Our original article about our $10,000 reward for the capture of James DiMaggio + the other side to Hanna Anderson here

UPDATE 8/10: James DiMaggio has been killed, 16 year old Hannah Anderson found safe in Idaho! Let the media blitzh 15 minutes of fame for her begin! When will she return to her Ask.FM page as featured in our original article above? Give it 48 hours. Here’s to hoping she talks in a more respectable way then she types.

The above vlog describes exactly our intentions in posting this fake facebook page of fugitive James DiMaggio, but we will sum it up again here, along with the visuals mentioned in the above video.

Our fake facebook page remains active as of the evening of 8/9


We made it to promote awareness for our $10,000 reward for the capture of this monster. It is outrageous to us that there is NO reward being offered except this measly $1,000 by the San Diego Sheriff’s Office:

1k reward

I mean really? Nothing from the city of San Diego like when Los Angeles offered a $1,000,000 bounty for Christopher Dorner? Nothing from the FBI? Just because DiMaggio hasn’t killed a few cops? I would think a mother, a little boy, & possibly a 16 year old girl in this now longer duration manhunt then Dorner’s would warrant it……….

 Mayor of LA and LAPD chief 0213-chris-dorner-reward-one-million

So we stepped up. Along with our intended goal of promoting our $10,000 reward, & to document the reactions of killer seeking facebookers that were sending messages to who they thought was James DiMaggio (below), we got a surprise unexpected visit by the authorities (watch the vlog at the top of this article). Out of all the things that our critics predict our doom & gloom about every day of the year, who would have thought it would be over a silly fake facebook account! Well, it was more the posting of that status then anything. People were calling for the “prankster” to be arrested. It caused quite an unintentional stir, with news outlets reporting on James DiMaggio’s facebook status posting, only to later update their articles that it had been a hoax after the cops had visited our owner Cole.

Multiple people calling for the “prankster” behind the fake facebook page to be arrested. Well the cops came & went.
Media outlets were reporting on the facebook hoax


We truly only meant to promote our exclusive article, bring awareness to the $10,000 reward, & to gather messages from those seeking to write to a killer as we have done multiple times in the past for nothing more then a educational study documenting those that write to killers or other news figures.

Here is a sampling of the thousands of messages received to the fake facebook. Hundreds of people friend requested it as well, & from what we see, they are some strange disturbing individuals, such as this person who posted a status which had us seeing this on the fake facebook news feed. THIS is the kind of sickos gravitating towards seeking out James DiMaggio online & befriending him:


Indeed, its like a freak show of a news feed when your friend list are people that added you because they think you are killer James DiMaggio. Lots of aliases & avatars as their default pictures. A group of underground rejects of society that are equally as sick minded as him.

Now on to some of the seemingly normal looking people to groupies sending neutral to extreme support:


& now on to the masses of justified hate towards the monster:


The rest of our position is in the commentary of the vlog video at the top of this article. No need to give us grief over our decision to make a fake facebook page in order to bring you this in depth investigative report. We hope you appreciate & find value in our willingness to go over & beyond what any mass media outlet will do – to the point of continual police confrontations & giving you inside scoops, unique angles of stories, & exclusive reports.

Here is wishing a safe return home for 16 year old Hannah Anderson, & a long & slow torturous death full of suffering for murderer James DiMaggio.

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DATE 8/8/2013 $10,000 reward for info that captures hunted killer fugitive James DiMaggio + the unreported side to potentially kidnapped 16 year old Hannah Anderson

DATE 8/16/2013 16 year old kidnapped victim Hannah Anderson returns to her social media & “interviews” online just 48 hours after FBI rescue kills DiMaggio – AS WE PREDICTED!

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  1. Personally I think the “fake facebook” idea is genius! This website is one of my favorites and I hope you don’t ever shut it down or stop posting! Your articles on the heartless little cunts from WV and Treyvon Martin were exceptional! Keep fighting the good fight and keep putting these things on blast!

  2. You really want to see what occured?
    on some sites?
    I still do not know rather or not she is innocent or guilty ?
    and on top of that they are stating that she said
    and her account has ebbn dissabled at ask FM

    Hannah said she “basically” stayed awake for six straight days and repeatedly told her captor she was hungry. She couldn’t escape because DiMaggio had a gun and “threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help.”

    Asked if she would have preferred DiMaggio got a lifetime prison sentence instead of being killed, she said, “He deserved what he got.”

  3. Wow! Whoever is posting comments under the name, “Suck my dick,” isn’t as intelligent as he/she is trying to portray. He (most likely a “he” because most guys who say, “suck my dick” are usually rather puny in that part of their anatomy) illustrates by his comments that he is certainly engulfed in a pathetic and miserable existence. Just sayin’.

    Anyways, I appreciate the writer of these blogs/articles with his non-filtered style of reporting. Whether or not every reader agrees with the author’s own opinions is up to him or her. I personally found any biased inferences throughout the various articles rather thought-provoking, only solidifying a “more comprehensive opinion” of my own on the case(s). Also, I like to look at different theories other than my own, as NOBODY has a flawless opinion on any of these topics.

    Besides, it appears to me that there is a good deal of information, even evidence, provided in these articles that hasn’t appeared yet publicly, or anywhere else outside of those closest to the case(s). If there is or has been, then I’m not seeing it in a “come-to-ONE-site-for-ALL-info” other than this site. Anyone who has taken the time to look up any of these stories online and has ventured across this website should not cast judgment on the writer when YOU went searching for the information. If you’re searching for information online, you don’t get to dictate what’s already been written. If you want to dictate and tell everyone that YOUR opinion on a topic is flawless, start a web blog of your own. Stop wasting time on making ignorant and pointless comments on this site.

    Finally, I’ve been coming back to this site often to see when the article on “Why the FBI, DOJ, & authorities can’t touch us – & dissecting the lives & minds of “haters” & “trolls” with a case study” is published. I’ve seen numerous scathing and hypocritical comments made toward the writer, and am looking forward to seeing something other than just one-sided rantings from individuals whose statements actually disaffirm their intent to vilify the writer. Should be interesting to get “the other side of the story.”

    Enuf said! 🙂

  4. Love this new way of journalism! Any critic is just some old fart. Keep doing this NewsBall, you are shaking things up!

  5. FYI there is a $1 000 000 reward for him, maybe you should have checked that up. Does not surprise me that you didn’t, you seem like the type who does not use his brain a lot.

    1. You’re a brainless troll. Dare you to show us a link of a $1,000,000 reward for DiMaggio. There is not one. There is a $1,000 reward for him from San Diego & that is it. Except for our $10,000.

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