300 gallon aquarium – 55 x 30 x 42 eurobraced starphire 3/4″ glass tank fully stock fish family FOR SALE

$20,000 CASH – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. TEXT 838-888-8885

Correction: In the video I say $28,000 total cost, minus $10,000 coral budget, so $18,000 is roughly price paid for canopy, base, & tank & some of the equipment, so I said I want $15,000 minimum, but found the final invoice, it was actually $39,000 total, minus the $10,000 coral budget that is mostly gone in year 1 tank crashes…..So $29,000 is what I paid for SOME of what you see in the video, not counting the biopellet reactor, the co2 scrubbers, the phosphate media reactor, the UV sterilizer, the chiller or the fish or the 5 pink anenomes or handful of corals left. I’d say there’s $5,000 in all of that additional stuff + the food + the buckets of media etc. So there’s $34,000 cost if you were to have Crystal Dynamic Aquarium build this exact thing, complete set up, fully stock with all these fish & all this equipment. I’m willing to sell everything for $20,000. It’s almost 50% off, and it’s only 1+ years old. I just don’t want to involve it in the move.