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Cole Bartiromo President Trump

Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump, I hope you don’t leave the White House. Don’t let the mail-in ballot Biden scam take over. Everyone knows you were the only one with real turnout. 74 million voted for you because you created energy, passion & compelled them to use their time, effort & energy to go vote in person. That’s turnout & a quality

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Cole Bartiromo’s quest for a pardon from President Trump

Dear President Trump, I present to you video messages from some of your friends/favorite supporters – wishing you Merry Christmas, saying you were scammed, & asking you for a favor – to pardon me – Cole Bartiromo – Pardon Case #P293193. The Filed Pardon Petition (CLICK HERE) My letter to President Trump (CLICK HERE) I bring to you these videos

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Cole Bartiromo, maga hat, trump supporter, files petition for pardon

Cole Bartiromo files pardon petition with President Trump

President Trump, here is my filed pardon petition. For the merits of it, please pardon me. Reward me for the scar on my face for my loyal support. Help grow NewsBall so I can spread your message further. I know you like a good rivalry, so granting me a pardon will help my life trajectory put me on Newsmax to

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