The Purge shooting – Destroying the fake portrayal of Tiktok influencer Anthony Barajas

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First of all, the 20-year-old killer Joseph Jimenez needs to be tortured for a long time until he suffers a slow death. While the theme of this article is to call out the mass media’s generic sugar coating & excessive praising of the life of Tiktoker Anthony Barajas through the use of exaggerating quotes from biased & fellow fake influencers, IN NO WAY are we condoning this senseless act of violence. 

For those of you who don’t know… 18 year old Rylee Goodwich, was a normal girl with a normal social media following (only 3,000 on Instagram & 6,000 on TikTok before her death), & starting college at Grand Canyon University in the STEM program. She was going on a first date with attention whore 1MIL follower TikTok “influencer” Anthony Michael Barajas at a movie theater in Corona, California. The irony? They went to see the latest, overplayed PURGE movie at 930PM. It’s about people being allowed to kill anyone for a day. Mysteriously, a cholo scumbagjose jimenez purge shooter arrested did exactly that, & shot them both in the head during the movie. It probably was at least in the middle of the movie because Rylee texted her mom during the movie saying how boring & stupid it was. Nobody else seemed to be in there even though 6 tickets were sold to that showing – gunshots were not heard by anyone, & it was only until the employees were cleaning the theater that the teens were found in their seats – bleeding. Rylee dead, & Anthony dying. Police were contacted, a manhunt ensued, & by the following evening, police had raided a home just 2 miles away. They found Rylee’s wallet, a gun matching the caliber bullets in the theater, & more undisclosed evidence. The 20 year old small-minded evil scumbag was arrested. Perhaps he thought killing people was worth the empty wallet theft, or maybe he scored their iphones as well so that made it extra worth it to this sorry excuse for a human, but certainly have to wonder if he regrets the robbery now as he sits in a cell? Did tiktoker Anthony Barajas have on a flashy expensive watch that triggered a robbery? Was there a confrontation over something that made the gangster snap, & robbery was just an afterthought motive? Or was scumbag Jimenez on drugs & inspired by the Purge? Maybe the teens threw some popcorn into the darkness & it hit that scumbags big head & he got mad? But nah, Rylee’s father was told she was shot from behind the head, & never had a chance to survive, so it feels like it was an Abraham Lincoln, targeted execution hit job.  Time will tell as the wheels of justice reveals the details…

What we do know is, like the overplayed Purge movies (Fast & Furious too), these 2 have Go Fund Me’s as well! Both of theirs are over $50,000 now, & the motives at this point are questionable. A funeral costs $10,000. Word is the cousin of Rylee is still pushing her Go Fund Me, but hey, if people think their $20 is best spent on a dead girl that already has had $58,000+ donated instead of a homeless person or whatever, because her parent(s) needs more money as some sort of consolation to her death, give them your $20. As for his Go Fund Me, it’s complicated as to what is appropriate vs greed, because life support is expensive, but you have to think his parents have health insurance on their son whom they sent to Mater Dei private school, & Anthony’s flexing/bragging of his fancy living situation just makes a Go Fund Me for him seem a money grab more than necessary. It’s also very contradicting because it both says they “lost” him & speaks about him with “was”, but then also says he is on life support. Update: after 3 days on life support, Anthony Barajas has died.


Jimena Jimenez, tiktok influencer mexico suspicion of accessory to murder anthony barajas

As the video below also reveals, he had a group of seemingly rich & powerful friends, so are they donating? Or nah, leave it to the 14 year old girls to donate? Yep, fake friends in Mexico like Maria Paulina (TikTok) (IG) & trashy-looking chunti covered in tats, Jimena Jimenez. (TikTok) (IG) About to digress & go down a rabit hole, as I’m not done shaming the fake friends, but a journalist looks for motives & forms theories, so a wild one worth entertaining is – that last name isn’t lost on anyone, right? Is it possible this chunti piece of trash in Mexico, that only met Anthony Barajas because their management teams told them to give each other followers, somehow tipped off Joseph Jimenez to go to the theater to rob Anthony Barajas? Maybe Anthony & Jimena randomly sent snapchats, & that day mentioned he was going on a date to see the Purge, & she set him up? JJ1 took every follow she could from him, JJ2 did the shooting. & they are both 20. & look like brother & sister cholo & chunti. Weird as fuck, but I mean, she has 20MIL followers so you’d think she wouldn’t risk her freedom, & must be making good money, but mexican girls seem to end up with really trashy gross old guys so maybe she’s not good at critical thinking & common sense, as the story of Ingrid Escamilla is all too common in Mexico (click here for the graphic pic of her fate). Nah, but here’s to wishful thinking that Jimena Jimenez, could be a person of interest in helping orchestrate the purge shooting. Stranger things have happened. The facts of this story already has max irony that anymore strangeness should be expected & more plot twists to unfold. NewsBall has pulled one in a million hail mary exclusives worthy of Dateline NBC before so it wouldn’t surprise. What a great ending it would all be to this bullshit story. Solving a mystery & brings down Jimena Jimenez! She needs to be knocked off her fake illusion of success from the tiktok drug she’s on. Maybe grown-ass mexican dudes are into gutter trash like that though? She doesn’t look trustworthy at all. She looks absolutely ghetto & scandalous & the more you watch these, the more convincing it is that she’s a treacherous, back-stabbing bitch in Mexico with ties to cartels.  And another. Seriously, right?  & Anthony Barajas wanted to tell the world this sketchy, trashy girl in Mexico is his friend? (It’s in the main video below) Fake as fuck. & now he’s shot up by another Jimenez that looks like her brother, straight out of a Mexican cartel. Signs point to her being a rough, 100-man pimped out scandalous chunti, being able to interact with anyone & everyone, so desensitized from being passed around by her Mexico surroundings, makes no difference who hits her up, she’s dead inside. Anyways, back to reality, even though the main video below highlights her involvement with Anthony Barajas just 2 months ago as an example of their fake worlds & fake friendships for a strategic follower ploy, you can also see the clips specifically here, here & here. “My friend JJ” has he told us all, turned into his shooter JJ. There is something so off about this mexican hoodrat in Mexico, that a supplemental article & video has been published (click here), showing the scary transformation of Jimena Jimenez since Novemeber 2020, when she went from zero tattoos, & a wholesome, respectable & trustworthy vibe to now being a decked out in trashy tats, caked in makeup, & flipping off the camera a lot, scandalous & treacherous vibe. Did 7 months into the lockdown make her snap, did a Miley Cyrus innocent to out of control ON SUPER SPEED, or did the many shady people that surrounds her in Mexico & the fake influencer world turn her out & put her a step closer to being a hooker in a Tijuana motel? 

Back to shaming the rest of the fake friends, there is the BTS Kpop creeper Brandon Koehl (TikTok) (IG), look-alike to the victim of our story Tyler Van Beveren (TikTok) (IG), Cole Gonzalez (TikTok) (IG), Bilal Ahmed (TikTok) (IG), & Noah Danenhower (TikTok) (IG). Isn’t it cute how almost all of their IG bio’s need to mention how big their TikTok following of tweens is? The tweens didn’t wanna follow them to IG though! 

By now you may have gotten your healthy dose of the generic media’s portrayal of the so-called influencer & you may think what a great guy, so what an even greater loss than usual! The media reports say he was a great person, by some quotes THE GREATEST! He was a role model & inspirational, & positively impacting many lives. This in addition to being a soccer player & she had a great heart & helped others. Blah blah, overplayed saint-like characterizations of everyone who dies no matter what. Aren’t you so tired of so many overplayed things in news stories, from go fund me’s to every victim becomes holy? So, because there is ample content to look at from Anthony Barajas as the influencer he presented to the world, we took a deep dive into what he was really about. While he obviously didn’t deserve this tragedy, there are reasonable criticisms of how fake he actually is, & how he is negatively impacting young impressionable people specifically. I mean, in general, influencers present a fake world, of always being happy & everything is as it seems. The glaring omissions from the media to only paint tiktoker itsanthonymichael in a flawless light, while ignoring the negatives, must be called out. Or maybe they just didn’t spend some hours going through his content & of his “friends” & connecting the dots, but we have, & here is a video showing numerous example of his TikTok videos & related findings, & reactions of them. Then again, surely the media did spend some time looking, because they have a description of what you are about to see, & their description is “Barajas’ content includes everything from clips documenting family vacations and comedy skits to reflections on past relationships and videos of him hanging out with friends. Hmmmm, that’s a PG way to sum it up! Sure, if you gloss over the cringy, gross, disturbing, inappropriate, irresponsible (for a supposed inspirational leader), intentional manufactured messaging & depictions going on……..

You probably aren’t going to watch the whole 45 minutes. So here is a summary:

  1. His entire million followers are young, impressionable girls. Perhaps up to 5% gay boys.
  2. He tells them in a video to take off the condom & fuck a hoe. Good message. Encouraging disease, teen pregnancy, & degrading self-worth.
  3. He is in another video with his bro club disrespecting some blond girls who are star-struck & were invited to their bro pad – that their names don’t matter. The girls try to laugh it off, but they are embarrassed.
  4. He lies to his followers to trick them into following those he collabs with by calling them friends – even when they don’t speak English so its just obvious & ridiculous – & tags them, & not surprisingly, when you click to their profile, they never have less than millions of followers. Those with less followers are never called his friend or tagged.
  5. The fact he formed a bro code boys club & flaunts it with no shame like he’s proud of the cringy shit says it all. Bros are as obnoxious & as little redeeming value as gym meatheads all roided-out are. Bros are responsible for the frat houses that get shut down because of hazing deaths & drunken rapes. Anthony Barajas embraced & immersed himself in the bro life.
  6. His friends are fake. None of them went dark the day after the shooting. As it was breaking news of him on life support, with them all acknowledging their prayers for him, they proceeded to put out their mindless lip-syncing songs & nonsensical large text on the screen videos (the way Anthony previously had done here & here with videos that make no sense with the captions, but any excuse to flex his own things, right? Like WTF does it have to do with those captions about a girl? That’s stupid ass mindless Tiktok for ya). On a related point, showing off his fancy place, handed to him because of his pretty boy face contrasted with his  family now loading up on a Go Fund Me for him. In the very least can you say FAKENESS EXPOSED? & last about the fakeness, the best example of a so-called friend that he wanted everyone to believe, is Jimena Jimenez. LOOK AT THIS SCANDALOUS LOOKING TRASHY CHUNTI. How absurdly random that he teams up with someone like that. You think it’s because they have shit in common? Or he liked her? Nah, people pulling the strings. Good for business. Jimena Jimenez is as much his friend as Joseph Jimenez the shooter is his friend. & like his sentencing where he will fake apologize to the victims families, Jimena Jimenez posted this insincere comment within 12 hours of the attack, while then proceeding to upload 3 mindless new TikToks (in the main video above) right after the comment & then twice more hours later. Again the creepy elephant in the room is that a Mexican gangster-looking cholo named Joseph Jimenez did the shooting, while this scandalous-looking chunti named Jimena Jimenez comes out of Mexico 2 months ago into Anthony’s tiktok videos – & then away she goes again. 20 year old JJ did the shooting, & 20 year old JJ used Anthony for every follow she can get because she’s the biggest attention whore out of the entire group of characters. She wins the award for most mindless TikToks posted the entire first 48 hours when they all knew their “friend” Anthony Barajas was attacked & put on life support. Expect more plot twists. The next press conference from Corona Police can’t come soon enough.
  7. A cringe-worthy amount of gay-baiting, homosexual pranks, unrealistic touching that friends don’t do. Especially not straight friends. Obviously some manufactured subliminal messaging by management for unknown motives. Like he is just a groomed puppet like K-Pop bands are, & being used to be inauthentic & spewing out whatever agenda some social or lobby group is paying them to brainwash their followers into embracing. It’s truly cringe-worthy once the video gets to his “friend” Brandon Koehl’s examples. 
  8. Did not show this produced promotion in the video, but it shows how manufactured & fake their world is. So anything other than happy times & perfect memories being said about Anthony Barajas from those in the fake world with him, would be shocking.
  9. Can any Mater Dei High School classmates of his confirm that he went by Anthony Michael in classrooms? Written on assignments? Or did he just try to be as white as possible with his pretty boy online persona & disown his “Barajas” name? Fake, inauthentic to the max.


Hard to believe? Watch the video. It’s all shown.

Think I’m being too harsh? Want to dismiss the lip-syncing of “fuck a hoe” to his impressionable followers as just a tiktok trend & dime a dozen rap song? Yeah, Cardi B does it too with Wet Ass Pussy, & she’s absolute stripper trash. Nobody can argue that, & nobody is saying she’s good for teens to look up to except the extreme feminists. Want to dismiss everything as just lighten up, he’s being 19, etc etc? Well, when life hands you an ironic tragic ending beyond belief like this, it gives merit to these negatives even more & makes you wonder if they didn’t in fact add up to some kind of negative karma. Anyone who meets such an insane fate should be put under a cloud of suspicion, wondering if he had any skeletons in his closet that remain a secret. Maybe overthinking, but bottom line, if you identify yourself as a bro & put yourself in a “bro club” frat house & spew out manufactured fake content calling everyone your friend just to fool your million followers to follow your new “friend” that is really there because your managers told you to collab, & on & on, in the very least you are fake, you are inauthentic, you are insincere & a brain-dead pretty boy that is part of the problem & disease known as influencers & the negative effect they have on those thinking its possible to have a perfect life like them.

Trying to get photos & the story on the killer’s past, so will update this article with new paragraphs below if more exclusive content presents itself. 

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