Current Reward:

$300 for the identity/info/pictures on the gender reveal couple that started the El Dorado fire & killed a firefighter! 

NB wants to make them known to the public!

The mass media protecting their identity is outrageous!

Why should you donate to NewsBall?

Sometimes there are news stories that needs the public’s help in getting justice, such as a kidnapped person or capturing a killer on the loose, & NEWSBALL wants to build power & influence by having a large reward fund ready! When a story compels us to act, we will announce to the public that NEWSBALL is offering $300 – $100,000 to find someone safely, to capture an evil person, or less important public matters such as giving scarlet letters & exposing those who are part of public news stories & who have remained anonymous by the mass media!

What inspired us to have this, was back in 2008, before NEWSBALL even existed, Brianna Denison was a college student who was abducted from her friends house as she slept on the couch in January. The media coverage was extensive, but the NB owner was shocked that all that attention, & even by April, there was only a $2,500 reward for information for her safety or bringing the evil person to justice! NB owner Cole Bartiromo envisioned a news website that could exert the power of announcing a $25,000 or $100,000 reward to make things happen! 

So, the NB Reward Fund is here, & if you donate to it, the next story that involves a missing person & little or no reward from any agency, will result in NEWSBALL stepping in & announcing a large reward for the capture of the evil person, &/or the safe return of the missing person. You will be contributing to the news, helping society, & enforcing justice. NEWSBALL dreams of having $25,000 to $100,000 rewards live on it’s site at any given time to exert it’s influence & make people talk. 

Similarly to how NEWSBALL is AD-FREE, it also has funded thousands of dollars in small rewards itself, such as $300 currently for the identity/exposure of the gender reveal couple in Yucaipa, California that is responsible for setting the fire that killed millions of animals & acres & killed a fire fighter. The mass media continues to keep this couple anonymous. 

So please consider donating to the Live Reward Fund!