Purge movie shooter update: Joseph Jimenez “I wish I didn’t do it” + media protecting 3 accomplices that could be charged in killing of influencer Anthony Barajas & Rylee Goodrich

purge shooting killer confesses to killing anthony barajas rylee goodrich

This article will be updated with exclusive documents that the media will not publish, primarily identifying the 3 “friends” /witnesses / accomplices because they have not (yet) been charged with a crime. We will name them.

The Purge movie shooter who killed tiktok influencer Anthony Barajas, & his date Rylee Goodrich has confessed to the murders. More revelations revealed as well, including he IS a gang member as NewsBall said since Day 1 mugshot, & some amazing things about the standoff & the 3 hidden accomplices….

The scumbag psycho is blaming voices in his head for the murders, possibly to claim mental illness to get out of the death penalty, is either putting on an act or was more worried about his car & television being stolen, then that of the lives he was taking.

Jimenez said that voices had haunted him for eight months, sometimes threatening to steal his car & television.

Jimenez said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia about eight months ago but recently had stopped taking his prescribed medication.

I ran out and didn’t get it refilled,” Jimenez said.

The voices said my friends and family were going to be killed,” Joseph Jimenez, 20, said Wednesday in a interview at a Riverside County jail in Banning where he is being held.

Jimenez also gave a blow-by-blow description of the shooting but offered his condolences to the families of the victims, saying: 

I wish I didn’t do it.”

Jimenez had gone to the theater with three friends, who told investigators they were alarmed and snuck out of the theater because they believed he had brought a gun into the cinema and was acting strangely, the Orange County Register reported in a story Monday. Alarmed, but they didn’t warn anyone or report the crime.

That left only Jimenez and the two victims.

Jimenez said the voices were so overwhelming the night of the shooting that he couldn’t concentrate on the movie, “The Forever Purge,” a violent thriller. But he added that the theme of the movie didn’t influence his actions. 

Jimenez said he left the theater, went to his car & got a gun he had bought online. He was sitting near the back of the theater when he came up behind the victims, who were sitting together near the middle, & shot Barajas.

Rylee “sort of jumped,” & he shot her before running from the theater, Jimenez said.

Two of the friends then said they later saw defendant Joseph Jimenez run out of the theater and speed away in his car, a police detective’s sworn declaration filed in court said.

Detectives tracked down the person who purchased four more tickets to the showing — for three moviegoers and Jimenez.

The three moviegoers said they believed Jimenez was the killer.

The declaration, written to obtain a search warrant for Jimenez’s home and other property and filed in Superior Court on July 29, for the first time describes how police connected Jimenez with the fatal shootings.

The inaction of the “3 friends” is being investigated, especially for knowing that Jimenez was committing a crime for illegally carrying a gun & not reporting it.

The detective wrote that six tickets were purchased for that showing — two by the victims and four by a second person. The four tickets were purchased through the cinema’s website, which collected the buyer’s name and address. That led the detective to an address in Corona where the purchaser lived.

The detective questioned that person as well as the other two moviegoers, the declaration said, who all told him that Jimenez was with them and gave this account of the night:

Halfway through the movie, Joseph left and returned with a bag which he told them he had a ‘strap’ in the bag. Witnesses believed this to be a handgun. Witnesses said Joseph was mumbling and talking to himself which made them uncomfortable. Witnesses said they needed to use the restroom, however, they left the theater leaving Joseph behind.

So, around 1030PM the “3 friends” left Jimenez alone in the theater, knowing he was committing a crime by illegally carrying a gun, & acting disturbed, & having just come back into the movie theater halfway through with a gun, & yet, did not call 911, did not report Jimenez to anyone. Something is not adding up…..

About (11:28 p.m., two of the witnesses) saw Joseph run outside the theater and run to his vehicle. He then sped away in his vehicle at a high rate of speed,” the declaration said. “The following day, witnesses learned of the press releases of the murder. Witnesses believed Joseph committed the murder.

There was no indication in the declaration that Jimenez’s friends had called police after learning of the “strap” — slang for a gun.

Apparently Jimenez called 911 on himself at about 930pm the following night, but not to confess, rather, seemingly so detached from reality forgetting what he had done the night before, that he was paranoid someone was following him, maybe he thought to steal his television or car, or setting the stage for his insanity defense:

Jimenez called Riverside Sheriff’s Department stating someone was following him,” the declaration said.

That “someone” turned out to be a team assembled to arrest Jimenez and serve the search warrant at his home in the 19200 block of Envoy Avenue in the El Cerrito area of the county near Corona, just 2 miles from the movie theater.

The … team surrounded the listed location (where) they saw Joseph yelling and waving a handgun. A short time later Joseph surrendered to deputies,” (see pic) the declaration said. Working on obtaining body cam footage.

Amazingly, he wasn’t shot after waiving a gun. Luckily he wasn’t white so we don’t have to hear BLM propaganda about how if it was a minority, the cops would have shot. We are in the process of obtaining any body cam footage of this surrender & arrest.

The generic mass media has not shown the declaration / affidavit / search warrant, and are protecting the names of the “3 friends” who are actually accomplices & have blood on their hands, so NewsBall is in the process of obtaining these documents so these 3 idiots (in the very least) to gang member accomplices can also be named & shown. We have requested these documents, as well as body cam footage of the interviews with the “witnesses”/accomplices, & dramatic arrest of Jimenez to the the District Attorney Kevin Beecham & paid for them to be mailed through the Riverside Superior Court. There is no electronic access. 

Either skitzo people need to be locked up forever because you can’t trust they will take their medication, OR, skitzo doesn’t translate to murder, & this scumbag’s story is just too convenient to get out of the death penalty. It is also mind-bogglingly amazing that the 3 accomplices did not call 911 when Jimenez came back into the theater halfway through the movie, admitting to bringing in a gun, & were freaked out, but only went outside to loiter for an hour until they saw their homie run past them & speed off in his car . In the very least these are very pathetic cowards who saved themselves, & left Anthony Barajas & Rylee Goodrich to die, or they more of the traditional type of accomplice / accessory to murder as they are likely fellow cholo’s since they admitted that they knew he came back in with a gun, like it was no big deal, & you notice the “GANG IMPACT TEAM” on the back of the cop in the arrest pic? You think normal people, good people hang out with gang members!? We will expose them. Can you believe the generic mass media are protecting fucking gang members they are calling “witnesses!?” Waiting on the documents to be given to us. So come back in a week or two to see!!!

Are you buying the convenient skitzo story or is something not adding up? More to be revealed? Comment at the IG post here. Why are the 3 “friends” being called witnesses when they are in the very least negligent & allowed this crime to happen after KNOWING something was about to happen when he left & came back with a gun so they ditched him, but told no one in the hour before the executions. Can you believe the media is protecting fucking gangbangers & calling them “witnesses” instead of accomplices!? By the way, here is the scumbag lawyer’s profile that is representing the worthless trash, his name is Charles Kenyon. Defense lawyers have no shame. Weasling out of the death penalty with this wacky claim of skitzo. They will claim not guilty by reason of insanity. Watch them do that. Celebrating at his confession as if he is going to plead guilty & save taxpayers a trial is wishful thinking. 

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