You contacted me in 2009 & started us with the LIE of your life.

You made me believe there was something I could have done to save us, but you were a 16 year old slut in 2005 & you fucked another guy in 2007? So there was nothing I ever could have done to fixed the negative vibes you brought between us since Day 1 when you LIED. I WANT TO HEAR IT FROM YOU – NOT JUST FROM DEREK ERNST & OTHERS.

You lied nonstop to me for the past 3 years, & made hundreds of promises to me in the final 3 months until you just disappear on February 6, 2018.

Then you try to get me arrested for coming to your secret life for answers?

Whenever you are ashamed enough for how you have treated someone that was so good to you, when your guilty conscious prevails over your evil – you can sincerely apologize to me & I will stop seeking legal justice against you.

What is coming next:

I don’t want to feel this way, but I do, & I will not stop doing what I am legally allowed to do as long as you deprive me of basic human decency with the closure you promised. You have ruined my life. I am traumatized beyond repair for how you did not have the decency to confess your lies, & just went on & on with excuse & denial over & over. Who does that? Only a psychopath soulless monster. 

How could you lie under oath that we haven’t talked since last August? The judge & the prosecutor can give you a perjury charge once they see this:

Click them. The phone records don’t lie. Hours after your perjury, you threw away your 714-925-5248 number that you have had for over 10 years & never would get rid of, because you are destroying the evidence of your perjury, but my phone records is enough.

Of course, there are a lot of emails between us in January 2018 & every month prior as well as hundreds of facebook messages from January & February 2018

There is also that voice mail you left me on January 29th, 2018 sitting on my phone. Wish I had realized it in the hearing, but what you say in it further proves your court filing was fraudulent, & your testimony was perjury, & that you vindictively tried to silence me from sharing my story about your evil by abusing the court system. I know Ryan Wroblewski had a role in it, & I’m going to report him to the military. He helped you become a criminal on 2/15/2018, & embarrassed you with the judge calling you a liar, & maybe I can get him closer to a dishonorable discharge.


You pretended to confess in November.

You promised me honesty.

You acknowledged the pain & darkness & confusion you put me in for 3 years.

I showed you Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & Jim Carrey’s torment. 3 months later, you did it to me anyways.

You made hundreds of promises & demands, but then disappeared on February 6.

I went to such efforts coming to Elko to see you to find out the truth – ran out of gas, broken windshield, speeding ticket, asked places near you to give you a message because I thought your phone was being kept from you, but you refused my closure, tried to harm me further, & left me tormented & to make my own guesses.

You forced Court upon us instead of just telling me the truth, & pretended like our conversations all January, December, November, October, September didn’t exist. That your sex pic on Super Bowl Sunday didn’t happen. That our shared dream from 2 weeks before you disappeared didn’t happen. That it was all a figment of my imagination. It was his strategy wasn’t it. Try to establish you haven’t talked to me since last August, so your fraudulent application to silence me would look more legitimate like I had no reason to be in Elko? I wasn’t allowed to keep questioning you. Of course 714-925-5248 is your number! & of course your phone records show what mine show. So now I am going to try to get the Elko DA to press charges against you for perjury.

I am contacting the judge to confirm her instinct was 100% right & she called you a liar, & with this 100% proof, the judge or the DA may prosecute you for perjury. I am going to tell the judge that you made a mockery of the integrity of the courtroom, & she will be better informed as to how evil you are & why I am suing you for $100,000+ & needing to tell my story to the world – & there is nothing you can do to stop me.

But there is. And it is so simple. I would still accept your in person sincere apology & explanation acknowledging every question I asked you in the letter to you while I was waiting in Elko.

I would throw away the lawsuit to get back the money you & him profited from. I would delete the websites. I wouldn’t keep trying to get perjury charges filed against you. & I’d stop much more I am legally planning. I have so much hatred fueled by your betrayal, your denials & lying until the very end until you flipped a switch into even worse evil – not even knowing me in the courtroom & committing perjury.

I’m going to try to advertise with the Elko Daily Free Press & get a full page ad warning the community about you. All factual things that you are capable of doing to people.

I am convinced you are the worst human being roaming society that has not been charged with murder. & for this, I will relentlessly stay committed to always updating & growing my coverage of you on my news website.

I am writing to the Judge & showing her this website. She will see the proof. I will be honest with the judge & tell her what I have to legally do to you – lawsuit, advertise my story about the worst evil psychopath that I have ever heard of or encountered, & pursue perjury charges against you. I do not deserve you trying to harm my reputation, but you deserve for the world to know how evil you were to the very end & depriving me of closure with answers like you promised.

I’m not going to try to contact you again. I’m not going to contact anyone you know.  So take your fraudulent restraining order attempts to silence me from telling your evil and shove em.

But I am going to tell my story about how evil you are, to the public. In every way I possibly can. Until I die because the feeling I have right now I have never felt before, & it’s not going to go away. I feel such confusion & betrayal at your fraud & deceit, making the depression I felt over the government stealing half a million just minuscule in comparison. You have put a cloud upon me, & I cannot see happiness in any family event, or talking to anyone because I fear their betrayal now. You lied to me from Day 1 in 2009, & you have chosen to deprive me of answers & a sincere apology & explanation.

Unless you give closure with what I deserve and what you promised me hundreds of times in November 2017 – February 2018. Your honest, sincere apology & explanation of everything in person. That would remove so much of the hatred I feel for you. To disrespect me this way, to never give me the answers I deserved after hundreds of thousands of texts & minutes talking to you, being lied to about everything since Day 1 in 2009.

The way you have ended things has me in purgatory for the rest of my life, unless you honor what you promised me. I have no hope that you will actually show a shred of decency & compassion & mercy & meet with me to do something so simple & what’s right to do after all of our intimate nights, hangouts & hundreds of thousands of texts & minutes talking nonstop for 9 years straight, without ever more than a month of silence. How are you really capable of lying & denying to the very end & not feel guilty with leaving me in a state of complete confusion & darkness without understanding why & without giving me the honesty & respect I deserve?

If you want my stories about you online to disappear & stop growing, if you don’t want me being persistent with the judge & the prosecutor to charge you with perjury, if you don’t want me to advertise my story forever, if you want the lawsuit to be withdrawn, if you want your poisoned karma removed – then just give me the explanations you promised me hundreds of times until February 6, 2018. I want an excuse to end it all, it eats at my mind, I want to abandon it all, but I will never give up with any of my legal rights if you will never give me the sincere answers you promised me.