THE GIRLS of the 146 page manifesto written by Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger – Blonde he bathed with, the blonde bully, & listening to his sister have sex

We now know that Elliot Rodger sent his manifesto to many people - from news outlets to friends toLichin-Rodger-Elliot-Rodger-mother parents & his therapists just hours before embarking on his mission to kill as many blondes as possible. Turns out that he would fail miserably in that, because after stabbing his 3 Asian roommates to death in his apartment, he was then denied access to a sorority where there would presumably be the stereotypical blonde that came to represent the article-2638474-1E2EE62D00000578-730_634x447epitome of all he hated in his warped mind. He ended up gunning down another male & 2 females - who by all of his whiny despairs of wanting a beautiful blonde woman - none of whom fit the bill for what he promised to do.

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Son Michael Sheer, responsible for quadruple slaying of family in safest city in US – Mission Viejo, CA – as it’s rocked with first murder since 2005 in murder suicide

[caption id="attachment_3918" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Michael Mike Sheer son killed family bodybuilding Quadruple triple slaying murder suicide Mission Viejo CA suburban safest city Mark Sheer Lydia Sheer family 4 One of four bodies removed from a home in Mission Viejo, CA on 5/27/2014 - the first murder since early in 2005![/caption]

21 YEAR OLD SON MICHAEL SHEER KILLS FAMILY - PARENTS & SISTER - BEFORE KILLING HIMSELF IN SUBURBAN ORANGE COUNTY MURDER.Amy Sheer Michael Sheer son killed family suicide murder Mark Sheer Lydia Sheer Mission Viejo suburban orange county family perfect

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1 hour Manifesto Video Compilation + 146 page book + postings from bodybuilding & hate websites from The Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger

In this article:

[caption id="attachment_3802" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Elliot Rodgers The Hunger Games Assistant Director Son 22 shooting rampage killed 7 This is Elliot Rodger's, the son of Peter Rodgers who is the Assistant Director for The Hunger Games trilogy. Elliot Rodgers killed 7 people last night before killing himself[/caption][caption id="attachment_3852" align="aligncenter" width="262"]My Twisted Life by Elliot Rodger - Complete 140 141 146 page Manifesto from Hunger Games Killer Santa Barbara Complete 146 page manifesto of Elliot Rodger. Print it out, snuggle into bed, & shake your head at the insanity of one of Hollywood's former spoiled rich brats.[/caption]

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HORRIFYING TEXTS From Trapped Teens on South Korean Sunken Ship: “I think we are all going to die” + More Titanic parallels as Survivors Commit Suicide

"WE ARE NOT DEAD YET" - trapped teens texting their loved ones from inside a now underwater ship (read updates of this at bottom)

A NEWSBALL EXCLUSIVE TIDBIT: Captain seen fanning out his money to dry it in the hospital says our local dry cleaners who translated a Korean newspaper for us!

article-2605734-1D2319E000000578-523_964x642 rescueeffortssouthkoreaship3 rescueeffortssouthkoreaship2 rescueeffortssouthkoreaship

rescueeffortssouthkoreaship5anguish for south korean families

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Need your help in exposing 2 new stories protecting bad people & 3 Clips: “Ukraine is game to you!?” + Game Show Contestant with Craziest RIGHT Guess Ever + Transgender reporter on CNBC?

  • Ukraine Is Game To You!?
  • Transgender Reporter on CNBC quietly makes milestone moment?
  • Game Show Contestant with Craziest Right Guess Ever
  • Need your help in exposing bad people from 2 recent stories
We are dropping another exclusive story in the coming days on a story not 1 news outlet even knows about, where our sources gained access to a Kansas City high school with High School Hallway video footage of a teen punk women abuser in the making proving he's no "victim", but before we publish that explosion, here's 3 lighthearted topics & observations from the past chunk of days making news. We need your help at the bottom of this article to expose the villains of 2 other stories that we are trying to get a grasp on: The 16 year old autistic boy forced to perform sex acts with a dog; & the 19 year old who was handcuffed to a bed, shot up with heroin, & pictures taken of his lifeless body & posted on facebook. Scroll to the bottom to sample what may be coming to NewsBall soon, & to help if you can!

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