Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown shocks us all by finally revealing the details of Rachel Shoaf’s confession from January 2013 – in the best sentencing speech in a long time!

Unlike Shelia Eddy’s boring sentencing in which Shelia remained silent & was void of answers, Rachel Shoaf’s has more then compensated for it as it exceeded our expectations.


Skylar was stabbed 10 times…..Her neck made weird sounds & they both continued to stab her until those noises stopped.”

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Rachel Shoaf sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing Skylar Neese. Her co-defendant Shelia Eddy received 15 years to life.

shelia eddy skylar neese rachel shoaf stabbed murdered best friends morgantown sentenced jail  shelia eddy skylar neese rachel shoaf stabbed murdered best friends morgantown sentenced jail  shelia eddy skylar neese rachel shoaf stabbed murdered best friends morgantown sentenced jail  shelia eddy skylar neese rachel shoaf stabbed murdered best friends morgantown sentenced jail

Monongalia County Circuit Judge Russell Clawges has sentenced a Monongalia County teen for her involvement in the July 2012 murder of Skylar Neese.


While waiting to obtain the actual footage above, we put this interesting little segment together below, showing 2 other cases:

Judge Clawges sentenced Shoaf to 30 years in a state prison for the second degree murder of Skylar Neese.  Judge Clawges denied Shoaf’s attorney’s actual request to get Rachel Shoaf sentenced as a juvenile! However, Shoaf will remain in a juvenile facility until her 18th birthday, atIMG958707 which time a hearing will be held to determine Shoaf’s placement in an adult correctional facility, which will most likely be Lakin – with Shelia Eddy! Our Shelia Eddy family member source also stated this accurately weeks ago!

On the surface it looks like Shelia Eddy got the better deal despite not being the one to cooperate, confess, or speak prior to sentence, but not so fast. While the 30 years is a big statement for a killer that thought she had a plea agreement with a 20 year recommendation by the prosecution & much less time being requested from her lawyers, in reality, Rachel Shoaf is eligible for parole in 10 years! Shelia Eddy is eligible for parole in 15 years.

Shoaf spoke at the sentencing, offering an apology for her actions. She said that she is sorry and that words can’t describe what she did. She apologized to God, Skylar’s family, and the community. Shackled in chains, she struggled to get up & hold up her paper & read a statement that said:

I’m so sorry. I don’t if there is a proper way to make this apology because there aren’t any words to describe the guilt & remorse that I feel each day for what I have done. The person that did that is not the real me. Not the person I am, not what I’m made of & not what I believe in. I don’t think I ever thought that this would actually happen. I became scared & caught up in something that I did not want to do. I never realized the gravity of my actions (Mary Neese makes a shocked appalled face) & how many people I’ve hurt. I hurt the Neese family & those who love Skylar. I hurt my parents & shamed my family. I hurt my extended family & all of my friends who loved me. I hurt my teachers & those who believed in me. I hurt my church family, my community, & those who trusted me. & I hurt my lord & savior Jesus Christ. May God bring eternal peace to Skylar & the entire Neese family. Again I am so sorry & I pray each day for everyone involved & I pray each day for forgiveness.” – Rachel Shoaf

Her defense attorney told the court that without Rachel’s confession, there may not have ever been a case.

Skylar Neese’s father, David, spoke at the sentencing, as did his brother, who was the most emotional & gave at times extremely powerful moments.  Shoaf could be seen with her head in her hands and crying throughout the sentencing.  Dave told Judge Clawges that he understands Rachel cooperated and helped, but that she murdered Skylar in cold blood.  He said Shoaf should take her apologies and ‘sit on them’, and asked that she serve 40 years in prison.

Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder during a May 1 plea hearing. Judge Clawges said he felt that the state could have charged Shoaf with first-degree murder and wanted to make sure the plea agreement was okay with the Neese family. Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown methodically went through the lies Rachel told before finally confessing, & then the details of her confession. The Prosecutor reluctantly reminded the Court that the agreement from January 2013 recommended a 20 year sentence. The words the prosecutor used were very powerful as she stated Rachel “came in from the cold alone, & FIRST. That’s when she confessed for a price.” Rachel made a deal with the devil, & for her murder, “sold” her confession for a bargain to save her own life & the reward substantially less then a life term. THAT is her reward, & it is more then sufficient.” No joke, she reminded snapefromharrypotterme of Snape from Harry Potter with the way she was speaking her dialogue. Some of her words were drawn out with emphasis like Snape does, & it’s impact was felt. “Your honor, you know this case, you know what a proper sentence would be, & we ask that you impose …. that… adult sentence.” The Judge then sounded confused as if Marsha Ashdown was no longer recommending the 20 years from a year ago: “Just so the record is clear Ms. Ashdown does the state stand behind the recommendation made in paragraph 3 of the plea agreement.” Marsha still dodged the question & simply said “It is a recommendation your honor, & it is a part of the plea agreement.” The court concluded by saying “OK, just wanted to make sure we weren’t violating the plea agreement.”

The judge then reminded everyone that the plea agreement was just that, a recommendation, & not binding upon the court. Rachel was then given a 30 year sentence.

The Shoaf family has issued this new statement:

“We continue to grieve over this tragedy. We acknowledge that Shelia Eddy has finally admitted her involvement and accepted responsibility for her actions in Skylar’s death.

“Her death is consistent with the prior admission and statements made by Rachel Shoaf and will help to bring some closure in this matter for the Neese family without the necessity of their having to endure the pain and heartache of a trial.

“We continue to pray that we will all find peace in our hearts and the strength to move forward.”

Shoaf’s co-conspirator, Shelia Eddy, entered into a plea deal and was sentenced a few weeks ago. The plea deal includes a life sentence in prison with mercy. The mercy designation means that Eddy will be eligible for parole after she serves 15 years in prison.

Shoaf will also be required to pay restitution for Skylar’s funeral expenses and court costs.

Once she has been transferred to state prison, we WILL have her mailing address & mugshot posted here.

We will also be sharing some more teaser information about the upcoming Dateline NBC & Dr Phil Show that have both filmed specials on the Skylar Neese Murder so stay tuned. We will post the shows on NewsBall in case you miss their airings in 1-2 weeks from now.

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*June 14, 2013 UPDATE* Police Chief of Morgantown hears about this report. The heat is on the authorities now to bring justice to Skylar & life in prison to Shelia!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Both these girls deserved the death penalty. Especially the coldness of killing a young girl because they didn’t want to be friends anymore because jealous lovers. Wow and the mastermind had the nerve to go to parents house acting like she couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t call her best friend back. Saw on Dr. Phil Neese’s mother wanted to kill her at that moment when she found out the truth. They should let the mother and father take turns at pushing the execution button. So sad. What’s up with these crazy kids now a days?

  2. When is Rachel’s 18th birthday? The spiritual part of me that strives to be more Christ-like sees that she seems genuinely repentant and remorseful and, while that doesn’t excuse the fact that she played a part in the murder, I want to write and encourage her to try to get back to the light though it’s a long, hard road she will walk getting there. Shelia Eddy on the other hand seems like a completely remorseless and unemotional psychopath whose only regret is that she misses being free. She should probably have as many barriers as possible put between her and other people for the rest of her days.

  3. You should add the transcript of Rachael’s confession …
    I am very interested in knowing what she said, but have no speakers… well none that work. Please 🙂

    1. Working on it all night. It will be unlocked Friday.

      In this Epilogue:

      An interview / letters from Shelia Eddy
      How & why Alexis Eddy reached out to us, but was silenced in the 11th hour by her blood money seeking family
      Raven Lester proving us right about the profile we did on her a year ago
      A VLOG of insight from behind the scenes after the Dr Phil Show filmed the Skylar Neese story
      Both Skylar Neese specials from Dateline NBC & Dr Phil CBS to close this series

  4. WHY IS THERE A COVER UP? Who are they trying to protect? The Shoaf family, family friend? As the timeline goes Shoaf was to leave for church camp that morning for a week, yet they just squeeze in a quick trip on a family friends boat for some “sunbathing” on Cheat Lake, very questionable. Also according to book where Patricia Shoaf first noticed the cut on Rachel’s leg and Rachel explained it away by saying she got it boarding the boat. These women knew. Then she was taken right to church camp to be a counselor for a week, so disgusting. She “didn’t hear anything about Skylar” until the police called her asking questions at camp. Where are the murder weapons, and where did Shelia throw away Skylars belongings, her purse and bong? Have you requested the public records and evidence from the courthouse? Supposedly “anyone” can get it because public record, yet it’s NOWHERE. Any other notes from sources? These girls need to be hung out to dry. Both deserve to never be free again. Everyone needs to be exposed who did wrong in this case or who knew about what happened. How do you feel about SA now? She seems like she is full of it in every way.

  5. Man, can I get some kind of like 5 minute or less highlight real of that 1 hr and 10 minute trial…. I’ve read every article you posted, but my brain does not have the attention span to let me watch that.

  6. Will you be able to get SE’s family member to comment on this case now that it has come to its conclusion? I would like to know how her mom and family is dealing since they were so emotionless at the sentencing. Whereas the Shoafs were so emotional and expressive.

    1. No she doesn’t. If you noticed everything she said wad for her benefit. Once said the “fake” actress tears stopped. Then she was stone faced. Even when sentenced. She definable tried to play the court and only cried for herself! Like she stated in her twitter…” When its all done I just want to go where no one knows me and start acting.” That’s when she thought she had full immunity. Stupid girl.

  7. I am not shocked because I truly felt she would get at least 30 years, but I am completely baffled as to why she got more than Shelia. The picture that has been painted by research of this horrible ordeal tells me that Shelia was the mastermind. Rachel ultimately confessed and cooperated and that does not at all change what she did, but I think if either of these young women deserved any leniency, it was Rachel. All this story does now, is convince others to not confess, because in the long run, they will pay more. Both Rachel AND Shelia deserved life–confession, cooperation, or not. They deserve to rot for what they did to poor Skylar. The only thing that could make anyone grieving over this nightmare feel better, is faith in God and knowing that no matter what, it is ultimately His justice system that counts.

    1. Turns out that Rachel is eligible for parole in 10 years, while Shelia is eligible in 15 years, so best case scenario’s from their POV, Rachel would get out first, but neither are getting out at their first parole hearings. It will be nothing more then a formality. Like Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption – denied denied denied.

        1. It has been interesting to hear some of the opinions posted on this board. I hate to break it to you but Shelia and Rachel will both be let out of prison, most likely before they are 40. Their first parole hearing in 15 and 10 years respectively will be denied, each will be given another hearing in 5 years, which will also most probably be denied, at least for Shelia, but then a new parole hearing in 3 years upon which I would estimate that both will be freed, which means Shelia would be 41 and Rachel would be 36 at the time of their release. Both ample time to get married and have a family. The court will not keep these girls locked up indefinitely, they only reserve true life sentences for people who murder with aggravated circumstances, such as the Manson followers etc. In 15 years history will view these two as two girls who made a horrible mistake and deserve a second chance, the fact that Skylar will never get a second chance will hold weight for the first parole hearing, but it’s weight will diminish over time, especially if Rachel and Shelia have clean prison records and manage to better themselves in prison – i.e. earn college degrees, etc.

          So before you hate, I am not agreeing with this, but it is how it will work. Wishing that Shelia will spend her life in prison won’t make it so. Why the Neese family ever agreed to a plea deal for either of these girls is beyond me, again not castigating them or trying to minimize their loss, but had they let the justice system play out and not been so afraid of a trial, both these girls would have gotten life without parole. I can’t comprehend their grief. I wish the prosecutor would not have been so zealous to close this case – they had no reason to offer Rachel a deal and a should have allowed both to go to trial. Now the Neese family gets to spend the rest of their lives attending parole hearings trying to keep their daughters killers in prison. It’s a horribly sad case and justice was not served in my opinion.

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