The NEWSBALL Crusade


coming october 2020

Right now you are seeing NewsBall 1.0 – a place to come for uncensored news. That means we do what is perceived as the dirty work by most of society. We will give the names & pictures of those that remain protected by the mass media outlets. So whatever safe news website or TV channel you get your news fix from for their watered down, generic, politically correct, sue-happy proof news articles or tv coverage – remember NewsBall the next time a name is being withheld!

Our motto is ANYONE affecting ANYONE else is subject to public scrutiny. No one is exempt. So anyone affecting anyone else’s life (usually negatively) is fair game to be “exposed” to face the music by being made public – whether or not harm was done to them first. This will include:

We will publish their identities & show their pictures along with our unique content style & opinion of things in the name of free speech, uncensored news, & to provide the complete picture of a story. No ill will or malicious intent is meant, but we are invoking our first amendments right in bringing uncensored news so transparency reigns supreme in the name of oversight & justice. Our policy is a must whether that revealed individual happens to be a rape victim, underage suspect, or a member of a jury. Like a jury that cringes at having to see crime scene photos, but forced to look, sometimes we cringe at the thought of who or what we have to reveal or expose, but there will be no exceptions except a source will remain anonymous. Without sources, there is no scoop feed. The owner & head writer of NB is an avid news fan & for years was always frustrated with the amount of unidentified people in the stories he read & watched. We know that news followers, like drivers with morbid curiosities to slow down at an accident to see something bad, want to satisfy their curiosity too. They get tired of reading about Kobe Bryant’s unidentified rape victim over & over & over. Of course they want to put a name & picture to the story they have invested more & more of their time & attached to. (Who by the way, is Katelynn Faber, who can be seen freestyle rapping about her “rape” here. What a victim, right!?

NewsBall 1.0 is also a rallying grounds for people to come to submit tips related to the above information that we call on our readers to provide sometime – especially jurors. Snap a pic of the jury & sneak it out of the courtroom for a reward from us, or you may be a friend/neighbor of a juror. Our goal is to make NewsBall enough of a household name that the public has NewsBall on their mind whenever a name is being withheld in the news – they know to come to NewsBall for the info. Whenever they come across info about a juror in a high profile case or find themselves sitting in the courtroom as an audience member – you think of how NewsBall would love this info & will publish it – & act accordingly.

Finally, NewsBall 1.0 allows readers to request exposure of a news story maybe from their hometown that is not getting media coverage. By alerting NewsBall of a story we should investigate & write about, we will do what the mass media will not – especially if it involves people or subjects that the mainstream media just will not touch because they are cowards & afraid of repercussions from those that want to silence free speech & the right to free uncensored press – including the suspects & accusers themselves. IS quickly growing & establishing itself as THE place to come to when you want uncensored news. If you read or watch a news story that will not name a killer because they are a minor, or an individual that is accusing someone of rape – then come to & see their name & pictures. If we aren’t yet covering the story, then just message us about it & we will dig it up & broadcast it live on the front page for the world to see. There will be no censored news here. How the big boys think news fans are going to continue to sit back & watch the censorship of a free press society is just plain ignorant & naive on their part. Who wants to follow an unfolding news story for weeks or months & continually be told “accuser who is not being named due to…..” or “suspected of first degree murder, but because she sits in juvenile hall & not yet charged as an adult, will remain unidentified….”? NOT ME! & unless your a mindless conformist sheep of society that wants to sit back & allow the mainstream news to feed you their watered down generic censored propaganda, then remember NewsBall Inc & come back whenever your frustrated about not knowing a name or seeing the pictures of an individual in a news story you have been following.