UPDATE: 13 Year Old Bowling Ball Killer Gets 9 year sentence, out at 23, & his sister finds & comments our article!


13 year old Killer (left) at a bowling party for Father’s Day just a week before killing (center), 5 year old victim (right)

Apparently word got around to bowling ball killer’s family that we had identified the spawn of Satan & published his name & photo. As we were approving comments to our stories, we came across this recent comment:


Naturally, we sought out an interview with her, & here are her limited responses. Obviously we wanted her to elaborate on why she doesn’t care he killed a toddler…



We can all understand who the majority of the criminals are in this country from that comment alone, now can’t we. It runs in the family. They breed criminals. According to bowling ball killer’s sister, it was the 5 year old toddler’s fault for following him. If he hadn’t followed him to play, his head would not have been bashed in with a bowling ball. Sound logic indeed.

She also said the killer agreed to the deal. He is now 14 years old & in “limbo” awaiting transfer. Out in 9 years, so watch out society for Latrell Chambers. Anger issues shouldn’t get any worse being pent up in prison for the next 9 years…..

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