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NiceSupportforNewsBall IS quickly growing & establishing itself as THE place to come to when you want uncensored news. If you read or watch a news story that will not name a killer because they are a minor, or an individual that is accusing someone of rape – then come to & see their name & pictures. If we aren’t yet covering the story, then just message us about it & we will dig it up & broadcast it live on the front page for the world to see. There will be no censored news here. How the big boys think news fans are going to continue to sit back & watch the censorship of a free press society is just plain ignorant & naive on their part. Who wants to follow an unfolding news story for weeks or months & continually be told “accuser who is not being named due to…..” or “suspected of first degree murder, but because she sits in juvenile hall & not yet charged as an adult, will remain unidentified….”? NOT ME! & unless your a mindless conformist sheep of society that wants to sit back & allow the mainstream news to feed you their watered down generic censored propaganda, then remember NewsBall Inc & come back whenever your frustrated about not knowing a name or seeing the pictures of an individual in a news story you have been following.