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What crime/injustice needs to be exposed due to cover up, silenced or unreported..

Any tips/leads you send in WILL always remain anonymous if you request it.

Text / call (858) 333 - 8888

We prefer you text..We won't answer the call unless it is scheduled ahead of time - so leave a message if you don't want to text what you have to say. We filter out a lot of calls that we won't waste our time on - such as angry parents threatening lawsuits & death over their exposed child, or just hating trolls being trolls.

Snail Mail NewsBall Inc. 1133 Camelback St. #12376 Newport Beach, CA 92658

It may be our next investigation & featured article. Depending on the layers involved, & the sources that come forward after that initial posting, perhaps an entire series like in the Skylar Neese murder story. The rest was history with Dateline NBC, The Dr Phil Show, Inside Edition, Radar Online, & Examiner all contacting us for exposing the killers & serving the story up on a silver platter for mass media to take over a year later. Here are a few of the requests in Queue. If you know any information on any of these cold cases or cover ups, send us the info so that the spark may ignite the flames & get the ball rolling on shedding the light on one of them.