(VIDEO) Mass media outlets are protecting a killer – SO Shelia Eddy Shelia Eddy SHELIA EDDY SHELIA EDDY!!!!!!

We were inspired to make this in direct response to a a slew of big media outlets including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, People Magazine, Huffington Post & local outlets in West Virginia STILL REFUSING to name this killer, essentially protecting an incarcerated cold blooded premeditated murderer’s good name. Why they are worried about what Shelia Eddy thinks or wants is incomprehensible, almost as if they are worried what Shelia Eddy will do to them! At least Radar Online referred to our story in their article yesterday – perhaps as a way of saying “We are scared to release the killer’s name, but we hope you go here to learn about the monster” – so we give them more credit then most.

So in light of the CONTINUED incompetent media coverage by the mass media that still won’t name a killer just because she is a minor – we dedicate this video (with audio) for unpublished scores of new pictures of the evil spawn of Satan known as Shelia Eddy – THE KINGPIN KILLER of the Skylar Neese murder……

So to the following media outlets, with your shitty half ass &  vague water downed details of the Skyler Neese murder, who continue to protect the killer Shelia Eddy EVEN months after her arrest & incarceration with 100% certainty that first degree murder charges are on the way – SHAME ON YOU! These outlets are pathetic & weak cowards that are too content with their “big business” mentality & process to not care about reporting with an uncensored no holds bar style like we have done in covering the Skylar Neese murder.  They all took content from NewsBall, & Radar Online even refers to our story, but not one of the following will release the identity of Shelia Eddy or show her pictures. All of the following buttons will take you to their disgusting reports with things like “Though her name is common knowledge in this small West Virginia town, it hasn’t been publicly released by authorities because of the confidentiality of juvenile court. Only if and when she is charged as an adult in the slaying of Skylar Neese will the suspect’s identity be publicly revealed” or “Authorities say the unidentified juvenile and a second girl, 16-year-old Rachel Shoaf,” or “Rachel Shoaf, 16, has already pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the slaying of Skylar Neese. A second teen has also been charged but she has not been identified. Her case is still pending in juvenile court.” Sometimes the same article will make 2, 3, or 4 mentions of the “unidentified killer” & it’s not only frustrating, but harder to follow – like with the People magazine article. “Their story reads like a jigsaw puzzle with all of the following quotes referenced about Shelia Eddy all in the SAME article: “The bond with one, formed at day camp when they were 8” & “The friend of longer standing rushed to the Neese’s side” & “the other girl” & “the other juvenile” & “the other friend was here crying every night” & “the unnamed girl was the one with more vicious things to say” & “Though both girls are now behind bars, the second friend, also 17 & a juvenile has not confessed & therefore cannot be identified.” Says who? We identified her. The name is SHELIA EDDY. “The friend of longer standing” quote really made us laugh… like really? That is some poor writing. Who really wants to keep reading & hearing the same damn thing referenced 10 different ways in every single follow up article!?

Protecting a killer apparently comes at a cost for these reporters writing their basic generic articles balancing not fear a lawsuit by a killer never getting out of prison.

Click their buttons & see all of their cowardly reports.










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*June 1, 2013 UPDATE* ORIGINAL STORY The Murder of Skylar Neese & her 2 BFF Killer’s Rachel Shoaf & Shelia Eddy

*June 8, 2013 UPDATE* The Globe & Dateline NBC have both contacted us with interest to also report on the Skylar Neese murder. 

*June 14, 2013 UPDATE* Police Chief of Morgantown hears about this report. The heat is on the authorities now to bring justice to Skylar & life in prison to Shelia!!!

*June 20, 2013 UPDATE* Shania Ammons goes private, while we go more public!

*June 25, 2013 UPDATE* Coroner refuses to give up the body of Skylar Neese to her parents – CALL & EMAIL HIM!

*June 25, 2013 UPDATESkylar Neese Murder – Details emerge about another suspect being investigated

*June 27, 2013 UPDATE* Shania Ammons Arrested, About the Gang, & Mail.

*June 28, 2013 UPDATE* Exclusive Interview with the surviving victim that killer Shelia Eddy tried to destroy

*June 29, 2013 UPDATE* Radar Online credits NewsBall for the Skylar Neese Murder story in their article

*June 30, 2013 UPDATE* (Video) Mass Media are protecting a killer – SO Shelia Eddy Shelia Eddy SHELIA EDDY SHELIA EDDY

*July 1, 2013 UPDATE* LANDMARK MOMENT: Examiner gives NewsBall credit & identifies Shelia Eddy

*July 9, 2013 UPDATE* (VIDEO) EXCLUSIVE Footage of Killer Shelia Eddy with victim Skylar, text convos, family pictures, & case updates

*July 19, 2013 UPDATE* (AUDIO) EXCLUSIVE – Close family member of Shelia Eddy reveals more details that the authorities won’t share

*January 24. 2014 UPDATE* UPDATE: Skylar Neese’s Killer GUILTY & SENTENCED! Defiant & brazen Shelia Eddy pleads GUILTY to killing Skylar Neese & is QUIETLY sentenced the same day!

*February 20, 2014 UPDATE* JAM PACKED FINALE on the Skylar Neese Murder Case: lesbian sex tape confirmed, Shelia’s mugshot & her prison mailing address, new pictures, interviews & more

*February 26, 2014 UPDATE* Rachel Shoaf sentenced to 30 years in prison to close the saga on Skylar Neese murder story – Dramatic Sentencing Hearing Sheds Light on Confession

*March 5, 2014 UPDATE* The Skylar Neese Epilogue – Everything from Shelia Eddy PRISON LETTERS to Skylar’s Story on NATIONAL TV SHOWS

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  1. When are the details about Alexis eddy ‘ s involvement going to be posted?

    1. Lets see, 1) Being so brazen as to publicly go to the prom with her killer cousin, 2) Shelia & Alexis discussed counting to 3 before killing Skylar http://dollarscholar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/dominionpost1.jpg & 3) the fact she killed turtles is enough to convince me she is as sick minded as her blood relative that she supported. Why should I be surprised though, it is a killing culture. Here are Shania Ammons friends killing deer. (https://newsball.wpengine.com/killers) The “killing” capability must of rubbed off on Shelia, Rachel, Shania, & the rest of the girls, in this killing culture where even a young cheerleader bitch Kaitlin Delamata isn’t phased at the site of slaughtered deer. You show those pics to any girl on the west coast, & they are going to cry & be disgusted haha. I find the images disturbing myself, & could never kill an animal for sport. I don’t want to hear some BS about out of necessity – those are young white kids being trained to kill in the US not, African tribes – we live in a civilization with things called grocery stores. Anyways, funny how Alexis Eddy is THE ONLY ONE to completely go off the grid. She deleted her twitter & has disappeared online. It is an amusing thought though: Shelia & Rachel ran their mouth & incriminated themselves non stop, & they are now in prison. Shelia’s cousin Crissy does the same thing & the irony is she ends up with a DUI & our bet is more to come. Shania has finally gone private, but she’s too addicted to stop popping off completely & get off the internet even in the risk that people pretending to be her friends are watching what she says still…. Alexis Eddy is the only one that has disappeared, although she has said plenty prior to her MIA status….oh & then there are her threats to others since Shelia’s arrest: https://newsball.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/alexis1.jpg

      More arrests to come.

      https://newsball.wpengine.com/the-murder-of-skylar-neese-her-16-yr-old-bff-killers-rachel-shoaf-shelia-eddy/ It’s all in the original article.

  2. Just wondering why everyone keeps saying Shelia was the mastermind….what evidence supports this claim? Also, I love what you have put together. I have been following the case since day one, and you are the only one brave enough to tell it like it is. I am just still very confused on the details of this case. Have you been able to determine the true motive and how long the girls had planned the murder.? The murder doesn’t appear to be well thought out considering the location of the body….any info on this? Also, any more information on the involvement of Shania, Alexis, Crissy, etc….?

    1. Shelia’s personality screams leader. People say she was a bitch, a queen bee if you have seen Gossip Girl you would know the reference. There was a bi-sexual relationship going on with Rachel, & they did count down to 3 before stabbing Skylar. Rachel came forward & confessed, even out of self preservation thinking she was going to have full immunity, there is a sense of atonement. Shelia remained brazen & defiant until the end.

      It took authorities 4 months after Rachel confessed & implicated Shelia for the authorities to finally arrest Shelia. So the wheels of justice are working very slowly. It could be months before another arrest is made, if & when it is, it will be the father Greg Eddy, cousin Alexis Eddy or Crissy Swanson, or BFF Shania Ammons.

      There were widespread rumors about Dylan Conaway helping in the murder, but that is just because Shelia accused him to save herself. Dylan remains free & has just interviewed with us. We will be posting the article by tomorrow. He clears up a lot.

      There really is no “true” motive. These are irrational undeveloped minds. The way Shelia & Rachel carried on with their daily lives since killing Skylar is mindboggling. Do not look for justification because there is none. They incriminated themselves with their public tweets to the world – now who does that? Killers with no true motive for stabbing their best friend to death. The motive is that they were annoyed at Skylar & she was interfering with Shelia & Rachel’s bisexual secret relationship.

  3. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into covering this story. Its heart breaking that Skylars murder is being ignored by main stream media. This story needs to be heard, if for no other reason than to put pressure in the Law Enforcement to give Skylar and her family justice. The horror that poor girl experienced by those she thought were her friends must have been terrifying. It’s so so sad. I look forward to learning those monsters fate. Again, thank you for the information.

  4. I do wish you’d change your comment policy~instead of moderating, let ppl have their say. If it’s that inappropriate, then delete. Not arguing 1st Amendment , more like fair & balanced, unlike that news channel that falsely claims it.

    1. Huffington Post, Radar Online etc all make comments pending to prevent spam. I approve negative comments that are related to the article, but prolific haters just talking shit about my 13 yr ago past just spam the comments for an hour straight so I can’t let that vandalism go on every time until I see it to delete them. It would interfere with the reader engagement!

  5. As one who is a prolific news watcher (well, damn near close!), I’ve often thought that MSM gets paid more to squelch certain stories than to report them. Now I’m thinking out loud & saying it publicly~whether you tune into local or cable news, they regurgitate the same ol’ crap, and many times at the same ol’ time (also, a prolific channel switcher). That said, I find myself drawn to sites like this because I get a helluva lot more info, and even trust that info more, since you’re not driven by ratings and/or advertising $$$ (yet). Sites like yours, Radar, Reddit, etc. are giving MSM a run for their money~if they continue with the same ol’ sh**, you guys should come out on top.

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