently Ivan Lopez sustained minimal combat experience), & that is not a bash against our soldiers, it just is what it is. Even a local said it wasn’t a matter of if this would happen again (2009 Nidal Hasan), but when.

For purposes of readers intrigue & curiosity as to what she looks like & to complete the pieces of the puzzle to this story, send any & all info about Ivan Lopez or his family to INFO@NEWSBALL.COM

Check back later. Maybe someone in our network knows Ivan, & we will be given his / his wife’s pictures &/or an interview.


We have enough explosive + exclusive dramatically tragic stories in the works, so let’s end this one light if we can. Here is a police pursuit from a few days ago. We pick up where the cop is starting to hit into this suspects car, trying to cut it off. Eventually the car pulls over, but you will be surprised to find who the suspect is, & even more surprising what the suspect does next! Does not run away or flees or surrenders!!!! So what option is left? Got to wonder what kind of state of mind someone like this is in! Then they can’t even put em’ in the cop car!! A unique ending to a NOT so high speed police chase that is worth of sharing :

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  1. I have to agree with David I do not see what exposing the wife in this will do to help with the fact that her husband did what he did.. I am Married to a solider who has been on multiple combat deployments. and has PTSD. Let me tell you he is a loving a caring husband father and friend. and I would be very surprised if this would have been him. When you live the life we live there is alot of stress I blame the military becuase they train them to go to war but when they come home They pushed to the side. When the solider ask for help they are told oh sorry we have a waiting list that is 6 months long so we will have to put you on that list. Its not right. the world see’s trained killer we see our spouses who are being judged and called Phsychologically damaged. Its Sad I have seen it way to many times.. Yes this man did an awful thing and he took a cowards way out. But I feel the Military is in part to blame. Not the Wife

  2. Every time I try to watch the police chase video, it says unavailable…
    has it been taken down? or is it just something wrong with my computer? ha ha.

    I’m just extremely curious to see this after your explanation.
    BTW – awesome job on your stories, dateline, Dr. Phil, etc.
    I admire your courageousness to expose & not to mention, I would LOVE to have the investigative abilities you have! This kind of stuff is right up my ally. So, Thanks for keeping us informed! So glad I found your website!

  3. I think you’re wrong on this one too. Yes expose him all you want. But is there really a need to drag the wife into this. She wasnt there, she didnt pull the trigger, why does she need to be brought into the mess? She is going to be dealing with enough, and she has a young child to care for as well. I’m interested in hearing more about him, but have no interest in hearing about his wife or child at all.

  4. Completely agree you should not hound his wife, she to be fair is distraught as anyone would be!

    And yes it is able to be married to someone and not know the full extent of their mental illness until it’s too late as I have discovered first hand .

    People have a way of hiding and deceiving people in to thinking they are ok.

    Anyway just wanted to say think you should leave her be and the child

  5. Man, I think you’re in the wrong on this one. I’m all for exposing the shooter and anyone in cahoots. But there is no reason to suspect that from his wife. It seems like she is a victim. Also, who hasn’t had a relationship with one psycho? You can’t control what a 34 year old man does. Infidelity wouldn’t exist if that was the case lmao.

    1. David,

      KNOWING & having a relationship with a psycho is one thing. Heck, I could have had a relationship with Jodi Arias back when she was free, who would have known she was anything more then a clingy stalker, right?

      Marrying & having children with a war vet who had PTSD is another thing. Sure, it still happens all the time, people gravitate towards each other for various reasons, but just don’t act completely beside yourself like you can’t believe it happened. Can we believe a soldier did this? Yes. They are traumatized from what they have seen, & are trained to kill. So what is so surprising? What is surprising is her reaction. Be sad, devastated, sure, but surprised? Cmon. In any event, we still want to see what she looks like & publish her name & pics in keeping with the goal to provide a complete story of anyone in the news, as many readers also share in this natural intrigue & curiosity.

      Also, clarified the mention of Cracker Barrel in article, review to see what was meant. Thanks for the input.

      1. Yeah, I must have been in a super good mood or something when I wrote that up. To be honest, I want to see what this wife looks like now. On point as always newsball!!! Will spread the exposure!!

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