NBC News giving DollarScholar.com credit for the exclusive photo!

UPDATE 1/17/2011 NBC Producers have also now paid DollarScholar.com a “researcher’s fee” for the exclusive photo, & it will has aired on NBC News, Good Day LA, & the TODAY Morning Show with the DollarScholar.com displayed next to the photo! We are officially on the map, take that established media! TMZ watch out, we are coming for ya!

Me when it was 355 mil.

I’d like to take a minute here in case Mrs. Lahti is reading this (since my website is THE exclusive news breaking source for the picture – it may register on the radar screen & she may get wind of it), that first – your beautiful! OK on to business, could you please throw $100,000 of the $120,000,000+ you pocketed my way!? Look at the “Behind The Name” page on here, second paragraph, see how Winning the Lottery is the next goal on the check list of accomplishments which defines & legitimizes further “Dollar Scholar” as my brand!? I’ve been overspending & trying so hard to win a jackpot with positive thinking, vibes & energy because something tells me it is my destiny! As much as I say congrats to you, it pains me that you – barely older then me, won it! I have never seen a cool, hip young person win the lottery & I always imagined I would be the first, grabbing national attention with jealousy & intrigue, but here you are! Grrr, part of me is so jealous! Can’t help that, I wanted this so bad! The draw you won had me drop $200+ into that Jan 4th drawing, & I’m as big a fan as any of the CA Super Lotto & the multi-state Mega Millions. 

Me when it was $168 mil…

I’m really interested to see if Holly is going to do something creative/unique with at least a portion of this crazy jackpot. So far I don’t think she has handled it well. I actually looked for her on facebook & if I found her page, I was just going to send a passionate plea, but the rest is history & we’ve made a page for her, & the whole story has evolved into this mass hysteria & I’ve ended up leading DollarScholar.com with the exclusive 1st pic of her!

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