Dealing with respectable media outlets such as television networks or newspapers can be a pretty cutthroat business, & while you can’t trust them to report what they imply in an interview sit down, you can usually take their word in business dealings. They gained our trust when we first sold our Holly Lahti photo to the NY Post, Fuji Television, & NBC’s TODAY Show. The terms were clearly defined up front, they each agreed to send confirmation emails with the details, & only then was our water mark removed from the image. Payments of $150 each for a “Researcher’s Fee” then followed.

Dealing with the cesspool of trashy media outlets led by TMZ & Radar Online is a whole other matter. Expect them to cut your throat & stab you in the back. We recently identified this attempt to defraud, & despite their threats to sue us behind the wrath of their affiliation to National Enquirer & their parent company American Media if we published this, we are doing so anyways. released the exclusive first picture of $380 million lottery winner Holly Lahti on Wednesday January 12, 2011, verified by this Facebook Wall Post.

The next day, at 11AM on Thursday January 13, 2011, the NY Post first asked to buy the photo, documented by this Facebook Wall Post. A few hours later, RadarOnline contacted us for the photo, & pretended to offer us credit for it while they secretly worked on their own story & delayed from tipping us off on it as outlined in this conversation. Their article coverage of the story ends up taking credit for leaking the first picture, as shown in the screen shot to the right.

We then broke the exclusive story on Holly Lahti’s new engagement to her next soon to be husband (FB Post), and RadarOnline came knocking again. Based on our first dealings with RadarOnline as opposed to reputable media outlets, we were hesitant & leery of their likely ulterior motive to STEAL our story by claiming credit for themselves again! We knew if we gave them the guys name, they could contact the Sheriff’s Office themselves & get the mugshot without our watermark! So we wrote the story without disclosing the fiancee’s name & just called him Trouble #2. Here is the conversation that ensued. Once RadarOnline realized we were on to their scam tactics of deceit, tempers flared! Just read this, it speaks for itself:

The intimidation & threat tactics to steal from us by RadarOnline!

Needless to say, without our assistance in handing up a story on a silver platter to do their work for them, RadarOnline took 4 days to come out with their “Exclusive” copycat of a story (See their Feb 3rd Exclusive Theft Here) with highly suggestive language that they obtained this & that detail to “reveal” & “discover” such a scoop for their audience! LOL! Seriously, don’t they think it’s just a little tacky to claim that every single story is an EXCLUSIVE – especially when it is most definitely, 100% a guaranteed fact to NOT BE their “Exclusive”, but rather a Exclusive!

What do you say gang? Should we sue the shit out of RadarOnline? Should they really remain a tabloid behemoth when they are nothing, but thieves?

We are not the only “little guy” whose had RadarOnline’s muscles flexed at us. Our research reveals that it seems last year, Tabloid Baby” had their story stolen by RadarOnline.  How many more are out there? This is one big bad bully that needs to be shut down, & we propose a boycott of their website. Their “exclusive” works are stolen goods from hard working smaller outlets such as!

We have a real problem with this! Of course smaller outlets then ourselves are stealing our work left & right, as this South African PowerBall website shows us:

A South African Lottery Website Stealing Our Photo by Covering Our Watermark with a Tacty Solid Label LOL, & their caption is classic – that pic is 9 years old. Ah those Nigerian scammers…

But you expect a standard of professionalism from an establishment such as RadarOnline. Guess they are too reckless to understand what they have to lose….

Putting things in perspective though makes RadarOnline look like teddy bears. Our new friends at “Tabloid Baby” wrote this great article that we will now share all of you with to close.  Talks about how “TMZ’s shaved bronzed midget frontman Harvey Levin and his ill-wishing celebrity taunt team” guessed Michael Jackson was dead & reported it to get an edge, so in effect HOPED Jackson was truly dead, & points out how CBS News reporter Dan Rather was the first to report on the death of President John F. Kennedy by choosing to report on an unconfirmed rumor from a priest, & then prayed that he was right and that JFK was dead, so he wouldn’t be fired! (Rather talks about this in his book)…

I wanted to be a lawyer, but the thought of having to start off obligated to start with defending sickos made me sick.  Or sucking up to DA’s & exchanging favors at the expense of clients. I wanted to make a name for myself by scooping some exclusive stories in this industry, but its making me sick dealing with this scum. If we lose ourselves, we lose everything. Seems most are lost because what industry isn’t so manipulated & exploited for personal or business gain these days? Even Sports…Carmelo Anthony was only just traded to the Knicks because executives planned their strategy on circumventing NBA rules that prevent traded players from being traded again for 2 months – unless you package, wheel & deal separate trades under certain specific scenarios to let you get away with it. Without re-trades with a 3rd or 4th team, this blockbuster deal doesn’t get done. Similar manipulative loophole tactics where rule bending is encouraged & exploited was used in mark to market accounting which took a legitimate concept, but by the 90’s companies were exploiting it to the max & the world of Enron, World Com, White Collar Crime & Corporate Scandals exploded across the country. None of it is any different though, from executives Kenneth Lay & Bernard Ebbers of fallen Enron & Worldcom to the executives of the Nuggets or any sports team hiding the white collar business men who make the franchise runs. They all think the same, but the pawns are fans instead of stockholders. Perception is crazy. Out of sight, out of mind.

I digress. Just so much disgust from what I see going on. For another day…

Well that concludes the full circle blog series featuring the AZ Killer, the Mega Millions lottery winner, & to the Inner Workings of RadarOnline. We’ve given you poignant glimpses into the morbid curiosity of human nature through our AZ Killer facebook page, put you in the shoes of what it feels like to win the lottery & feeling the pressure of the responsibility in granting wishes/saving lives through our Holly Lahti lottery winner facebook page, & now have showed you just what a cut throat world some media outlets make it as we have exposed RadarOnline!

Coming Next Week: A Southern California 18 year old scammed out of $26,000 winnings by & the industry “authority” that oversees them is so far doing nothing about it.

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  1. Sorry! I would be happy to join you if you are serious about litigation. I have all of the email each tabloid sent to me with the same condescending tone. You know there are thousands more! Bloomberg owns American Media Inc. That’s why these tabloid act like they are above the law. Please, do not post this portion!
    In the mean time, I’d like to help you take a chunk out of their business. I’ll send you a few examples of my work. No pressure! When you read it you will know how valueable it is.
    Lolly Mack

  2. Hi. I came across this article to see if anyone else had claimed a tabloid stole their “story” or “tip”. My experience has killed my spirit. Over the last 3 years I have solved some of the most high-profile case in the last century. These cases had offered 6 million in rewards. They kiss your ass and ask to see “proof” to validate your claims. Then, they STEAL your evidence by copyrighting it. After they “own” my evidence, they go online and delete everything pertaining to it. I’m weighing my options at the moment. I’d like to take this to civil court AND publish all emails and texts of them telling me to F*** off. By the way, RADAR ONLINE was the most recent tabloid that ripped me off. I registe

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