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LANDMARK MOMENT: Examiner gives NewsBall credit & identifies Shelia Eddy

– by directing their readers to us! “NewsBall Inc. didn’t believe the motive either. In a very detailed and extensive article, NewsBall Inc. sheds light on the true motive for the murder of 16-year-old Skylar Neese – more light than many people would want to know. NewsBall Inc. also identifies the second girl by name involved in the murder of

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(VIDEO) Mass media outlets are protecting a killer – SO Shelia Eddy Shelia Eddy SHELIA EDDY SHELIA EDDY!!!!!!

We were inspired to make this in direct response to a a slew of big media outlets including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, People Magazine, Huffington Post & local outlets in West Virginia STILL REFUSING to name this killer, essentially protecting an incarcerated cold blooded premeditated murderer’s good name. Why they are worried about what Shelia Eddy thinks or wants is incomprehensible,

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RadarOnline credits NewsBall for the Skylar Neese murder story in their article

 “Newsball.com reported that Rachel Shoaf was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the end of 2012 and that she was taunted relentlessly by friends and classmates who believed that she had something to do with Skyler’s murder…..” Today, RadarOnline started playing catch up in reporting on the Skylar Neese murder story: Teen Skylar Neese’s Murderer Friends Taunted Parents & Lied To

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Skylar Neese Murder – Details emerge about another suspect being investigated

Local sources from inside Morgantown, WV have confirmed to us that authorities have been investigating multiple other suspects for months, including Shania Ammons who was previously reported in our original story. While authorities remain secretive with press conferences, their loose lips they confide in to their family members have traveled to their friends, the local barber, on down the line

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