Why the FBI, DOJ, & authorities can’t touch us – & dissecting the lives & minds of “haters” & “trolls” with a case study

This is coming next week

unless the FBI breaks down our doors & arrests us by then.

According to haters, that should have happened every day of the past year.

In the meantime, consider reading our Skylar Neese article series & the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin article series because this upcoming in-depth blog is inspired from the minority (yet large) number of individuals – even supposed lawyers or law students – out there that transform themselves into “haters & trolls” to threaten, claim, state as a matter of fact the destruction, doom, & arrest of NewsBall.com’s owner & team every chance they get. No other reporting brought more obsessive outcry from these individuals than from our coverage of these two extended assignments.

PS. In the meantime, we are still offering a large reward / researcher’s fee for the jurors names & pictures of the Zimmerman trial – with the most interest in obtaining the identity of Juror B37, who went on to bully & force the jurors who voted guilty to change it to not guilty. The signs were there – she manipulated her way on to the jury in the first place:

A few of the mass media outlets that didn’t have a problem featuring our Juror B37 video to the public, along with our message for the jurors names & pictures at the beginning:

GossiponthisJurorVid            GawkerJury

& yet, we get this type of mindless nonsense from trolling haters?

here we go again rogerjudd garrettjohnson jcgambrell chrisbeneventokillergirlprobz

 + 500 more!

Keep in mind this was BEFORE Juror B37 announced her book deal. We had a great laugh at all of these idiots at wanting to protect & support hiding a lady who was going to profit & write a book.

OK. The rest of this article is coming next week.  We will be diving deep into this.

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*June 8, 2013 UPDATE* The Globe & Dateline NBC have both contacted us with interest to also report on the Skylar Neese murder. 

*June 14, 2013 UPDATE* Police Chief of Morgantown hears about this report. The heat is on the authorities now to bring justice to Skylar & life in prison to Shelia!!!

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*June 25, 2013 UPDATE* Coroner refuses to give up the body of Skylar Neese to her parents – CALL & EMAIL HIM!

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*July 19, 2013 UPDATE* (AUDIO) EXCLUSIVE – Close family member of Shelia Eddy reveals more details that the authorities won’t share

*January 24, 2014 UPDATE* UPDATE: Skylar Neese’s Killer GUILTY & SENTENCED! Defiant & brazen Shelia Eddy pleads GUILTY to killing Skylar Neese & is QUIETLY sentenced the same day!

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