Skylar Neese Murder – Details emerge about another suspect being investigated

Shelia Eddy
Killer Shelia Eddy (right) with older cousin Crissy Swanson, posing & posting this picture, a month before the murder of Skylar Neese

Local sources from inside Morgantown, WV have confirmed to us that authorities have been investigating multiple other suspects for months, including Shania Ammons who was previously reported in our original story. While authorities remain secretive with press conferences, their loose lips they confide in to their family members have traveled to their friends, the local barber, on down the line to us.

Let’s recap the players in this tragedy so far:


Today we learned of the newest player in this shocking tragedy, so we set out to confirm what he heard from our sources as we sit on the bottom of the totem pole. Details are emerging of her profile so lets spotlight another confirmed suspect, who happens to be another cousin of already arrested & accused killer Shelia Eddy:

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Meet Crissy Swanson, whose foul mouth disrespect for anyone & everyone that she doesn’t agree with gives Shania Ammons a run for her money when it comes to trash coming out of that pie hole of hers, & which accounts for 99% of what she says being vulgar filled tirades of hate & death threats:


You probably threw up a little, but no harm no foul right? If she wants to spew trash day & night that’s her business, eh? Tell that to Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf, whose nonstop online incrimination knew no bounds. So it’s her life – as long as she isn’t affecting others. However, SHE IS affecting others. We came across this disgusting tweet from Crissy, from December 2012:


For the twitterly challenged & impaired, I will decipher what you just read. Crissy Swanson is bragging about how she loves to drive drunk, & how she never gets caught, & if you don’t like it – well, Crissy Swanson doesn’t “give a fuck“. Shania then tweeted a reply back about the night of Skylar’s death where they were all drinking (which Shania at some point then deleted), but you do still see Crissy’s response.

Now the implications of this speaks for itself & needs no discussion about how idiotic her brazen openness to implicate herself is, but it runs in the family for the Eddy’s & their relatives. Are you ready to take a break from your repulsion to smile for a second? Sweet temporarily justice (yes a sign of things to come in this Skylar Neese murder tragedy)……

She was arrested for DUI less then 3 months after bragging about driving drunk:

Mugshot of Crissy Swanson from March 13, 2013.

ON March 13, 2013 – the day Skylar’s body was identified! Just a coincidence or was she drinking away her stress & worry that the cops were closing in?

Crissy was a large enabler of Shelia, Rachel, Shania, & Skylar’s underage drinking as they would hang out at her apartment A LOT. Here’s a few of their good times.

june172012 sheliacrissy skylarsheliacrissy bikinisamandabynes

A few weeks prior to Skylar being killed, Crissy seems on edge, unhinged & nervous about cop cars in front of her. Why? Who is every worried about cop cars IN FRONT of them? People will murder on their minds….


& what an omen! Cutting her fingers just a week before Skylar would be stabbed to death.


Finally, the night before Skylar was murdered, Shania conveniently & too obviously made sure to place her alibi online & Crissy asks when will you be back to “fuck shit up with me”. Then disturbing tweets at 1AM while Skylar was being murdered:


It is rumored belief that Crissy Swanson witnessed the murder of Skylar Neese, or used her apartment as a safe haven for the killers / her cousin Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf after they killed Skylar Neese. A few days after the murder, a subtle, but loaded tweet was sent almost as if confirming a secret pact. & then a few days later, all was back to normal with the evil gang….


Who will be the next to fall? Shania Ammons (killer’s bff), Alexis Eddy (killer’s cousin), Greg Eddy (killer’s Dad), or now the newest player to come to light – Crissy Swanson (killer’s cousin)? Stay tuned. We will break the story when it happens.

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