We are dropping another exclusive story in the coming days on a story not 1 news outlet even knows about, where our sources gained access to a Kansas City high school with High School Hallway video footage of a teen punk women abuser in the making proving he’s no “victim”, but before we publish that explosion, here’s 3 lighthearted topics & observations from the past chunk of days making news. We need your help at the bottom of this article to expose the villains of 2 other stories that we are trying to get a grasp on: The 16 year old autistic boy forced to perform sex acts with a dog; & the 19 year old who was handcuffed to a bed, shot up with heroin, & pictures taken of his lifeless body & posted on facebook. Scroll to the bottom to sample what may be coming to NewsBall soon, & to help if you can!



Russia is closing in on Ukraine, about to strike at any moment, but Russia President Vladimir Putin better not underestimate Ukraine’s furry! Just kidding, but being a Seinfeld fan, it’s hard not to bring this Kramer blast from the past up. So a moment of laughs is in order as we take a time out from the impending doom & gloom of WW3, & the subjects we report on, to bring you Kramer & Newman fighting over Ukraine for world dominance:


Next up, I was watching CNBC a few days ago & I became totally distracted at the conversation about Microsoft. I thought, “Wait, what. Is that – a guy? Dressed as a girl? But why? It just doesn’t look right!” & so I continued to be distracted & totally missed his/her points on the subject at hand. Look, I’m not being mean & NewsBall is not against gays, lesbians or transgenders at all. I’m only bringing this up because I really felt like wow, this is a landmark moment in the progress of LGBT, isn’t it? When has a major media network put a clearly transgender person in front of the camera by employing them? Not talking about some trashy Jerry Springer talk show featuring tranny’s, or a documentary where they are being interviewed, but a legitimately professional business world setting & BAM in your face boldness! I had never seen a transgender person on live TV in an official capacity like this as a reporter / expert, but here we are! I’m pointing this out because while I’m all for equal rights, I feel like some things should just be left alone. Like if you want to change from a man to woman, fine, more power to you, but understand that there are certain professions or jobs within a profession you should just stay away from. One of those would be to be the talking head reporter on TV. Be behind the scenes, but if you are going on air, you are subject to scrutiny & as much as I hate to think some will claim I’m something I’m not, there is simply no denying the fact that it was distracting! Maybe because it was quietly the first of it’s kind? CNBC should be applauded for not having that be a barrier to having them on as a guest to report on a highly rigid & stuffy suited financial world, but I think it missed the mark because it was a distraction. If I’m listening to how my body is reacting, it’s just not a natural feeling – so it is a distraction! LGBT can fight for their rights all they want, & most of society accepts them as equal human beings, but the lifestyle will never be accepted as natural – ever! The standard family will still whisper among themselves whenever they see 2 people of the same sex showing outward displays of affection while out in public, & straight people will still just find something like this clip unsettling or distracting listening to someone in drag speak about financials. It just doesn’t instill confidence or credibility, & that’s just a cold hard truth of the way straights feel. Just saying it’s not an intentional feeling & don’t think these feelings will ever change for the masses who are sexually oriented as straight individuals.


Finally, if your your misguided hatred of my fair & reasonable reaction to the above clip hasn’t resulted in a sudden X out of this page, unsubscribed & deleted NewsBall from your bookmarks, unliked on Facebook, unfollowed on twitter, & unsubscribed on youtube then let’s watch this next impressive miracle together moment together. How many people would have guessed this phrase, knowing only the first 2 letters? Not me. AND I’m the Dollar Scholar, known for pulling miracles out of my ass, like $100,000 jackpots involving 13 game parlays. I would say the odds on this guy doing this far exceeded those odds:


We have received many new stories to investigate, & if you have called or emailed us, don’t think we ignored or dismissed you – we will be getting back to you.


In the meantime, if you know the name of the 15 year old Mechanicsville, Maryland girl that is not being named for her role in forcing a 16 year old autistic boy to have sex with the family dog, please pass it along to info@newsball.com

This is her 17 year old accomplice, Lauren Bush, who has been charged in St Mary’s County as an adult & which is public information:


The suspects recorded themselves assaulting their mentally challenged victim by pointing a knife to his throat, making him walk across a frozen pond and not helping when he fell in multiple times and kicking him in the groin, Cameron said.

Perhaps the most appalling charge was a sexual act they allegedly coerced him into performing.

“The victim was forced to masturbate and then copulate with a family pet,” he said. “It’s beyond comprehension.”

These acts occurred between December and March, he said, adding the girls knew the victim in the rural Mechanicsville, Md., town.”

So our faithful NewsBall supporters, bust out your Maryland contacts & start putting out feelers for who knows who this 15 year old girl is. Since the boy is part of a news story, we wouldn’t mind his name & picture as well, only to help vilify these 2 monsters even more by looking into this kids eyes and thinking wow how could they do this to him. A story is not complete without visuals of all characters involved. If & when we are provided the name & the 15 year old girl villain, &/or the 16 yr old boy victim, we will turn it into a separate featured article.


& the other story we seek help in filling in the blanks to expose all parties involved is the tragedy involving 19 year old Dylan Owens. True, he was a drug addict, leading a questionable life, surrounded by sketchy friends, but he was young & can never turn his life around, so those responsible besides himself must pay with at least the Scarlet Letter forever . He had a 2 year old son Bentley Cole Owens, brothers Charlie Sowders, Travis Owens, Alex Owens and Noah Martin, grandparents Mike and Geraldine (Fischer) Tarter & parents Tina M. (Fischer) Owensand Gary H. Owens. Therefore, Dylan did not deserve to be injected with heroin by Maddison Rogers & 2 others, handcuffed to a bed, & postmortem pictures taken of him & posted to Facebook.


We want the other 2 killer’s names. If you know how the victim’s mother Tina (We have found her hard to find Facebook, & have messaged her, but could use backup methods of communication), or the father or brothers, tell them NewsBall is seeking this info to expose all 3 responsible & to bring a bit of justice to Dylan. If you know anything at all about this story, about Maddison Rogers, or the other 2 accomplices being protected by the Clermont County prosecutor, send everything you got to info@newsball.com

We already have a handful of names, screenshots & pictures to begin the process of elimination & narrow down which of the 2 were alongside killer Maddison Rogers, & those include Zane Ellis, McKinley Mink, Haley Renee Ross, Anthony Armacost, Nick Byrd, Julie Graber-PelsMarissa King, Morgan Thomas & Savannah Shaw. Who will turn out to be exposed with the worthless scum Maddison? Stay tuned, let’s let the flood gates of information pour in from our digging & outside sources. We have a good idea which of the 2 they are, but are verifying our information now before we expose them with all out coverage. This 3rd to last tweet from Dylan on the night he was killed pretty much tells us what we need to know of who one of the unnamed killers is, considering there were only 4 people at the home. 1 is a dead Dylan Owens, 1 is a charged Maddison Rogers, that leaves 2 to go & 1 of those 2 is in that tweet. We will leave it at that for now. Too bad they can’t erase Dylan’s last words – NewsBall is coming for ya.


One of the 3 Haley Renee Ross

Update 3/27


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  1. Cole,
    Regarding the two Maryland degenerates….I swear the first time I read the story both girls’ faces were shown, which makes me think it was probably The Daily Mail.

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