An update to our readers

NewsBall went live a year ago on June 1st! It so happens we will be publishing the following 5 exclusives all around June 1,  2014. If they are still locked, do not email asking for the passwords. They will unlock themselves, & the readers that are subscribed to our updates will be alerted as soon as they go live!

  • Exposing the 2 teens & their families for the torture & forced dog sex of an autistic High School student, as well as exposing Chopticon HS faculty for silencing students from speaking out by intimidation under the threat of “getting in trouble”
  • The killer’s of Dylan Owens exposed & an exclusive interview with Dylan’s close friend
  • A College girl is currently rotting away in jail on a million dollars bail as her “victim” brags about his conquest
  • New complete letters from Skylar Neese’s killer Shelia Eddy
  • The long awaited exposure of Audrie Pott’s rich & privileged rapists & killers – and how a famous painter is linked to one of them

Coinciding with these 5 exclusives, as another sign of our exciting growth now almost 1 year into our infancy, we will be meeting with a well known news website at the end of the month that reaches over 15 million unique visitors per month to be profiled for a story on their website.

Beginning June 1, we will be seeking new investigations to undergo in our pursuit of stories needing exposure. We have many leads already, including a very persistent Teresa. We will dive into your many emails & see what we can do.

Stay tuned.

Our attitude has evolved into a well defined slogan moving forward. Rogue Raw Reporting

– NewsBall