Letter to President Trump

Cole Bartiromo President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I hope you don’t leave the White House. Don’t let the mail-in ballot Biden scam take over. Everyone knows you were the only one with real turnout. 74 million voted for you because you created energy, passion & compelled them to use their time, effort & energy to go vote in person. That’s turnout & a quality vote. We should only allow quality votes in America. Biden had supposedly 80 million votes, but they were magazine subscription style – mail in ballots. No effort, no energy, no time required. Mailed to dead people & millions who didn’t ask for ballots – whose family members voted for them & activists rounded up in neighborhoods. The media knows they are lying when they say 80 million turned out for Biden. Low quality, magazine subscription votes are not turnout. Mail in voting is easy to be corrupted with $1 paid for votes, not when you have to go vote in person, $1 wouldn’t cut it. We don’t let kids vote for a reason – low quality, ill-informed – & we shouldn’t allow mail-in ballots either, especially unsolicited, especially no signature verification, especially no ID. Your enemies exploited the virus, & destroyed democracy, so anything you do is fair game to offset what they already caused – even a so-called “coup” as the fake news media is claiming you are attempting.

If you do leave the White House to fight another day (2024), please pardon me in your next batch. Please show the evil democrats that you do care about regular people too, & reward some people that went through the Pardon office process. Make Michael Cohen & other haters eat their words. Grant me the mercy of your pardon for the merits of my pardon petition #P293193 filed with the Pardon Office on 12/7/20 & processed 12/11/20. It is for a gambling/fraud mistake as a 17 year old in High School in 2001. Reward me for wearing my scar proudly from the 2016 rally attack & remaining loyal & a growing voice on my networks. Reward me for this hard work in brainstorming an idea to get your attention despite all the obstacles including Cameo now adding to the obstacles by going from the 2nd hero of my story after you, to the villain as they are attacking my youtube videos with copyright claims (click) & having my account deleted (click), stealing the $10,000+ I PAID to these great patriots to hear my story & spend time making videos for you to see. They are trying to prevent me from displaying my paid for videos of your friends in this personal quest for a pardon – they have been uploaded again here. Cameo is derailing my quest, destroying my youtube & livelihood & harming my life (click for video) just because I am a Trump supporter – because they allow so many other cameos on YouTube. 

A pardon to a young person like me, that has your winning traits of being anti-PC, controversial, & saying what you want & not backing down to peer pressure, is another branch to continue your legacy & spread your message into the future as your passionate ally. 

100,000 subscribers at NewsBall & youtube.com/NewsBallTV are rooting for a pardon for me.


Cole Bartiromo