There has never been a more egregious example of killer’s warning of their intentions then the 263859_10151163856793360_728165275_nstory out of Las Vegas this week. Neighbors had been told by the Miller’s for a long time that they wanted to kill cops. Then, a neighbor interacted with Jerad Miller & his wife Amanda early in the morning before they set out on their deadly rampage. The neighbor was told that the revolution was starting now, & saw that the couple’s car was filled with ammunition. The police were not called.

Then of course, you have their chilling facebook posts – Amanda’s in particular:Amanda Death Threats

Again, nothing was done.

On Monday morning, 6/9/2014, Jeremy & Amanda shot 2 cops dead at point blank range, the first in the back of the head, while the cops were at a restaurant eating do- pizza. Notes were left on their bodies about the revolution they were starting. Alyn Beck & Igor Soldo were the 2 cops killed.

2Vegas Cops Shot Dead

Then they went to Wal-Mart & told everyone to get out. One civilian, busted out his concealed weapon, & pointed it at Jeremy, but unbeknownst to him, Amanda was behind him, & shot him dead.

Joseph Wilcox

They got in a shoot out with police, & once Amanda got injured, followed through with their suicide pact. She killed him, before turning the gun on herself.

Here is every single video that they ever made & put online – 15+ videos spanning 90 minutes! Amanda’s youtube was very hard to find. Jerad’s videos were widely spread, but not hers. Every picture from their facebook pages are also in it. His / Hers.

This censored 24 second clip was released by the Las Vegas Police showing the married couple on the ground in their final minutes alive. Amanda tries to shoot Jerad, but apparently misses, & it is the cops who kill him – according to the cops. Amanda kills herself:

We do not believe in content being filtered & censored, & so, if you have any connection inside that Wal-Mart on Nellis Blvd in Las Vegas ask them for a copy of the video, or tell them to contact us. I know if I worked there, I would have at least busted out my cell phone & filmed some of it before the footage was seized by the authorities. We will pay $5,000 to be able to show the entire rampage inside that Wal-Mart, including Amanda gunning down the innocent civilian.

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