So yesterday CNN was promoting it’s upcoming guest Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan. Their promotional article said how she “has been a welcome breath of fresh – if not inappropriate – air, as one of the most unabashedly honest and least censored “Piers Morgan Live” guests of all-time.” Click the pic to read the full article:ChesleaHandlerPreShow

What a hint of unforeseen foreshadowing the network jinxed upon Piers Morgan! Remember that was published earlier in the day before the show was filmed!

Just could not pass up sharing this after seeing what Chelsea Handler did to Piers Morgan last night. Sure she came across as a bitch, but we like Piers Morgan even less. You got to respect her bold attitude & unwavering demeanor not to flinch after the punches she throws. Almost cringed a few times at the shots Piers Morgan took on the chin – how would he possibly react? Cut the interview short? Fire back? Or ignore & finish with the scripted questions?

Her ways remind NewsBall of NewsBall, & so, this is your morning comedy. Change of pace while we get ready for a new saga to expose on the horizon.

What do you think – was she being too mean or was Piers being disrespectful enough to warrant her abuse? Chime in.

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