I don’t want to give people the idea that we’re showing people something

that we should not be showing.”

– Anderson Cooper, 3/18/2014

Say whaaa!?!? Anderson Cooper just served up the EPITOME of how mass media are scared, vanilla, politically correct organizations. That knowledge is nothing to the informed public, but to so specifically sound this lame like a scared little boy worried about viewers thinking you are revealing something “CONTROVERSIAL” or “TABOO” or “WRONG” is comical! It was that AHA – truly defining moment to showcase on NewsBall as what NOT TO DO!  As a viewer of CNN to get observations or starting points on potential stories, what he said is just annoying, disgusting, & insulting! I would think the viewers being told of CNN’s blatant position of censorship & not bringing you anything & everything they possibly CAN (not just willing to) would be a huge backlash, but then again, viewers don’t know about NewsBall yet so viewers / readers of the news have come to expect watered down generics. The goal continues on to become a household name where we pop into your head when you have a tip, video footage, or want an exclusive interview. This just had me shaking my head, & it had to get up on NewsBall:

It goes without saying, but NewsBall will take the opportunity to say we WANT to give people the idea that we’re showing people something that we should not be showing. We HAVE & WILL continue to show people things we “should not” be showing – should not as in, it goes against the Associated Press & all other media outlets policies to not name names of minors, not show pictures of minors, not aggressively seek interviews with minors & obtain their trust as sources for our exclusives, to name & picture ANYONE who is overwhelmingly suspected by many sources, but not charged with a crime, to not be outspokenly opinionated, to not pursue the truth & expose censored subjects or parts of the vanilla news coverage given elsewhere. It is beyond me why CNN wants you to know that they would NEVER show something they shouldn’t be showing you. How do they think viewers possibly would react to such a patronizing statement that insults their intelligence & right to knowledge & information? Freedom of the press baby. No restraints, no restrictions, no rules for NB.

Found this short segment to be the most intriguing REALISTIC theory of this whole missing airplane Twilight Zone story, since the plane entering another dimension isn’t falling in that category of realism. The idea that the pilot was so skilled as to enter a stealth mode & fly so close to another airplane in front of him that their 2 dots on a radar system would become 1. Hmmm.

Also a grief counselor explains the insanity of how these loved ones of the 200+ missing people were actually ecstatic & euphoric cheering when they heard the plane may have been hijacked instead of crashed! Man, what diabolical feelings that most of us will never experience huh. To actually hope that your mother, father, brother & sister are on a plane hijacked by terrorists instead of being in a tomb at the bottom of the ocean. Forced to pick between the lesser of 2 evils……Such an evil conflict that it’s nothing less then diabolical.

On an unrelated digression, let me point out I like that word – diabolical. It seems Dateline & The Dr Phil Show both loved it too because out of the 10 hours of interviewing nonstop with them, they BOTH chose that snippet in the short spot NewsBall got in their shows! I found that interesting! I’ll definitely be using diabolical in future publications!

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  1. I watched a documentary on The Sandyhook Massacre and how questionable all the evidence was about the shooter. The shooter and his mother were unknown entities in their neighbourhood. The ” neighbour” to whom the children ran was inconsistent in his story. You could hear the cops and see the video footage of how this seems to be a CIA propaganda scenario. The parents weren’t allowed to see the bodies of their children. Anderson Cooper was recruited by the CIA when he was at university. Google Sandyhook Massacre and see the inconsistencies there are. Hoax actors appeared to be used in a suspected government propaganda plan to drum up public support for a federal assault weapons ban, which would disarm the public and give the government more control over it’s people. Thus a dictatorship would be come more of a reality. The American people have lost so many of their rights already after “911”. Read David Icke’s book “The Biggest Secret” and it is predicted that the 911 attack would take place.

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