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To help US, there are 4 ways to help NEWSBALL keep growing in the crusade to become a household name so that when we have a reward to find out who is the character behind a censored mass media story, word will spread & those who know, will contact us so we can put them on blast!

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First, you can donate directly to NewsBall. 98% of all costs are paid out of NB Owner’s savings so any help is so appreciated. Your donation will help pay for daily operational expenses & travel expenses when we hit the road & travel to document protests turning into riots, dangerous situations, etc. We won’t backdown from anything. The movie NIGHTCRAWLER is our style! We want to be the first to crime scenes & get exclusive content! DONATE HERE!

Second, you can donate to the Live Reward Fund which helps society hunt down a kidnapper or killer on the loose! Similarly to how NEWSBALL is AD-FREE, it also has funded thousands of dollars in small rewards itself, such as $300 currently for the identity/exposure of the gender reveal couple in Yucaipa, California that is responsible for setting the fire that killed millions of animals & acres & killed a fire fighter. The mass media continues to keep this couple anonymous. So please consider donating to the Live Reward Fund by clicking it to view the live reward fund count & learn more.

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