RAW VIDEO + pics of muslim terrorist that beheaded Paris teacher Samuel Paty

18 year old terrorist Abdulak Anzorov beheaded Samuel Paty paris teacher


Abdullah Anzorov, muslim terrorist that killed Samuel Paty a school teacher in paris france
Abdullah Anzorov, the muslim terrorist that killed the Paris school teacher Samuel Paty

The identity of the muslim terrorist that beheaded the Paris teacher Samuel Paty has been revealed, as well as footage from a backyard that records the audio of the cops gunshots that killed the terrorist, 18 year old Abdullah Anzorov, a Chechen refugee who came to France as a 12 year old & who has family in ISIS. 6 years later, radicalized enough, he inflicted his extremism upon the citizens of Paris. It has come to light that Anzorov was recently motivated by multiple influences to act.  

Brahim Chnina lead person inciting the beheading of Samuel Paty
Brahim Chnina, the lead radical muslim inciting the beheading of Samuel Paty over “blasphemy” against Mohammed

Brahim Chnina, the father of a 13 year old girl who he said stayed in the class to watch Samuel Paty’s lesson on free speech which involved a caricature of the child-molesting “prophet” Mohammed (LIE, she was too young to be his student), all but called for the teacher’s head, going to the Mosque & fueling vigilante justice, & for a week on facebook, with some comments saying what he is doing will get him in trouble. Here is his Facebook if it disapears, download the PDF version

That, combined with an ISIS call to punish blasphemers,  was the fuel a radicalized muslim refugee needed to commit terror. The ISIS magazine “Voice of Hind” most recently in August urging  followers to “race” to emulate the Charlie Hebdo attack, arguing that governments aren’t doing enough to punish those viewed by the terror group as blasphemers. 

Less than 2 months later, Samuel Paty would use the Charlie Hebdo example in his lesson about free speech. It was the 2nd year of using the example. The terrorist Anzorov, who had no connection to any of the teachers students or Brahim Chnina, got wind of this years “blasphemy” from the talk of the town in the muslim circle, & carried out the beheading. He loitered around the school, asking students where Samuel Paty was. Once the teacher started walking home, the terrorist stalked from behind & struck.

Those arrested include Brahim Chnina, the preacher at the mosque, Anzorov’s 17 year old brother, grandpa, & other family members. The whereabouts is unknown of his half-sister who is in ISIS. A new October 19, 2020 issue of the ISIS magazine contains a full-page graphic urging more attacks against blasphemy and showed the severed head of the French teacher killed a week ago.

If your freedom of expression doesn’t stop you from criticizing prophet Muhammad PBUH then our swords will not stop defending the honour of prophet Muhammad PBUH,” the image said, with a cutout photo of Paty’s head below a graphic of a sword.

It was reported that before police stopped the terrorist that beheaded Samuel Paty, Anzorov uploaded video and photos of the attack to other ISIS supporters. It is unclear if ISIS will use the video footage in a future propaganda ad to recruit or to mock. NewsBall cannot locate actual images of the magazine, or the video that the terrorist supposedly filmed of the killing. If it surfaces, it will be added to this article. 

Unrelated, but extremely hilarious in it’s absurdity, early in the pandemic the ISIS magazine also encouraged it’s followers to use kids to spread COVID-19, which they claim is the disease brought about by Allah’s rage against non-believers & no disease can harm even a hair of a believer , & to use scissors to attack. ISIS must be a fan of this scene from JOKER.

Thousands gather to mourn the slain school teacher & show solidarity for free speech & against islamic extremism.


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