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The EPITOME of scared vanilla mass media is showcased right here by CNN’s Anderson Cooper & the most intriguing theory of the missing Malaysia airplane

“I don’t want to give people the idea that we’re showing people something that we should not be showing.” – Anderson Cooper, 3/18/2014 Say whaaa!?!? Anderson Cooper just served up the EPITOME of how mass media are scared, vanilla, politically correct organizations. That knowledge is nothing to the informed public, but to so specifically sound this lame like a scared

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Rachel Shoaf sentenced to 30 years in prison to close the saga on Skylar Neese murder story – Dramatic Sentencing Hearing Sheds Light on Confession

 RACHEL SHOAF SENTENCED TO 30 YEARS IN PRISON Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown shocks us all by finally revealing the details of Rachel Shoaf’s confession from January 2013 – in the best sentencing speech in a long time! Unlike Shelia Eddy’s boring sentencing in which Shelia remained silent & was void of answers, Rachel Shoaf’s has more then compensated for it as

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JAM PACKED FINALE on the Skylar Neese Murder Case: lesbian sex tape confirmed, Shelia’s mugshot & her prison mailing address, new pictures, interviews & more

Shelia Eddy has been transferred from juvenile detention to her final destination: State Prison If you would like to write to Shelia Eddy, like we have done, & give her a piece of your mind, here is her mailing address as she has arrived at her final destination: Lakin Correctional Center Shelia Eddy #58614-1 11264 Ohio River Road West Columbia,

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UPDATE: Skylar Neese’s Killer GUILTY & SENTENCED! Defiant & brazen Shelia Eddy pleads GUILTY to killing Skylar Neese & is QUIETLY sentenced the same day!

 Defiant & brazen best friend MURDERER pulls the anti-climatic rug out from under us all with a 180 degrees shocker after 18 months of denial & PLEADS GUILTY to MURDER! What would Shelia Eddy say when given a chance to speak before being sentenced?     Just a week away from her murder trial, the defiant ringleader Shelia Eddy has

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