(VIDEO) The unthinkable murder of 16 year old Micaela Costanzo at the hands of teenage lovers Toni Fratto & Kody Patten

At one point Micaela sat up in the grave after being hit over the head with the shovel & asked, “Am I still here? Am I alive? Can I go home?”

Usually we break stories by providing exclusive information of a crime going unmentioned or being covered up by exposing the identities of those involved, whether it be an underage suspect or anyone else for that matter, but we felt like we would still share this story after the fact.

17 year old’s Toni Fratto & Kody Patten, pictured here in their mugshots:

toni-fratto kody-patten

murdered 16 year old Micaela Costanzo:

Michaela Costanzo

in brutal, unthinkable fashion. The headline quote, which is what the victim reportedly said during her murder, was the last straw we needed to feel compelled to share this story.

Keith Morrison interviews killer Toni Fratto.
Keith Morrison interviews killer Toni Fratto.

Aside from the excessive comparisons & references to attractive beauty queens for both females in this story (can they get any more superficial in their descriptions, especially their compliments of the female killer being such a laughable exaggeration) & the funny faces made by Keith Morrison, Dateline NBC did a good job of narrating it, so if you have an hour to spend for your catharsis therapy, this horrible tragedy will certainly make you feel grateful for the empathy that your loved ones, friends & yourself share with another. Makes you wonder where these sick individuals lurk, or if someone in your contacts is one themselves.

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