JAM PACKED FINALE on the Skylar Neese Murder Case: lesbian sex tape confirmed, Shelia’s mugshot & her prison mailing address, new pictures, interviews & more

Shelia Eddy has been transferred from juvenile detention to her final destination: State Prison


If you would like to write to Shelia Eddy, like we have done, & give her a piece of your mind, here is her mailing address as she has arrived at her final destination:

Lakin Correctional Center
Shelia Eddy #58614-1
11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287

Here you can look at Shelia’s new friends – 20 pages of them.  “People seem to think SE will have a really bad time in prison, but unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be all that bad for her.  I think she will make friends – she’s a chameleon like many other sociopaths and will make friends there.   There are other cute young females in there.  I think people like to imagine her getting her ass kicked on a daily basis but I don’t think that is how it’ll be.   I haven’t looked through all their charges yet but there are other young ones there for 1st degree murder.   Plus, she’ll be the youngest there and there will be those w/ maternal instincts taking her under their wing – for more ways that one, I am sure.” – Source. Our interview with Shelia’s family member below believes Rachel Shoaf will be ending up at the same prison!

They can star at each other all day everyday from at least in the chow hall as rumors are Rachel is headed to Lakin Correctional as well….

As we wrap up coverage of this senseless tragedy, we sought final interviews to further brighten the light we have shed on WHY Skylar was killed, since Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown & the court failed to do it despite giving sweet plea agreements to these killer’s & therefore being able to REQUIRE an allocution (Mercy clause was a Supreme Court ruling, but the agreement included no federal charges or conspiracy or kidnapping charges, & for that sweet deal, they should have required a statement). We bet Rachel Shoaf has also been instructed to remain silent & not speak before being sentenced because the State & the Court does not want the highly sensitive evidence involving a sex tape of minors to come out. We agree, it serves no purpose, but just know, Marsha Ashdown’s statements as to why they killed Skylar are just as amateurish & simplistic as the first bullshit reason Rachel Shoaf gave to authorities, “We didn’t want to be her friend anymore.” It was that unacceptable motive that infuriated NewsBall to take it upon ourselves to dig deep into this mystery for the past year now. As this case has evolved with layers upon layers of diabolical content, sources poured in to us with leads & visuals, all the while we were able to not only maintain, but strengthen our original positions.

We have an interview with Rachel Shoaf’s best friend from childhood who felt so compelled to share her thoughts that she reached out to us, & another Shelia Eddy family member speaks out on everything from getting rid of the murder weapon to the sex tape in evidence, & more. BOTH of these interviews from both camps of the killers have opposite viewpoints on who is to BLAME, & each blames the other killer. We leave it for you to decide who you believe is more of a monster or less of one. Do you find any redemption or good in either of them after hearing these perspectives & opinions from those closest to the killers? Do you humanize either Rachel Shoaf or Shelia Eddy in even the slightest after hearing these interviews?

Or does looking into the eyes of Skylar Neese, & imagining how they betrayed her, stole her life away in the most brutal & horrific way, & cause heartbreak for so many involved forever make them worthless creatures incapable of rehabilitation?


Interview with Shelia Eddy’s family member confirming the existence of a sex tape in evidence between Rachel Shoaf & Shelia Eddy that Skylar Neese filmed / photo’d, as well as puts the blame on Rachel Shoaf. (Pictures from Shelia Eddy’s “MeetMe” Dating Profile)

Part of the Interview with Rachel Shoaf’s former best friend who felt compelled to reach out to us to share her thoughts & opinions about the Rachel Shoaf she remembers, & puts the blame on Shelia Eddy.  (Pictures from Natasha Weyrich, who happens to be a lesbian & Rachel’s former best friend, & Rachel’s mother happens to have not approved of Natasha for her sexual orientation: visual aides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 for any doubters because the critics to our early claims that Shelia & Rachel were having a lesbian relationship were scoffed at)

Our year long investigation has concluded with solid certainty that Rachel Shoaf & Shelia Eddy were involved in a lesbian relationship, & Rachel Shoaf had reasons to hide that relationship. Skylar Neese had filmed / photographed them, & fear of Skylar revealing their secret put Rachel on the evil offensive to protect herself at all costs. Shelia Eddy got sucked into it, & as the scared 16 year old girl she was in the aftermath, yes was VERY evil in her tweets & comforts to the Neese family as she attempted to cover up & carry on with her deceitful lies for nearly a year after helping to kill Skylar, but that does not mean Shelia Eddy was most responsible. We conclude it was Rachel. Continuing on the offensive, Rachel Shoaf confessed in January 2013 in part from the relentless taunting from Morgantown locals while the authorities kept these killers free, but more so in a bid to land immunity, which failed once Skylar’s body was discovered across state lines, but we will see just how many years the Court will reward Rachel with for beating Shelia to the punch.

Alexis and Shelia
Alexis Eddy recently posted that she misses Shelia & wants her home now.

At the end of our very first article introducing the Skylar Neese murder to the world outside of Morgantown we brought you the uncensored raw notes that never made it into that comprehensive undertaking. Now, an entire series of articles later covering this saga, as we wrap up the coverage of this case in this finale, here is a PDF file containing some of the floods of new information we received from sources who took it upon themselves to send in their help, which never made it into our subsequent coverage.

In the end, we all waited to see what Shelia & Rachel would have to say before justice was served & a justification of the authorities decisions to endanger everyone by letting these two killers be free as birds to mingle with students at proms & citizens out & about, but instead Morgantown & all of us got shutout in those answers & we are left with what we have presented in this series. The sentences are not just, & therefore the evidence gathered by Rachel wearing a wire to set Shelia up FOR 5 MONTHS – to the dismay & horror of locals – which was supposed to validate the decision & unspoken urging to the public to look at the bigger picture, fell far short of expectations. The end result was that these 2 killers will both likely be free sooner or later, & once again it will be Rachel first to the finish line.

Subscribe to our alerts because we will not stop writing Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf until one or the other or both have written back – & that will be the epilogue you do not want to miss.

We will have Rachel Shoaf’s footage from her sentencing once that happens on February 26, 2014, & then her mugshot & prison address once she is transferred to her final destination so check this article again.

Also, if you have “The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese: The Truth Behind the Headlines”, send us the file & we will upload the book here as well.

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