The scary transformation, & impending fall, of Tiktok influencer Jimena Jimenez, who has ties to Anthony Michael Barajas

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This is hardly an article – more of a supplement to The Purge shooting – Destroying the fake portrayal of Tiktok influencer Anthony Barajas aka itsanthonymichael (

The shooter that took the lives of Rylee Goodrich & tiktok influencer Anthony Michael Barajas is 20 year old Joseph Barajas. 

The secondary villain of that article is 20 year old Jimena Jimenez for likely only unrelated reasons, but you never know, bombshells can drop, especially with a story as strange as this.

With the cops trying to find a motive, our article has turned into a lead for them, so Jimena Jimenez is a person of interest.

She met Anthony 2 months prior solely to take his followers. 

Now Anthony has been shot dead along with his date in a brazen attack at a movie theater – the kind of shit cartels do to make a statement.

She is undoubtedly being looked at now, & more than ever thanks to her drastic lockdown transformation. She has been binging on hundreds of guys in Mexico & being sent to LA for collabs (or otherwise). Something or someone(s) has taken a toll on her look, her attitude, her vibe, her everything. 2020 was her peak, & its as if its been 5 or 10 years since, with how drastic a descent we are witnessing.

This isn’t a multi-year strategic 180 degrees change from a tween character Hannah Montana to real life Miley Cyrus unleashed. Nah, this is a normal looking 19 year old girl changing from an innocent-looking, respectable latina to within a few months going full-blown fake, fake fake covered in tats, covered in makeup, getting big, trashy & chunti. She had a trustworthy look & now has a scandalous backstabbing betrayal look. Watch:

What is your theory? 

Why did Joseph Jimenez do it? 

Comment at the IG post we made for Jimena Jimenez.

We hope the following becomes reality:

Joseph Jimenez and Jimena Jimenez arrested for murder of Anthony Michael Barajas