Full review of Astro Eclipse has been posted on Yelp http://www.yelp.com/biz/astro-eclipse-custom-glass-tinting-placentia?hrid=rzvapfxBiCV4fLtcLBophQ

My first receipt showing that I was to get 5% limo VISOR on the windshielf, 50% the rest of the windshield, 35% on the front door windows, & 5% LIMO tint on the rear and back windows. Clearly different mix matches of tints here. Very unhappy.

Receipt showing 5 percent Limo supposed to be on all backside and back windows NOT LIMO TINT ON BACK WINDOW DOESNT LOOK LIKE SAME TINT ON SIDE BACK WINDOW VS BACK WINDOW - SUPPOSED TO BE ALL LIMO TINT

JOB 1 DEFECT #1: The bubble pocket on the top of the Driver’s door window that holds windex or any liquid that falls into it:

2. IMG_00005932 1. IMG_00005933 4. IMG_00005930 5. IMG_00005928 3. IMG_00005931

Job 1 DEFECT #2: The passenger side door showing how the tint stops short of going all the way to the top of the window. Lacks uniformity with the driver’s window.

6. Passenger window Tint doesn't go to the top

Job 2 DEFECT #1: Paid an extra $100 to fix the passenger door window tint, just to get another defect & be lied to on the spot when I confronted Astro Eclipse before leaving that the untinted weird cut sliver was just “wet”.

IMG_00006091 IMG_00006090 IMG_00006089 IMG_00006088 IMG_00006086 IMG_00006085

Job 2 DEFECT #2: So after a redo job from Astro Eclipse (at a cost of $100 more to me, on top of the $370 I originally paid for the tint job), I am as unhappy as ever. It’s now been 10 days since the redo job, & I already described above the untinted sliver on the side of the window that AstroEclipse (Clarice) claimed was just wetness, but in reality was a mis-cut, and now I have waited long enough for them to be done drying to realize a new defect is not wetness either!!! The new tint layer has outlines of what looks like states on a map within the tint! I can feel it when I run my finger across my window!!!!! I

IMG_20140509_155220 IMG_20140509_155149IMG_00006202

IMG_00006190 IMG_00006193 IMG_00006194 IMG_00006195 IMG_00006196 IMG_00006197 IMG_00006199 IMG_00006203 IMG_00006204 IMG_00006205 IMG_20140509_155004

It is absolutely horrible quality, defective tint, & I am mind boggled at how this place considers the final product acceptable. I am going to have to pay another tint company to take this tint off and completely redo the job!

For a $370-$520 tint job (which is what the range is from Astro Eclipse) I certainly expect a quality tint job, but it is not to be with Astro Eclipse. I give up. They have not reached out to me to come back for a 3rd time, and I wouldn’t anyways because they would just charge me a 3rd time. I think that is their scam – keep causing new defects and errors with the tint so that you keep coming back for redo jobs. Well I’ve had it, and I’m moving on with someone else to fix this.

Once again, I direct all potential customers of Astro Eclipse to this complete article on them, pictures of every defect and screw up along the way of this nightmare experience. I strongly recommend choosing another company for your tinting needs.