The middle of the night 98% Democrat vote dump against Republicans in Georgia senator run off to seal the destruction of democracy

Democrat fraud vote dump

While you were sleeping, Georgia workers (minimum wage angry people) did a 98% vote dump favoring the democrat senator Jon Ossoff, & CNN anchors thought it was funny & not suspicious at all. The democrats somehow get to always have the last county to sit back & watch how many votes they need, & then in the middle of the night start dumping batches of votes at crazy ratios like this. It sealed the deal on democrats taking back the senate as America is headed for destruction in all the ways democrats are destroying the integrity of voting because their base has so many illegals that can’t show voter ID so they want more & more mail in ballots being sent to everyone. We will now see the Supreme Court be destroyed, & spanish-speaking Puerto Rico become a state, as well as DC.

Barring a pardon from Trump, & changing the trajectory of my life & giving me a boost of motivation to continue on this path, I’m retiring from even looking at politics! Got nothing to show for it except a scar on my face, hatred for the other side, & with Trump giving up, shockingly caving to pressure, leaves me disappointed that it was all for nothing & left empty. Never imagined caring about politics like a hobby, never gave it a minute of my life, let alone consuming me, until I went from 0 to 100 in 2015 with President Trump hitting the scene!

Lost my identity Jan 5-6 & got to find a healthier hobby. Like Nov election, once again saw middle of the night, 98% mail in ballot vote dumps for democrats rig the GA senator election while CNN thought it was funny, ignoring that it’s an absolutely impossible ratio. SEE ABOVE VIDEO.

Then watched mass media set Trump up, with a fake narrative of domestic terrorists storming the capital & how BLM gets treated more seriously. (hmm, because they proclaim death to cops & ACAB, so what do you expect, while conservatives love cops)

So let’s end with some comedy! This is a more accurate narrative of the storming of the capital!  Look at the fun trump supporters just going on a field trip through THEIR HOUSE that they let the senators & Congress borrow. Look at all the statues, so easily could have been destroyed, but nah, conservatives aren’t like BLM trying to destroy stuff. Fake news media will brainwash millions of uninformed idiots with their false narrative – so sad & funny – making unsolicited mass mail in ballots even more destructive to democracy. It will only get worse & more millions of “turnout” based on checking a box & dropping a piece of paper in the mail, a vote based on a meme or fake narrative or their favorite Hollywood lib telling them who to vote for. We do not have democracy anymore. Low quality votes should not be allowed, but democrats say requiring an ID to vote is racist LOL. Proof its time to get out of the politics game, it’s all a waste of time & fills your head & heart with hatred, & simply set yourself up to be insulated from the destruction around you that’s coming. That’s all. Signing off from politics. It is poison & will age you. Nobody wins, each side just trades schemes & scams & victories. Right now Democrats doing it best with racist anti-white narratives that has Silicon Valley & social media companies in their pocket. They think it’s fine not showing ID to vote, mass unsolicited mail in ballot scheme, open borders so more illegals get on welfare for their dem vote, & all the other winning ways to destroy our voting system. Democrats are doing it better right now to destroy democracy. Both sides just scam & scheme & take turns enjoying success from it. I always despised politics, never imagined watching 1 minute of coverage, but then President Trump hit the scene in 2015! But if he is giving up the fight & gone, & without the enjoyment of watching TDS from the mass media every day, all that’s left is toxic poisonous political hatred that fills your head & heart. Both sides platforms is identity politics. My hatred for politics is back for good! I will never vote in a system that allows mass unsolicited mail in voting where signatures don’t need to match, ID’s are attacked as racist. America treats voting like a magazine subscription – its a disgrace, & I want nothing to do with it! Soon enough everyone 16 or older will automatically get ballots, & the level of uninformed low quality votes will increase, & mass media will call that record turnout every election new record turnout. Just let kids vote already too. It’s coming. Trump is the only one that had high quality, in person votes, but it doesn’t matter when activists can go around collecting people’s mail in ballots that never requested ballots. Done! 

If NewsBall resumes it will be with investigative murder stories, etc.