NEWSBALL supports TRUMP, & NEWSBALL also supports & side with African Americans, Hispanics, & Whites in this fight against the corruption & evil in law enforcement & the demand for transparency. Let it be known, that as a Trump supporter, we attest to the fact that Trump supports ALL PEOPLE that are here LEGALLY. So unless you are one of the 11 million illegals that knowingly & willfully trespassed into this country, who are mostly not paying taxes, & who take over $103 BILLION more in welfare each year than american citizen families on welfare, or you are one of the 3 million Muslims that need to be in the very least monitored & tracked to prevent & detect radical Islamic terrorists in the making, you are wanted & supported by Trump! Out of the 323,000,000 million people in this country, Trump supports & cares about the well-being of 309,000,000 million of you. The other 14 million we can do without because we either enforce our laws & protect our citizens from terror – or the nation is lost!

Moving on, can you believe there are tons of people out there that watch a guy die on TV, or be told he’s dead, & yet they still take to Facebook to find that guy, not just to satisfy a morbid curiosity of looking at his pics & posts, but to express either their love or hatred for them, directly to them!? Yes, I’ve known it to happen before, as the timing had been perfect when Jared Loughner was impersonated moments after he was named as the AZ Killer.  You should really check that one out, as that went more in depth to the people’s messages sent to a killer, screenshot’d & all.

This time, let’s show our video of the online impersonation of Gavin Long, Louisiana’s cop killing scumbag. You can watch all of his own videos at his youtube account, which includes his most recent delusional videos where he speaks about cops killing blacks, etc. We do not support Gavin Long’s actions. What we support is that it is OK to feel that guilty shame inside you for recognizing you shouldn’t, but that you do feel a partial sense of satisfaction / revenge for countless murders & brutality against your fellow citizens.

This opportunity was taken for 3 reason. 1) to provide an updated glimpse at just how infected this country is with completely insane &/or gullible mindless people of society, the same people who will therefore vote for whoever the media brainwashes them to subliminally support in this November’s showdown between Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. To think there are millions of minds out there, incapable of logic or reasoning because they are just this dumb, is scary to think about. 2) I am not on the side of police & law enforcement. I sympathize with those being murdered by cops, whether that be 19 year old white guy Dylan Noble, or hispanic murder victim Noel Aguliar (btw the worst evil murder I’ve ever seen by a cop), or African American murders of Alton Stirling & Philando Castile Tamir Gray& Walton Scott, & Tamir Rice, etc etc all. I have personally been let down by law enforcement, & have seen first hand through the hundreds of pleas sent to NewsBall to help either solve murders of loved ones that police departments around the country refused to give the time of day with or to expose corruption within law enforcement. 3) Given all that, seeing the moment was at hand where thousands of people were searching for Gavin Long every hour today, provided the opportunity to spread the message that a major Trump supporter with stature, who owns, supports YOU the citizen, rather than what is an inherently susceptible to evil & corruption NETWORK ENTITY of law enforcement as a whole. You should give Trump another chance if your not already aboard the Trump Train. He will do a lot more for you by bringing back hundreds of thousands of jobs from China & Mexico, than the evil Clinton empire will ever do, which has acted like murderous police just the same, by signing the strict crack cocaine bill into law meant to prey on low income, African american communities, thereby ruining their lives & breaking up CITIZEN, ALWAYS AMERICAN FAMILIES. Hillary will never have the respect, or the fear of other world leaders & will get nothing done. Just like BLM wants, CHANGE will only come with Donald Trump. You have to shake up from the top down, starting with the entire culture. He is the most human person running for president we have ever seen. He is fighting back against political correctness for the first time in the modern era while we have watched public figures like Curt Schilling & countless others lose their livelihoods over their right to express an opinion & not have their lives destroyed. The rest of the history of politics, including Hillary, are just robotic, scripted, scared to speak freely, pawns of manipulation by money. Trump will never be bought. Do not be a pawn of the evil Clinton empire & the same ol same ol.

Without further ado, here is the impersonation of Gavin Long. It goes in depth at how fast something so fake can still be taken serious & go viral with the FB share counts & trending on twitter out of control, to the the messages from people who believe they are writing to a dead man in hell that has the internet in those fiery depths to still be able to respond. I want that high quality internet / mobile service!

Fake Account 1

Fake Account 2 after FB disabled the 1st account:

My disrespect for the police is as follows: I do not believe in respecting individuals who have signed up to lock people in cells. To put human beings in cages, is to treat them like animals, & no smile or small talk to be considered “treating the inmate with respect” can rise to the level of trusting that that individual has an absolute equal respect of someone else that they are questioning, pulling over, harassing, arresting, etc. A cop that signed up for the job has certain traits to their personality that has them OK with caging his fellow human beings like animals, knowing that some of them are innocent. Those traits that those cops possess – that they must possess to attract them to such a profession – COMBINED with the subconscious conditioning going on & reinforced stronger the longer they bind people in handcuffs, & cage them in cells, equals an impossible to reconcile inequality that most cannot help whether they want to or not. Only the very minuscule best of the best can still treat their fellow human being fairly & equally given the combination of this willingness & repetition of binding & caging. Sure sounds like amateur hour as a pscyh, huh, but its common sense, & therefore, there is no trust & no respect to ever be given to a police officer. They are the ones with a gun, who will kill if they want to kill. They are to always be feared. Why should one ever trust a police officer – they are only human, vulnerable to succumb to the depressions of life & suicidal thoughts just like anyone else falls victim to every day. Throw out the other theories, if for nothing else, you should never trust any stranger that has a gun. A badge does not make them safe from depression, from corruption, from negligence, from evil, from murder. FEAR is the only attribute a police officer should instill in us. Not respect. Not trust. Just fear.

The profession of law enforcement may attract a minority of honorable men & women that want to “serve & protect” as the cliche goes, but for the overwhelming majority, they choose it because it’s a job that pays money. For others, power-tripping egotistical maniacs that are trigger-happy looking for an excuse to use a gun are attracted to the profession. The willingness to sign up for a job that you know has you dehumanizing your fellow humans, regardless of the scum to the innocent that they cage is a sad trait to possess. How about that trait of confrontation a cop must have inside them to want to ruin people’s days, & for the less fortunate, their weeks or months, with the most ridiculous speeding, stop sign, or tint tickets that cannot easily be paid. Or that stalking trait, where they know they are going to pull you over for that 5 mph over the speed limit infraction, but they want to harass & show you whose boss for 2 miles by trailing behind you so you fear & submit to their presence.

Personally, I was attacked to the tune of 6 stitches on my face at the Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California at the end of April 2016. I filed a police report to simply get out of the $900+ of medical bills incurred from the ambulance, paramedics & hospital stay as a victim of a crime. There were zero expectations of them doing anything for me beyond 1 arrest, but huge efforts on my part were still taken. I served up on a silver platter all of the information necessary to arrest & convict at least one piece of shit, mexican flag waiving, rioting, millennial scumbag by the name of Cynthia Perez.

That page was made just for detectives eyes. From the onset, they had me on a wild goose chase even filing a police report, as they were all confused about jurisdiction. Then, they simply lacked the common courtesy to ever return my calls. I overestimated them as they still have never arrested her to date! I did expect at least her to be arrested, after all, I did all the work for them, but I had zero faith in them identifying the male attacker. That would actually require some detective work. I think I’m ready to go harass them & make another story out of it, so perhaps it just takes endless pressure for them to take a timeout from their donut eating, fraternizing, sitting in their cop car or jail pod or office filled days & do their job. I believe in the public doing the cops job for them, so I’ll take this opportunity to offer the still standing, $5,000 reward, for the identity or whereabouts of this piece of shit violent criminal who is likely in or around Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, or even as far as San Bernardino, & dirt on Cynthia Perez, a criminal that the police have yet to arrest for grand theft, assault, & inciting an attack:


 I couldn’t even get the Costa Mesa PR person on the phone to ever ask if they could put out a post & tweet seeking the public’s help in identifying that violent criminal. Can you believe it? That’s how incompetent, how unhelpful, how WRONG police departments are. They couldn’t have cared less to do a damn thing about my violent attacker. It’s one thing to try to identify & find an attacker & fail, but it’s entirely different to not even be able to do a public service & share on their Facebook or Twitter to seek assistance in identifying him.

By the way, those 2 criminal punks were likely inspired by Mexican Flag waiving & riot inciter Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly.  Much more on this fake American piece of trash coming in a future article.

Kaylyn Chapman, Miss Georgia, expressed raw mixed feelings about the Dallas Cop Shooting. She has since deleted this, but it's here
Kaylyn Chapman, Miss Georgia, expressed raw mixed feelings about the Dallas Cop Shooting. She has since deleted her vid, but it’s here

In conclusion, I am not happy when cops are murdered, but I am not sad either. I am entertained by the news coverage, & enjoy watching 100’s of cops hunt for 1 lone wolf like a David vs Goliath story line with decades of corruption & oppression sprinkled on top. Must be A LOT of folks feeling that way, riveted to the edge of their seat, otherwise news stations wouldn’t keep the coverage on air 24/7 if the ratings didn’t justify it, & if it was so heart-wrenchingly painful for peeps to watch they’d turn it off, so CNN, MSNBC, Fox News are exploiting the crimes nicely for their own monetary benefits. Newsball’s feelings are somewhere closer to Miss Georgia Kalyn Chapman’s, who expressed sincere raw honesty about her emotions regarding the Dallas sniper shooter killing cops. (she too seems to have caved in fear of the political correctness bullies & police, for her facebook post is now deleted, & replaced with this apology) rather than with the mainstream sheep view supporting, trusting, respecting cops in general – without a thought of analyzing a damn factor expressed here in this article. For those that say, “but that cop left behind kids & a wife, they had families“, well you know what, blame the cop for having a family. Perhaps law enforcement employees should be like priests & not have families – for a totally different reason. How irresponsible is it to have children if signing up for a profession that has you wielding a gun, threatening people’s freedom & being in danger. The risks are inherent & come with the territory. No duh, dead cop? Not a surprise. Did you think you were baking cookies with that gun in your holster? They should all go into the job with those expectations when your chasing down criminals & innocents, threatening to take away their liberties, right or wrong each time. Cops shouldn’t have 727x0families. You either shouldn’t have children & be a cop, or you shouldn’t be a cop & have children, so a cop’s offspring being left behind will not get my sympathy. It’s collateral damage to a required MASS CHANGE that seems to be mocked at, dismissed, & ignored unless attention is really grabbed. It seems like only with the recent bloodshed are people like Lebron James & company even finding it necessary to speak up. Seems like cops around the country are finally going to get the message that they can’t keep murdering people in cold blood. You shoot someone point blank range in the heart, & (see the horror again from this angle) – they are going to die. These cops are choosing to end lives rather than to disable the person. A shot in the shoulder would have served it’s purpose. These cops don’t hesitate to simply go for the kill with the lethal shot even when overpowering a bad person 2 to 1, in daylight, with witnesses watching & backup coming.

So you want no cops in society, NewsBall? NO, not saying that. SOMEONE needs to do the job, just let it be known what kind of person these someone’s are. There needs to be cops for the weak to go to. For the weak to be protected by. Others get justice themselves the way NewsBall gets justice by investigating, offering rewards, publishing exposures to put bad people on blast forever. Point is, just don’t expect NewsBall to support cops. Don’t expect NewsBall to be friends with a cop. Same thing with lawyers. Hire them to handle business, but they are not to be a friend. Criminal lawyers are scum for willingly choosing to stand next to monsters & not throw up while setting them free, & even civil lawyers exploit tragedies for personal gain. Like vulchers swirling around dying prey, civil lawyers pounce on the next plane that disappears or coffee that is too hot. Use cops & lawyers when you want to handle business, either it be justice or exploitation, but don’t ever trust a cop or a lawyer. PERIOD. Think Drew Peterson. That is one evil, corrupt cop. Evil personified. How many of his wives did he end up killing? & no one in his police departments ever did a thing for decades. They all just kept on covering for him until it just became too many murders to cover for. So when you hear “most cops are good”, think Drew Peterson. By all outward appearances, this guy was an upstanding cop doing his duty for his community to protect & serve. Secretly, he was the worst human being that is possible to exist. & I think a lot of cops walk around with the attitude & swagger he did.

So you see fellow Americans, we love all 309 million of you (no, not 323 mil, go fuck yourself 11 million illegals & 3 million muslims), & specifically, out of the 309,000,000 million of you that intelligently fear & lack trust in cops – from BLM & beyond – we are on your side. Supporting Trump doesn’t make us all that different at all. There’s no racism coming from this Trump supporter. We are on your side, not the cops side. & I’m white – the times I’ve been pulled over, they’ve let me go. I don’t even have a bad experience with the cops other then their pathetic failure to arrest clear criminals in an attack against me. I CAN imagine being in your shoes because I HAVE had guns pointed at me by the secret service when I was being arrested outside a bank in 2003 for a trumped up, fake conspiracy Watch some of that nonsense here & here (keep in mind, 88% of what is said in the PBS 2nd clip is manipulated audio of cutting & misplacing). In that situation, there was only 1 thing to do – put your hands up & surrender. Some of these cop shootings are totally justified, like the black dude that pulled a vape out of his pocket & took a shooting stance at cops. Whether he’s mentally ill or not – cops got to shoot when the subject is getting in a shooting position & pointing something. Period. While I support BLM in a lot of these murders, you all do need to pick & choose carefully & stop protesting / rioting on completely justified cop shootings like the El Cajon, California incident. Cmon now, media is acting idiotic too & loses all credibility when coverage of that is even carried beyond 1 day. With all that being said, just analyze the traits & makeup of who becomes a cop – to come to the same conclusion that you all have. Most cops are inherently bad for it all starts with the choice they made to be a cop knowing what comes with the job – & to me, that raises eyebrows right there to warrant a lack of trust & fear of them. That will NEVER CHANGE.

& while Trump supports law enforcement 100%, cut him some slack & overlook it. NewsBall does. We do not agree with Trump’s view on 1) gun control/NRA, 2) his sons posing with the majestic animals they hunted & killed like Dentist Walter Palmer style, 3) cops. Nevertheless, Trump’s fight against political correctness by speaking his mind & never ever refraining from what his opinions are is a refreshing, never before seen, burst of fresh air. Hillary Clinton is nothing, but a lying, scripted, evil actor who is manipulated & controlled by bribes & pay offs. Trump will never be bought. His ego is too big to ever do what he doesn’t want to do for this country. He WILL bring hundreds of thousands of jobs back from China & Mexico, & he WILL build the wall that is already law since he is a builder & he prides himself on that so you better believe the decade of incompetence in not following through on legislation that was already passed WILL FINALLY GET DONE! He simply wants to enforce the law. To twist this into accusations of racism for wanting to deport illegal immigrants, or religious intolerance for wanting to keep Americans safe from radical islam by doing whatever is decided necessary with the 3 million muslims here, & on travel restrictions from muslim &/or terrorist countries, is nothing, but common sense, 2016 new age thinking to our outdated obsolete constitution that is being abused with anchor babies, guns, & water boarding/torture techniques. Constitution days never saw anything like this abuse & evil. Cut him some damn slack & get over yourselves. There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with his presidential announcement speech a year ago.

If he mispoke on a sentence about who Mexico is sending, which is a fact that Mexico is sending their drug cartels our way, get over it you literal robot bitches, but I bet none of those offended have even seen the full speech, or watched a minute of news in their lives. They just hear stupid, morphed gossip or memes about fake made up stuff that Trump is supposedly trying to do. Stop being brainwashed, stop being so gullible & falling for fake news like NewsBall’s impersonation of Gavin Long!!!!!!!!

Got to go now, have some interviews to do! Mass media knocking thanks to thousands of people sharing the non-news.

media from impersonation

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  1. You must be very confused!! There is no coverups Etc. Gavin Long is known as Cosmos and shoots video Convos with Cosmos. You showed the wrong Gavin Long!!!!
    He is from Kansas City MO and did serve but whined about it. Listen to his podcasts and his videos. I live in KC! This guy had mental problems, dillusions of grandeur, holier than thou attitude. He is Black Racism!!!

    1. No where this article is there any defense of Gavin Long. We simply took the current event to finally chime in on the issue as a whole.

      The statements are primarily about cops murdering PEOPLE in general, & about the additional suffering of African Americans at the hands of murderous cops.

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