UPDATE 8/9 Our article on how & why the cops showed up at our door looking for James DiMaggio

Just 3 weeks ago, Hannah Anderson answered a question by reminiscing that she misses her family getting along. Today, her mom & brother are dead, & her uncle like figure has either kidnapped her or she has run off with him.

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While the manhunt intensifies for 40 year old James DiMaggio, we decided to report on what no one in the mass media will – the other side to Hannah Anderson.

Take a good look – do you recognize him? We are offering a 10,000 reward for info leading to his capture.

No, it has nothing to do with why James DiMaggio murdered her mother & her 8 year old brother. Nor does it justify why she was kidnapped – if indeed she was. Simply put, we found evidence of her being less then this 100% loved by everyone she knew wonderful angel, but this is a good thing – for her odds of escaping increase. She wasn’t such the pure & innocent little girl the media is reporting, so we thought we would publish this to get your hopes up that she will be found alive & because it’s worth noting for no other reason then to mock the mass media’s lopsided coverage. Because we don’t just copy what the generic watered down mass media is reporting. If we don’t find an exclusive angle to pursue on a news story – we don’t cover it. Period. This isn’t a site for a spamming of news articles everyday. We publish a select few articles a week – mainly when there is an unidentified anonymous victim or suspect being protected by the mass media.

photo44 Hannah-+-DiMaggio

For the record, we want James DiMaggio brought to justice & if you know where he is hiding, then contact NewsBall for a $10,000 reward leading to his capture. He is a sick & evil MURDERER who killed a mother & her 8 year old child – possibly 16 year old Hanna Anderson as well.

This is Hannah Anderson’s phone number. It is “currently not accepting calls at this time.” If it is still on her body, or in their car, the FBI would have closed in by now.

We hope it doesn’t turn out to be that Hannah Anderson has voluntarily fled with much older Jamesamber-alert-_dimaggio_and_children DiMaggio, but there are indications that it is possible. Since we have now proven media reports regarding Hannah’s image portrayal to be false, we continue digging deeper to see if she in any way could possibly have ran away with the man who has killed her 44 year old mother Christina Anderson & her 8 year old brother Ethan Anderson in a fire.

We found Hannah’s Ask.fm page which contradicts media coverage which portrays her in nothing, but a loved by all innocent little angel. Here are some highlights from her page. We aren’t going to provide commentary on it – you can make your own opinions as to how grown up & mature, how street smart savvy, how much or little of an innocent angel she is:


Now of course none of the above has anything to do with all of us hoping she is found safely & this monstrous murderer Mr. DiMaggio is captured & given the death penalty, BUT, let’s not say she is this naive stupid little girl like the media is doing. In fact, our publication should give you more hope that she is going to be able to escape the wrath of James DiMaggio because she is one sassy, bitchy, bratty, street smart sounding 16 year old well beyond her years in the relationships & men department. So if anyone is capable of evaluating her surroundings, playing to her strengths, & planning an escape from his grasp – it’s Hannah Anderson.



I mean seriously, who doesn’t remember their first kiss? Maybe when you’re 80 you’ve forgotten, but when you’re 16 & already not able to say who your first kiss was, what does that say?


& the fact that she knows how to ‘work that pole‘ makes me believe she has that stripper defense mechanism built in -the rough & tough around the edges quality after dealing with countless men.

Again, pointing this out to give you MORE HOPE that she will be found alive, because this cute innocent little angel that the media is portraying as having no enemies & hasn’t been around the block is just making you think she doesn’t stand a chance. In reality, if Mr. DiMaggio is assaulting her, as traumatic as rape can be, raped as a virgin can unimaginably be 100x worse so at least she has one less traumatic factor to deal with as she thinks straighter & increases her odds of surviving.

Maybe you have heard how her best friend Alan MacNabb went on HLN & said that Hannah was weirded out by James DiMaggio’s affection sometimes. “She had told me that when she had gone to a dentist appointment that he had told her that she’s beautiful and pretty and he had told her that he would date her if she was his age.” He would also invite her to bring her girlfriends to his cabin in Boulevard, but  he was “really weird about guys going.”

He was very generous with her, he gave her whatever she wanted“, her friend also said.

Finally, for her 16th birthday, DiMaggio took Hannah to Hollywood, but her friend says he “was really mad that she was on Facebook so much and not talking to him. She had deleted all the pictures that she took on his phone & he was crying & yelling at her & very upset that she deleted all of them. They ended up cutting the trip short because of that.

All of that, backed by her ask.fm page as well, sounds like she knew how to get what she wanted from him & men in general, & going with the possible theory that Hannah Anderson took off with DiMaggio, wouldn’t she lie to her best friend about any feelings for DiMaggio? What 16 year old is going to say to another 16 year old anything other then yea a 40 year old is creeping me out as opposed to admitting she enjoyed the attention &/or had feelings for him? Her ask.fm page suggests she is a liar – at least her enemies accuse her of it – & if she was really creeped out by DiMaggio she could have stopped agreeing to hang out with the 40 year old. So who knows. It’s just a theory. It’s 98% likely she is kidnapped.

UPDATE: Best friend of James DiMaggio is amused at media reports sensationalizing him as a monster, & can’t believe this is true. Could our report that Hannah Anderson have ran off with him be looking more likely?

We are blaming no one, but this monster’s mid life crises for what he has done, & we are smearing dimaggiono one’s name except this family killer, but simply pointing out the facts about Hannah Anderson so that we may all have some extra hope that she will be able to escape from him at some point. The guy has snapped & become a violent murderer, but I have a lot more hope that she can escape knowing that being traumatized from losing her virginity to him (assuming she has been sexually assaulted by him) isn’t on the list of what she has to deal with right now because she was far from a virgin & she was far from naive & far from any of that innocent angel stuff the media is throwing at you. This view isn’t politically correct, but it’s the damn truth. Now let’s all hope she can use her stripper pole skills & lull him into being caught off guard so she can sit on his lap for that lap dance & then stab him to death in the back. THAT is the Hannah Anderson we see as being able to survive this – not the Hannah Anderson that is being portrayed by the media.

Isn’t it sad just 11 days after this enemy of hers posted this, she may very well be dead now?


Below are some other pictures of her, from various ages:

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funhouse-mirror hanna-and-jim

Contact NewsBall if you see this license plate. It is on a blue nissan. We are offering a $10,000 reward if you contact us with your info which leads to the capture of DiMaggio.plates-

Her Social Media Pages:

His Social Media Pages:


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DATE 8/9/2013 EXCLUSIVE: Our FAKE Facebook Page of Fugitive James DiMaggio has the cops showing up at door looking for him!

DATE 8/16/2013 16 year old kidnapped victim Hannah Anderson returns to her social media & “interviews” online just 48 hours after FBI rescue kills DiMaggio – AS WE PREDICTED!

49 Responses

  1. Did the police ever discover when her mom’s Facebook account was deleted? Tina Saincome Anderson see your pic (she responded to Hannah & Jim’s fb pic in Hollywood on June 29)…… Just seems odd her Facebook account is gone? She still has her Pinterest acct . I’m so glad Hannah is safe, he is gone justice served. It just the unanswered online opened then closed social sites that seem still disturbing to me.

  2. First let me say, I understand your point that she’s not as innocent as people first thought and you are sharing a side of her that the mainstream media isn’t..which is a real eyeopener.
    However, the constant repeating of how you aren’t trying to blame her and are just doing this JUST to get people’s hopes up that her bitchiness, brattiness & stripper defense mechanism will help her get through this easier is laughable and ridiculous. You are doing this simply to expose her as less than innocent and make her look bad. At least be honest about it. And by the way, rape is rape…saying its a relief that at least she’s not a virgin & therefore won’t be as traumatized is so untrue and uninformed. Do you know anything about rape? It’s psychological and about power. It’s not just sex.
    One last thing…commenting that teen that has joked about messing around with a stripper pole with friends would therefore have a stripper’s defense mechanism built in and therefore be better equipped to deal with her captor is almost laughable. Applying those kinds of blanket judgements is both ignorant and ridiculous.
    You could have exposed her and let her do her own talking but you took it too far with your ignorant, judgemental statements and constant angelic insistence that you were only doing this to get people’s hopes up that she would be able to get through this. You’ll get no respect as a real journalist with this type of reporting.

  3. Interesting how some people feel that her true identity is irrelevant. I’n glad she’s safe. But if she was a black girl the media would portray her negatively and throw the theories of an oversexed, lascivious teen. They wouldn’t have spared her credibility, that’s assuming they would even grant it news coverage. It’s amazing to see the double standards. Oh, and the FBI said she and kidnapper exchanged 13 phone calls the day of her kidnapping. She claims he only kidnapped her so she could get him to the river and carry his things. That doesn’t make sense, then why kill her family. Something deeper is going on and she continues to contradict FBI reports in the answers she’s providing on ask.fm or whatever it’s called.

  4. Let’s see when an older man tells a young girl that he would date her if she was his age or if he was younger he would date her really means that he wants to date her right now. The young girl will either be creeped out or will be flattered. The man will also do everything he can for her family to gain their trust while all along trying to lure the young girl in. She may feel obligated to put up with his advances to help the family.

    Everything is not easily as it seems. There were some strange things going on but it all started and ended with DiMaggio. He wanted some young teenage white cat. That is what it is all about. If she was dating other guys her age what’s it to you? Facebook and MySpace is full of teens talking and acting this way.

    This type of guy is the ultimate stalker. He gets into the family circle to get his prey.

  5. I hate to say it, but there could be something to what you said. It appears she was savvy enough to stay alive, and possibly more “experienced” than her years. The whole ordeal is still very unfortunate. Unless it comes out she was involved in some way, she has still been victimized, and will require a lot of therapy and healing. I wish the best for her! And he got what he deserved!

  6. Do you guys have the posts she made Monday evening and yesterday? I read some but then the site was taken down. Real curious about her knowing her mom and bro were tied up. And as for her getting her nails done and all. Wow. Thanks.

  7. In the name of “non-mainstream media,” and “hoping to get her back home,” you’ve done nothing more than attack the character of a teenage girl you don’t know. Genuine journalism wouldn’t include so much commentary, but would simply deliver the information from quoted exchanges. As presumably adults, I have to wonder why you republish racism (not hers; her bullies) and bullying — particularly of a sexual nature. I certainly wouldn’t repeat those attacks out loud as an adult myself — but not because of their vulgarity, but simply their attempts to destroy another young human spirit. We’ve seen too much of this and what it does to kids. Let’s not heap atop the pile.

    Additionally, being raped as a virgin isn’t “100x worse.” Rape myths like that only serve to harm rape survivors by both comparatively reducing the experience of non-virgins assaulted, and making virgin survivors feel extra loss and shame, beyond what they have already suffered. This is a judgment of the “worth” of a woman’s virginity, at the expense of survivors’ — many of whom fought for their lives, literally — minds and hearts.

    In my work with rape survivors, they describe being assaulted as closer to being brutally beaten than anything resembling having sex. Sex isn’t the act — it’s not even the crux of it; the penis is simply the weapon used with the intent to traumatize, dominate and (literally, often) physically harm (and sometimes to kill, in more than 1 out of 4 types of assailants). Please show a heightened level of respect to the women in your audience and readership by sticking to objective language and accurate, responsible reporting.

  8. Has anyone thought that maybe SHE killed her mom and brother and told DiMaggio she would run away with him if he protected her. Old guys are very vulnerable and easy to sway with a young girl using sex to get her way. He is not here to say…. There is just something about this whole ordeal that stinks….

  9. This was our attitude, her sense of humor, have some respect. Sure she was no angel but she did not ask to be kidnapped.

    1. The reward specifically stated that we needed to receive the tip. The horseback rider never contacted us. We are not going to trust what the mainstream media says.

      1. Your reward never mentioned that the tip had to come into you. Your offer if a reward was nothing but a sham.

        1. Rules are rules. What is a sham reward is the city of Los Angeles offering $1,000,000 for the arrest & conviction of Christopher Dorner. The city never paid it.

          If someone does not know of NewsBall yet, & do not submit their tip through us, then we are not going to reward that person. That’s the whole point. Soon enough, the very feature you mock will be a household name & we will have the contributions of thousands.

  10. So when will you be giving the $10,000 reward to the 4 horseback riders? I would like to read about this and see pictures if you handing them the reward.

    1. They did not send their tip in to us. That was the terms. The reward specifically stated that we needed to receive the tip. The horseback rider never contacted us. We are not going to trust what the mainstream media says.

  11. Wow! I had a teenage daughter (in twenties now), and I can tell you a lot of that stuff is just talk! Do you remember being in high school? Who knows how savvy or smart she is. You have someone (anon) pissed off because she dates black guys. She is just jabbing back. Regardless of any of that, it does not cast any light on what may or may not have happened. Would only be natural if she enjoyed the attention, but was creeped out at the same time. At the time of this writing, DiMaggio is now dead. I can only say he deserved it!

  12. Thank God she has been rescued, as of this afternoon (August 10, ’13).
    Ignore what this website says, she’s a 16 year old girl. I have a 16 year old daughter who pretends all kinds of stuff. They are a little wacky but don’t deserve abduction.

  13. WOW. Who are you? How disgusting of you to do a post on this girl trying to suggest she was not a good person? Fuck you. It’s obvious she was being bullied online and had every right to respond the way she did. You seeing it differently shows that you are just as much of a bully as those kids who wrote that crap to her. SHAME ON YOU.

  14. You guys are sick. All we want is Hannah to come home. Never in any way shape or form was she serious. That was her sense of humor. If your not helping the situation, dont post this bullshit.

  15. Like you, I considered at first that she might have left with him voluntarily and maybe evven put him up to kill her family. I dumped that idea after reading more about him. He has no money, he’s unattractive, and he’s old. She likes black guys, suave guys. He’s some pathetic middle-aged dork who weaseled into her life by being friends with her parents and doing them favors.

    The whole “he was such a nice guy” thing is a red herring. The guys who do this usually are passed-over losers who get angry about what they think of as their “nice guy” nature doesn’t land them hot young babes, then they lash out. It’s natural that men and older women wouldn’t see the gross side of him, because his sexuality wasn’t focused on them. To them. he was a nice, quiet little eunuch.

    I wouldn’t read too much into anything she posted on those social media sites. Teenagers talk a lot of smack and are often big posers. With the internet, no one has to really be experienced anymore in order to know how to sound like it. And one anonymous troll on her page doesn’t count for much.

    1. Because in American history, no girl has ever persuaded a nerd/loser to do things for them, such as murder. Right?

    2. I agree completely.

      Anyone who takes what she said on the internet to be the basis for any sort of survival instinct or window into her sexuality or real life behavior are placing too much weight on those comments. People pretend and are often the biggest posers when making comments like that, especially under an anonymous hood, so why acknowledge it when it means nothing?

      This girl was highly likely really really scared. I mean, her mom and brother were killed by this guy! This girl’s character online has no weight in such a situation. Life & Death versus Fun, Safe, & Exciting are completely different.

      She was being a typical teenager doing online stuff. The end.

  16. I love this new site!! Fair and Balanced News! … this does put a different spin on the girl’s character, which also puts a different spin on the story. She may have run off with the guy! I’m keeping her in my prayers and hope (as the article suggests) that she’s not naive and can escape her tormentor!!

    1. They said they have found the car and they have been reportedly seen hiking in Idaho.. I hope she is able to get away from him safely. At least she has been spotted alive and in good condition. Hopefully the police will be able to track and capture him soon,

      1. Well, her own answers, comments and pictures say a lot about her. This girl is no sweet 16, in fact she hasn’t been sweet anything for a long time.

      1. I’m tired of people acting like she’s the spokesperson for teenagers today. I’m 17 years old and I have NEVER posted so much utter BS online, and I know very very few people who have. People assume that teenagers today are all hopelessly promiscuous and immature, when most of us aren’t. Sure, there’s more of this behavior than in 1955, but not nearly as much as people assume. I hope she’s ok as a fellow human being, but please stop acting like this behavior is simply typical of all teenagers today. It’s degrading. Thanks.

        1. Refreshing comment from a 17-year old, thank you for posting. Regardless of the outcome, the fact that so many people think her bahaviour is typical and acceptable for a teenager is endemic of a bigger problem in our society. A person’s character is everything, and her’s is one that I would consider not very virtuous. People need to stop accepting ‘gangsta’ behaviour as normal for today’s teens.

  17. Maybe that’s why he made sure to say he liked her in front of.so many of her friends and she made sure they saw her act creeped out. Could have been a setup. Hope not though. Hope she’s safe

  18. He said on Facebook that they were dating but she saying she misses her family his Facebook name is James DiMaggio he really needs to be locked up!!!!!!!!

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