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The experiment results of impersonating a cop killer’s facebook page & the guns that were pointed at NewsBall’s owner

Within minutes, THOUSANDS of people flocked to our fake Facebook page to friend request, share our post & send messages of love or hate to cop killer Gavin Long NewsBall supports the citizens – not the cops. We fear & do not trust cops. As a Trump supporter, I stand with African Americans, Hispanics & Whites – not law enforcement who has shown decades of corruption

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The complete manifesto video compilation of Las Vegas Cop Killer’s Jerad Miller & his wife Amanda Woodruff Miller + the raw surveillance footage of their Wal-Mart suicide pact

There has never been a more egregious example of killer’s warning of their intentions then the story out of Las Vegas this week. Neighbors had been told by the Miller’s for a long time that they wanted to kill cops. Then, a neighbor interacted with Jerad Miller & his wife Amanda early in the morning before they set out on their

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THE GIRLS of the 146 page manifesto written by Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger – Blonde he bathed with, the blonde bully, & listening to his sister have sex

We now know that Elliot Rodger sent his manifesto to many people – from news outlets to friends to parents & his therapists just hours before embarking on his mission to kill as many blondes as possible. Turns out that he would fail miserably in that, because after stabbing his 3 Asian roommates to death in his apartment, he was then

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Son Michael Sheer, responsible for quadruple slaying of family in safest city in US – Mission Viejo, CA – as it’s rocked with first murder since 2005 in murder suicide

One of four bodies removed from a home in Mission Viejo, CA on 5/27/2014 – the first murder since early in 2005! 21 YEAR OLD SON MICHAEL SHEER KILLS FAMILY – PARENTS & SISTER – BEFORE KILLING HIMSELF IN SUBURBAN ORANGE COUNTY MURDER. Update 5/30/29/2014 Yesterday morning by 6AM (1) (2) we broke the news that Michael Sheer was responsible for killing his family,

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1 hour Manifesto Video Compilation + 146 page book + postings from bodybuilding & hate websites from The Hunger Games Killer Elliot Rodger

In this article: 1 hour video compilation of Killer’s Suicide Manifesto 146 page written manifesto entitled “My Twisted Life” A 6 page Discussion Thread Started by Killer Video of Killer on Red Carpet at Hunger Games Premiere Complete photo compilation from his facebook This is Elliot Rodger’s, the son of Peter Rodgers who is the Assistant Director for The Hunger

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HORRIFYING TEXTS From Trapped Teens on South Korean Sunken Ship: “I think we are all going to die” + More Titanic parallels as Survivors Commit Suicide

“WE ARE NOT DEAD YET” – trapped teens texting their loved ones from inside a now underwater ship (read updates of this at bottom) A NEWSBALL EXCLUSIVE TIDBIT: Captain seen fanning out his money to dry it in the hospital says our local dry cleaners who translated a Korean newspaper for us!   Don’t have an exclusive angle with this story, but

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Need your help in exposing 2 new stories protecting bad people & 3 Clips: “Ukraine is game to you!?” + Game Show Contestant with Craziest RIGHT Guess Ever + Transgender reporter on CNBC?

Ukraine Is Game To You!? Transgender Reporter on CNBC quietly makes milestone moment? Game Show Contestant with Craziest Right Guess Ever Need your help in exposing bad people from 2 recent stories We are dropping another exclusive story in the coming days on a story not 1 news outlet even knows about, where our sources gained access to a Kansas

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