Sorry to all you hopeful eligible bachelor’s sending our Holly Lahti’s facebook page marriage proposals. Sorry to all you proud single mothers sending her “girl power” congrats & comforting advice that she doesn’t need a man…

Wife beating Husband #2 is on the way.

Mugshot of Holly Lahti's New Fiancee
Mugshot of Holly Lahti’s New Fiancee      Other Photos Of the Next Husband/Holly! has EXCLUSIVELY learned that 29 year old Holly Lahti, lottery winner of half of the 2nd largest jackpot in US History at $380,000,000, has quietly gotten engaged to a 21 year old that she has been dating for two years . Even though Holly has remained elusive since winning, going from bumping Tupac in her friends red Honda & smoking “super long cigs” on her front porch of 8247 W. Montana Street in Rathdrum, Idaho where she lived in the basement of her mom’s house with her husband Josh & 2 daughters, to completely dropping off the face of the earth, brings you what no other media outlet could. Numerous sources have confirmed to us that her new fiancee recently proposed & that they wanted it to remain a secret to prevent her separated husband Josh Lahti from finding out, as the battle over her jackpot windfall starts to play out in court. One source told us that once she won the January 4th Mega Millions Jackpot, the fiancee was told “You better marry that chick” & the fiancee replied “yeah I should “.

Troubling details have been obtained as the Sheriff’s Office in Kootenai County have provided a mugshot of her soon to be husband, who we will call Trouble #2*. Like her estranged husband Josh Lahti, Trouble #2 also has a rap sheet. Although not as serious or extensive as Josh’s, there are multiple drug convictions resulting in 90 day jail sentences on Trouble #2’s criminal record.

Scattered details are emerging about the mysterious girl who was portrayed in initial media reports by neighbors as a “most deserving” lottery winner, who was said to have put years of maturity & growth between her & the mistakes of her past, including distancing herself from her violent & abusive husband, despite still failing to get a divorce.

Holly Lahti $380 million $190 million Mega Millions Lottery Winner Josh Lahti
Exclusive Photo provided to media outlet

Last week reported the exclusive 1st picture of Holly, giving the nation it’s first view of the sudden mega millionaire, showing her in a stunning good light, beautiful & smiling – which the NY Post, NBC & Fuji Television paid for & gave on air credit, including The TODAY Show. Two days later, mugshots of the married couple made their rounds on every tv news channel & the internet, which gave a glimpse of their tumultuous marriage, which fueled to out-dig the big media right back with the first pictures of the entire family.

Large support was garnered on Holly’s side including domestic abuse groups, which protested the digging up of an irrelevant past for someone who had changed & moved on with her life. However, her supporter’s defense continue to take hits. It seems work employees & older neighbors have one view (the one that has played out in the media about how perfect she is), but her peers have conflicting statements. Suspicions that she refused the traditional lottery press conference to avoid having her estranged husband find out surfaced early last week before the mugshots of the pair were released. Now, multiple private sources claim to that her husband didn’t beat her up at all, that “they both got into it with another couple not each other!” (There’s a reason why the charges were dismissed against both of them, yet the media ran wild with inaccurate conclusions). While it doesn’t change the fact that Josh Lahti is a career criminal scumbag with a violent & scary record, it seriously undermines Holly Lahti as a victim. Another source claims his friend hooked up with Holly a few months ago, & that our 21 year old husband-in-queue knows about it, but would that deter you from inheriting a fortune? All is fair & forgiven in love & lottery. Other “friends” of hers say she was “banging OxyContin” pills. And now with today’s exclusive story of Holly planning on marrying a 21 year old with recent troublesome behavior, challenges are further made at Holly’s supporters, & questions of her responsibility to her children seem warranted. Asked for a comment on the engagement, all parties remained silent except the finance’s brother (Trouble #2) who replied, “Go fuck ur self.” Very civil. Not a surprise that the brother has a matching court record.

Holly Lahti Mega Millions
From the NY Daily News to the Seattle Weekly – reports on our Holly Facebook Pages

Meanwhile, over 100,000 requests & pleadings for money from the lazy & comical to the desperate & suicidal begging for help have poured into Holly’s Personal Facebook inbox, & the media is reporting on Holly’s posted updates & on the phenomenon of the flocking & gathering of thousands seeking help or handouts on Holly’s Fan Page – both of which are being ran by us! We believe the majority of peeps were content with giving it a shot by sending an online message, & so hopefully the bulk of the bombardment of phone calls, stakeouts, & letters were kept to a minimum & diverted to the set up Facebook pages to save Holly some harassment. The end result is a well researched experiment blog that is a must read if you have ever asked yourself, “What Does It Feel Like To Win The Jackpot!?” as we examine the human condition & nature of the force of money by showcasing a 1,000 of the requests & desperate pleas that were sent in hoping to get a share of what Holly won. And because we know Holly has seen our website, maybe just maybe the end result will also be considered a “miracle” for those who sent messages in if she chooses to spend some time reading our “What Does It Feel Like To Win The Jackpot” : The Lottery Request Diaries from her new life far away in a day, week, month or year, & pick some worthy candidates to help – like we believe she will. So read our powerful, extensive blog entry & ask yourself if you could handle the responsibility of saying no to thousands upon thousands of families in need, some of whom are on the brink of murder-suicides like you hear in the news from time to time because a father feels like a failure & can’t bear to see his children starving without a home they just lost, the shame & embarrassment of failing as the provider. Our heart goes out to those in need, & strongly urge Holly to set aside a portion of her winnings to save some families, hear some pleas & pitches, & help people directly instead of through impersonal charities who are sometimes corrupt & pocket large shares of the donations. If not Holly, then maybe someone else in a position of power will help those that requested – & so, all of the requests are for everyone’s view.

Anyways, we digress. Here’s to Holly & Trouble #2. Congrats. We would announce the wedding date for ya too, but obviously your waiting on the divorce & war over your lottery jackpot to play out first. Stay tuned.

*We have Trouble #2’s name, but we are tired of having big media take our exclusives after we dig up all the details & do the work. So if they want the mugshot & details, they got to go through us now or sharpen their skills & become competent to do what we already do for all of you! ~ Dollar Scholar & co.
See a few of the sources here & stay tuned because don’t put anything past – perhaps we are releasing her sex tape next. We continue to celebrate our launch by pulling rabbit after rabbit out of the hat!

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