Google Adsense has BANNED us!!! Translation? Let the no holds barred, anything goes, begin at

It took 7 weeks for Google to decide that we were just too controversial for this website to be allowed to continue to be monetized through their Adsense program in which banners are displayed showing advertisements for their paying customers.

Yes, it was a good run. & the lost revenues will hurt things in the present & immediate future, but we see things with the glass half full, & this is a blessing in disguise.

We launched NewsBall on June 6th, 2013, & these were our numbers for our debut month:


55,000 page views in our first month wasn’t bad. Then we saw tremendous growth last month with our page views exploded by over 400%. These were our numbers for July: AdsenseJuly2013

At this rate we are going to hit a million page views per month for August, & the revenues generated from Google were going to be enough to allow us to start posting substantial rewards/researcher fees for information leading to the arrest of whoever’s story tugged at our heart strings, whether it be an unknown killer or rapist of such a tragic event, or for information exposing certain individuals of news stories such as our continual search to name & picture the 6 female jurors of the George Zimmerman trial (again, not for any kind of bounty to encourage harm, simply as our policy to bring our readers complete uncensored coverage of a news story that continues to be of great interest to millions by satisfying their curiosity of who they are & what they look like). It appears we are not offering enough to bring forward the very few family members, friends or neighbors that know they were on the jury & it appears for the time being, with this revenue option setback, we will not have the resources to offer $50,000 rewards for info leading to the captures of disgusting sick individuals that hit our radar screen.

However, now the large & ever growing traffic to NewsBall is not being monetized as the overwhelming superpower in the advertising on websites industry has axed us for our content. It’s comical really how Google’s need to protect an empire results in their political correctness – just like the mass media with their watered down generic sue happy proof news coverage – as they craft their oh so carefully worded script of nonsense to us. On July 18th they warned us, citing our content is too tragic, sensitive on one of our Trayvon Martin articles in particular, giving us 3 days to remove the offensive content OR remove their advertisement banners from that article – otherwise “ad serving will be disabled“.


OK cool, fine, whatever. So “Google does not allow the monetization of content that may be sensitive, tragic, or hurtful.” In other words, Google is saying yeah, some of our advertisers may not want their products or business displayed & associated next to some of your controversial content. Understandable. It’s their business, they make the rules, so no argument there. We removed the one advertisement banner that was displayed at the bottom of that article & considered the issue resolved. Carry on, right?

LOL, of course, NOT resolved. 2 weeks go by, we post this article about Ariel Castro’s speech & sentencing, & immediately receive this notice saying our entire website is potentially too sensitive, tragic, or hurtful, thus banning us altogether.


So apparently, their initial warning & however we responded to it meant nothing & was just going through the motions of their scripted process. “Adserving has been disabled from your website” In other words: even though we removed the banner displaying ads on the article in question, & increased our proactive scrutiny of making sure an article showing crime scene pictures were not being monetized, Google changed their minds & said no, your not doing 50,000,000 page views a month like mass media news websites are, so while we will let them monetize content that may be sensitive, tragic, or hurtful by reporting on these news events, you’re not worth our time to be able to do that too. Then there is the whole cowardly, yet logical decision on their part that they don’t want to somehow, indirectly, be seen as encouraging or enabling us to piss off & outrage people that don’t want to be exposed (as much as they may sometimes deserve to be depending on the story) & be sucked into litigation when we are sued for some frivolous BS by some sue happy, hot coffee spilling at McDonald’s, free loaders of society.

Since our Google revenue is $0 a day now, it sucks seeing this notice in our adsense account:


Like we opened with, this is a blessing in disguise. While we cannot be intimidated, nor be influenced by threats or blackmail of any kind from anyone trying to hang over our heads to use against us to make us back down from a story, there was that ONE card aggressive trolling haters of what we stand for & are about COULD USE against us if they were that hell bent on being a nuisance to us. That 1 weapon against us was by initiating a click bombing attack against Google’s ads on our website. Repeated clicks from the same IP addresses would sooner then later result in Google banning your website for “invalid click activity”. As insanely unfair as this policy of theirs is, sometimes warranted sometimes not, they shut down websites by the thousands under the “invalid click activity” policy. Google expects a website owner to control what outsiders do, which aside from a few measures such as recognizing when a click bombing is underway on your site by seeing your usual Click Through Rate jump to 50, 100, 200, 500% of the page views, you can temporarily disallow all banners from being monetized while you try & track down the IP addresses of who is viciously clicking your site. This can be a time consuming process, & Google doesn’t even provide the tools to tell you the locations of who is clicking your ads. They leave it completely up to you, & will completely ban your account if you don’t have control of your websites visitors, & once banned, you cannot open another account in your name ever again. Unreasonable, eh? That’s Google for you. So since our website does tend to draw mixed reactions & passionate anger from the non supporters, we are always subject to retaliation from those who do not agree with our policies to uncensor news & expose individuals. If it wasn’t our content that got us banned, it was a matter of time before repeated click bombardments that we eventually didn’t catch in time would get us the the most common reason for a ban: invalid click activity. See some sad & some justified stories of people who had their account banned for life because of invalid click activity. If you are starting up your beautiful one sided relationship with Google Adsense on your website or youtube channel, I suggest you read all 8 of these links so you can know how to offset the odds of getting banned by just a bit. For those that have been banned, well, find some solace in the fact that you are not alone & your whining about having your last month’s revenue from Google confiscated as a result of the ban is probably being laughed at by those who have lost a real significant chunk of money! Although it’s true, everything is relative.

  • From some regular Joe Schmoes: (1) (2) (3)
  • To an idiot having his friend click his ads over & over (4),
  • & to some big shots who were making $10,000+ a month with Google Adsense before getting banned for “posing a risk of generating invalid click activity” (5) (6) (7) (8)

& so now, with absolutely no one to answer to, no egg shells to walk on, no policies besides our own to follow, we can freely bring forth even more uncensored, unfiltered, unafraid to offend news. We will simply seek a private advertiser or two to partner with us in displaying a few ads on this website. Until then, embrace & enjoy the articles being free of ads! We will fight on, & even out of pocket if need be, will continue bringing uncensored news & primarily exposing individuals that are being protected by the mass media such as underage suspects that gave up their right to privacy.

We are still a part of the Amazon affiliate programs, which is not vulnerable to click bombings because clicks do not generate a cent, you must click AND buy for us to earn a small commission, so if you would like to help offset the cost of our lost Google revenues, next time you have things to buy on Amazon, feel free to first click on one of our Amazon banners before buying/bidding on their site. That will help towards our monthly hosting/server costs as we continue to increase security against DDoS attacks (something the hacker group known as Anonymous enjoys doing against their chosen targets) with DDoS mitigation & upgrades to minimize downtime of the servers.

We have 3 articles on the horizon that are going to set off a firestorm of controversy against us, with one of them having repercussions for the powerful families of unnamed rapists involved. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts so you can be notified when these articles are published.

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