The Quest for a Pardon – CAMEO goes from hero to villain by attacking the videos I paid for to display for President Trump

CAMEO.COM the villain - SCAM ALERT - Do not trust - You will lose a lot!


After spending weeks around the clock on CAMEO, spending thousands of dollars both in messaging countless celebrities trying to tell my story to convince them, & in the actual booking fees to get videos of messages of support of Cole Bartiromo’s Quest for a Pardon for President Trump to see, CAMEO has become the villain.

They were poised to get priceless free publicity through him as an unofficial spokesman with the news stories on the Quest for a Pardon, & even more so President Trump actually makes this mission succeed & grants Cole Bartiromo a pardon. CAMEO would have been the one to thank for making it all possible, for a regular person being able to have access to powerful Trump supporters & appeal to them with a story & convince to do the booking requests to have some kind of a chance at a pardon by being seen against the piles of pardon requests from insiders & elites with access to the President. It was an inspirational success story in the making of David vs Goliath! Instead, after giving Cameo $10,000+ of business, & rising publicity with this Quest for a Pardon stunt, they are derailing the hope & chance by attacking the very video messages that their talent recorded to be on display for President Trump to see, threatening the small chance of getting a pardon to begin with. What a depressing negative moral of the story that the regular person faces insurmountable odds & then when they try their sheer determination & will power with an awesome brainstorming idea & gets to work on it, more obstacles get thrown in the path from CAMEO – the ones who took all the money & were about to be the hero of the story besides President Trump.

If you use CAMEO to get a few videos from your favorite stars, & then put them online to show off, you could end up with your social media account GONE from their copyright claim attacks, & your money GONE, & your purpose of wanting someone to see your videos GONE. What they are offering is an illusion. Unless you want to show mommy a happy birthday message from her fav whoever, you better not use CAMEO for anything other than wanting to get off watching your crush record a video for you, because its HIGH RISK showing your video online, especially if your political affiliation does not match with their discriminating malicious dream killers of Stephanie Chambless, wannabe lawyer, & co-founders Steven Galanis & Martin Blencowe.

Cole Bartiromo’s quest for a pardon from President Trump – NewsBall