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purge shooting killer confesses to killing anthony barajas rylee goodrich

Purge movie shooter update: Joseph Jimenez “I wish I didn’t do it” + media protecting 3 accomplices that could be charged in killing of influencer Anthony Barajas & Rylee Goodrich

This article will be updated with exclusive documents that the media will not publish, primarily identifying the 3 “friends” /witnesses / accomplices because they have not (yet) been charged with a crime. We will name them. The Purge movie shooter who killed tiktok influencer Anthony Barajas, & his date Rylee

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Cole Bartiromo President Trump

Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump, I hope you don’t leave the White House. Don’t let the mail-in ballot Biden scam take over. Everyone knows you were the only one with real turnout. 74 million voted for you because you created energy, passion & compelled them to use their time, effort & energy

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